how to ask a girl for a date

Have you ever had a chance to ask someone out on a date? It’s an awkward, uncomfortable, and anxiety-filled experience. 

It’s not like anybody ever got us to sit down and taught us all about dating and asking a girl out. 

Let’s admit, asking a girl for a date is super frightening. No matter how self-assured you are, reaching out to someone is a risk because being turned down hurts

In fact, recent studies have proved that the emotional response you feel from being rejected shares the same neurochemical reactions as physical pain.”

In other words, similar things are happening in your brain when somebody turns you down, and you stub your toe.

It is the major reason why rejection is so unbearable that you might end up avoiding going out with people altogether or act so casually that the person you’re going out with doesn’t even have an idea if it’s a date or not.

The main thing to know before you ask a girl for a date

You can’t ask a girl for a date without knowing anything about her or letting her know about you.

No matter how long you have been talking, you must know one thing.

Is she interested in you?

No matter how good or attractive you are, if she isn’t interested in you, she will reject you for sure.

Why would a girl go on a date if she is not interested in you? It is the first mistake most boys make.

You need to know a few things, like, Is she noticing or making eye contact with you? Is she texting you and showing curiosity?

When a girl is interested, she gives a lot of hints. The article on how to know if a girl likes you might help you to know if she is interested in you.

Once you figure out these things and find that she has an interest in you, you are already halfway done.

All you need is the right time and tip to ask her for a date.  

How to ask a girl for a date

To avoid any negativity, we are going to help you with these little secrets you need to implement if you are planning on asking a girl for a date. So here it goes:

1. Always Be Yourself

Just because you don’t want to face rejection, you cannot use this excuse to be someone you are not. 

Most of the guys act like some polished, smart womanizer they believe the ladies want and are attracted to. 

Well, It’s a complete myth.

In the words of relationship expert Shamyra Howard, LCSW, “Authenticity is the best game you can bring to the table. Don’t try to be the person you should be. Rather, be your genuine self. This isn’t the right situation and place to fake it until you make it.” 

You want someone to like you for who you are. Pretending cannot last forever.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

Look into her eyes

As soon as you spot a pretty girl somewhere, you start imagining scenarios, like going on a date with her. 

To initiate with someone new, or you are planning on asking someone you already know, eye contact is very crucial.

We aren’t suggesting that you keep staring at her weirdly because that would make her feel super uncomfortable. 

You just have to make sure to pass a few enduring glances every once in a while.

The eye contacts are an indication that you are interested in her, and if she waves back the same kind of signals, there’s a chance that she probably likes you too.

3. Don’t Twist Your Words

When it comes to asking a girl for a date, there’s no point in beating around the bush. 

If you continue doing so, it will lead to a big confusion, and you could possibly find yourself in deep misunderstanding.

Be specific while asking her out. For instance, asking her out with this statement, “Can we have dinner Friday night?”, rather than asking vague questions such as “Want to hang out? “

It clarifies that you are interested in her for something special and are just not finding someone to hang out with. 

A date is a date. Be bold and unapologetic about it.

Make sure to not make elaborate plans. Don’t take so much pressure to stand out from the others or be appealing. 

Just go with the flow, and see where it goes.

4. Laughter is the Secret Ingredient

Having a sense of humor indicates that you’re a fun person to be around, and everybody loves to be with someone who’s warm and fun. 

It also helps you deepen the relationship, to have a stronger bond that can last forever, even after the initial outbreaks of attraction go away.

Since humor is one of the safest methods for testing mutual interest, you don’t have to risk rejection. 

You can very casually read the person’s interest and get into asking her for a date in a way that feels all-natural.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t know how to crack jokes,” then look, we’re not telling you to go up a stage and perform a stand-up comedy.

Just some subtle humor is enough, and it doesn’t even require a lot of effort. 

It can be as simple as a smile, making a funny face, or some wordplays, that’s it.

Try this to keep your relationship healthy.

5. Avoid Cheesy Lame Pick-up Lines

If you’re trying to find out some super cheesy and lame pickup line to ask a girl out, just stop right there!

Most of the girls hate cheesy chat-up lines, no matter how funny you think they seem or make you look super interesting.

In addition, these form an image of you that you are just somebody trying really hard to be cool. 

We’re pretty sure you would not want that.

You don’t want to see the cringe on her face when you pick up a line and ask her out in the cheesiest of ways. 

It’s only going to make you feel ridiculous, and you’re more likely to get rejected. 

When asking a girl out, just be sincere and down to earth. That’s the single best way to grab that date with your dream girl.

6. Learn to Read Between the Lines

There are plenty of ways to measure her interest before you decide to ask her out in order to save yourself from heartache.

Some non-verbal indications like:

  • Does she smile when she sees you, touch you between conversations, play with her hair when talking to you? 
  • Does she always get cheered up as soon as she sees you?
  • Does she respond when you flirt with her, or does it really annoy her? 

Before you ask her, figuring out things like these is a good way of predicting your success rate.

Moreover, you have to be realistic too. 

If she avoids you, maintains distance, and tries to end conversations as quickly as possible. 

You have to understand that she’s probably not interested, so it’s better for you to save yourself from the bother and unnecessary drama.

7. Stop Overthinking, and Just Go for it

If you feel that the girl you like is giving you subtle hints, then without overthinking, just go for it. 

You’ll be much happier and contended that you actually went for it and got to know her state of mind. There is nothing worse than wondering, “What if.”

A gentle reminder, your life doesn’t end if a girl rejects you or decides not to date you. Most of the time, God has better plans for us. 

So, for the time being, instead of being around all the negativity, start focusing on yourself and constantly thriving to improve to be a better person.

8. Show Confidence

If a girl sees you somewhere, and you look all messy and unorganized, there’s nothing left for you to say to form the impression. 

If you want her to say yes, then you must look confident.

Below are some of the crucial body postures you need to follow:

  • Give her space
  • Smile often
  • Stand straight, and avoid moving hands
  • Stay calm and sincere
  • Maintain eye contact

With these golden tips, we sincerely hope these could be of help.

So now, as you know, is the time to put them into practice. Be confident and brave, and just go for it. Good luck!


How to ask a girl for a date over text?

When you talk to a girl on a dating or social media app, you will want to ask her out for a date. 

The first thing you should do is never to be in a hurry. Take some time to know if she is also interested.

You can try these techniques to impress a girl on chat

Once you follow these, you can simply ask her for a date.

Instead of asking indirect questions, ask her directly, like, “Would you like to go for dinner, lunch, or coffee with me?”

In-person or on the phone? Which is the best way to ask a girl for a date?

It is believed that asking a girl in person is always better than asking her on the phone.

But it can be a problem for some guys. They get too nervous to ask a girl in person.

Or when you meet someone online, there is no other way left than to ask her on the phone.

If you are also in the same situation, then don’t worry. It’s completely fine to ask a girl for a date on the phone.

Otherwise, we suggest you ask her for a date in person.

What to do if she says no to go on a date?

You can’t force her to go on a date with you. If she says no, then it’s better to move on, or you can try later.

Take some time to know her well. Talk to her regularly, make her laugh and feel comfortable with you, and then try to ask her again for a date.

But if she still says no, then don’t irritate her. You can still be friends.

So these are a few things that will help you to ask a girl for a date.

Once you follow these tips, there are high chances that she will accept your offer.

Here are the best things you can do on a first date to make it special.

Do you agree or disagree with these tips? Do share your thoughts with us.

If you find this article informative, then you can share it with others.

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