Jaumo Dating App Review

After using the Jaumo app for months, here is our Jaumo dating app review, which will help you know if the app is worth trying.

Is Jaumo a good app?

The first question that comes to mind when anyone wants to try the Jaumo app.

There is no reason to use any dating app where you feel nothing but surrounded by fake profiles.

So, is there any good reason to use the Jaumo dating app?

To answer this, we have been using the Jaumo app for more than five months.

Now is the right time to answer your questions through this Jaumo dating app review. You will know whether the Jaumo dating app is worth it.

About Jaumo

Total Users: 40M+
Overall Rating: 4.45
Age Group: Mature 17+
Free: Yes
Pricing: $19.99 – $59.99

With an excellent star rating, Jaumo is one of the most popular and downloaded dating apps.

But Is it really that good? Well, we have some mixed thoughts about the app.

Jaumo Sign up and Profile making

Jaumo Sign up,

Signing up and creating a profile on Jaumo takes no time. You can signup using Google or do it manually by completing a four-step process, which are:

  1. Select your gender.
  2. Enter Date of Birth.
  3. Allowing access to the location.
  4. Select who you are looking for.

The signup process is almost complete now. But, before proceeding further, you have to upload a photo.

That’s it. You are now ready to swipe. Unlike the Hinge dating app, where you have to complete approx 20 steps before swiping right, there is no such constraint on Jaumo.

Do this before anything else

To escalate the possibility of getting a match on Jaumo, you should do a few things first.

  • Verify your profile

Go to your profile and click on the Verify Now button. Just copy the gesture and click a selfie. You can retake if you want to.

After submitting the selfie, it will take a few seconds to get your profile verified.

  • Complete your profile

You must complete your profile to get more visibility.

Go to your profile, enter your name, hometown, Profession, and so on. Fill out these options to complete your profile.

  • Enter your email (optional)

It’s not mandatory, but to secure your account from accidental deletion, you can enter your email address. Later, You can recover your account using this email address.

After completing all these steps, you can start swiping right.

Jaumo Dating App Review

The User Interface

Jaumo UI, Jaumo Dating App Review

The app is simple to use without any confusion. There is no problem while navigating different tabs, and everything loads quickly.

The footer ad might be interrupting, but other than that, the experience is good, and the app feels light.

It is noteworthy that the app uses ads as a revenue source, so you will be seeing significant ads while swiping.

The full-screen unskippable ads are there to ruin the user experience, and other ads do appear after 8-10 swipes.

What’s more irritating is that while swiping left on ads, it still gets clicked and opens the desired page.

The overall experience is not as clean as popular dating apps like OkCupid, but it is still acceptable in return for the features the app offers.

How to use Jaumo dating app Effectively?

Similar to a traditional dating app, the Jaumo works on swiping method while using the phone’s geometric location to show nearby profiles.

After opening the app, you will be automatically taken to the Home page, where you are offered a profile on the screen.

You can swipe right to like and left to ignore the profile.

Using the app is quite simple, but you need to take care of a few things.

For example, to see different profile pictures of a person, you need to open the profile first. Otherwise, you will end up liking/disliking the profile.

One great feature of the app is that you can send a message without being matched. You can use it to increase the matching possibility.

Use the Nearby tab when you want to see only nearby profiles. This feature works fine but doesn’t do any magic because the app already shows you the nearby profiles.

If this is how you use the Jaumo app, you can get the most out of it. But, the app also offers more features that can enhance your dating experience.

Jaumo Dating App Features

Jaumo Dating App Features, Jaumo Dating App Review

Jaumo is a feature-rich dating app. Here is what you will get in the free and paid versions.

• Free features

  • A lot of right swipes
  • Filtering out nearby profiles
  • Set basic filter
  • Earns coins for everyday login
  • See who you have liked and undo it
  • Profile verification
  • Ability to send a message without being matched
  • Daily rewards
  • Play Trivia quiz

• Paid features

  • Send unlimited likes
  • Get rid of annoying ads
  • Like or message new members before anyone else
  • See who already liked you
  • Set VIP filters
  • Go back and swipe again
  • Play and chat with Trivia partners

Things you should know before you ask a girl for date.

Profile Quality: Geniun or Fake?

How good is the profile quality? Are there fake profiles in Jaumo?

Based on what we have experienced, there are a ton of fake profiles on Jaumo.

The company claims that they have deleted most fake profiles, leaving around 90% of genuine profiles behind.

This claim might hold true for European countries, but for the remaining, it’s the opposite.

But why are there so many fake profiles?

Because an individual doesn’t need to enter any email or phone number while signing up, anyone can create a fake account in seconds.

Yes, it gives convenience to new users, but it also leads to fake profiles on the other side.

Out of 10 profiles, we have found only 2-3 verified profiles.

So be ready to handle the fake profiles if you are planning to give this app a try.

The Real-life experience

After a few hours of creating an account, the matches started to show up in the profile.

It was nice to see matches so early. But then we realized a few things.

  • Most of the profiles were fake.
  • The majority of the people were seeking hookups.
  • Many fake girls have created an account to share Whatsapp numbers so that they could video call you, record you, and then blackmail you for money.
  • The app was not for a serious relationship.
  • Some genuine people were looking for dating, but finding them was tedious.
  • The app had some bugs here and there.

Take a look at what people are doing on Jaumo and how they share their WhatsApp numbers to manipulate.

Jaumo Fake Profiles, Jaumo Dating App Review

It is very common on Jaumo. You will keep receiving such messages very often.

People have indeed found serious relationships on Jaumo, and many are living happily together because of the app.

But, the dating experience differs from person to person. It might be good for some, but ours was below average. 

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DurationCostTotal Cost
1 Month$12.49 per month$12.49
3 Months$8.33 per month$24.99
12 Months$6.25 per month$75

Is it worth paying for Jaumo?

If you are someone who prefers flirting over a serious relationship, then it’s worth paying for Jaumo.

Upon doing so, you will be offered an ad-free experience with some additional features.

These features are useful and come in handy at times. Also, the pricing of Jaumo is neither expensive nor cheap.

So if your budget allows, then you can pay for it.


If you are looking for serious dating, then don’t pay for the Jaumo premium. Even if you pay, you will end up meeting people looking for hookups.

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Pros and Cons of Jaumo dating app


  • Creating an account is effortless
  • A ton of right swipes for free
  • An easy to use app
  • Access to nearby people for free
  • You can set basic filters for free
  • The useful profile verification process
  • It could be a good app for flirt seekers
  • Decent pricing


  • Not for serious relationships
  • A ton of fake profiles
  • Scammers are all around the app
  • So many irritating ads in the free version

Apps that are better than Jaumo

After testing numerous dating apps, we have found many apps that are better than Jaumo. Here are those apps.

  1. OkCupid (Full Review)
  2. Tinder
  3. Truly Madly
  4. Hinge (Full Review)
  5. Zoosk
  6. Happn (Review)
  7. Bumble (Review)
  8. eHarmony

These apps are performing great in the market. Depending on what you want, you can choose between these apps.

Final Verdict

Jaumo has a huge user base, and it offers a ton of features for free.

But the question is, would those features be beneficial if the app isn’t offering what you have been looking for?

It serves the purpose of being a flirt app very well. But anyone who is looking for a serious relationship should look for other dating apps.

Lastly, If Jaumo manages to handle these fake accounts, then it could become an excellent dating app. We can tolerate the ads, but we can’t tolerate the fake and spammy profiles

Follow these steps to impress a girl on chat.

We tried our best to share our experience through this Jaumo dating app review.

If you have been using this app, then do share your experience with us.

Do you still have any doubts? Feel free to ask us in the comments.

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