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With the advancement in technology, texting can be considered one of the top forms of communication.

We know the feeling you get when you send a text to a girl. You can flirt and still talk about a lot of things.  

But when it comes to asking her out over text, most guys get nervous because of the embarrassment of rejection.

But to be honest, it’s no less than an achievement to ask a girl out via text. If done correctly, it can work wonders.

To help you out, we are going to share the best ways to ask a girl to meet over text.

Why should you ask a girl to meet over text?

The idea of asking a girl out can be a very anxiety-filled situation for most guys. Some guys find it comfortable doing it over the call, and some prefer doing it via texting.

But, if you are an introvert kind of guy, texting can be your lifesaver. It allows you to have many candid moments, which makes it easier for you to get comfortable.

Asking her out via text helps relieve some stressful situations that might arise when you are twitchy about something. 

It’s easier for some guys to do it over text, as it avoids the embarrassment of possible rejection.

Now since you are here, you no longer have to puzzle over how to text a girl and ask her out. 

In this article, you will learn everything that will help you level up your text game and go on a date with the girl of your dreams.

How to Ask a Girl to Meet Over Text

How to Ask a Girl to Meet Over Text

1. Set up an Interesting Conversation

It is the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind so that you don’t face negative consequences later on. 

Ask her about how things are going at her place to get her comfortable. Crack some jokes, make the mood lighter, and make her laugh. 

Make her believe that she can trust you as a person.

Do share some of your funny experiences from the past, and try to create a positive environment that helps her get relaxed and put her in a good mood before you decide to ask her out on a date.

2. Keep the Spark Alive

The right way to approach someone is to engage in a conversation for a longer period and pick up greater topics of discussion in which both have mutual interests. 

You should follow a similar protocol, in which you share a bit about yourself and then encourage her to share some of her life aspects too.

Think of it this way, you know all about her hobbies, her favorite foods, and her preferable restaurants, so planning a perfect kind of date would be much easier.

Appropriate texting can help you lead to a perfect time to ask her out on a date, and the chances of her saying yes will only increase if she knows you in a better way.

3. Stay Focused on Your Goal

Remember, your ultimate goal is to go on a date with her. 

There are many guys who are so busy finding compatibility and keeping the interaction simple, leading nowhere for way too long, and keep chatting without going anywhere. 

These guys then later complain about being friend-zoned and regretting later. Always keep in mind your goal, and that is to ask her out. 

After reaching a certain point, shift the conversation to getting together sometime and suggesting some things you would love to do together. 

Remember to keep it classy and not creepy. Girls are often attracted to boys who know how to maintain their dignity and respect.

4. Have Some Pick-up Lines Ready

Asking girl to meet on chat

Now that you have made her comfortable and have a well-known idea about her interests, it’s time to plan some pick-up lines that would make it impossible for her to say no.

For example, if she is a big-time foodie, you can ask her out like, “Hey, I’ve heard of this great place across town. It serves the most delicious Chinese. You want to try it out?”

Or, if she is into movies, you can ask, “The upcoming movie seems so promising. Do you want to go with me this weekend? It’ll be fun.”

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5. Planning Perfectly

Now that she has said yes, it’s time for planning the perfect coordination, which involves deciding a place to meet, or if she is hinting you to pick her up. 

Girls tend to tell you a lot indirectly, and you need to learn to read between the lines. 

If the planned date goes very well, it doesn’t take much time for the second date to happen. 

Given below are some of the tips that will help you to get a yes, almost every time

  • Don’t rush into it

A man needs to know what kind of girl she is looking for.

Do not rush into asking any girl out without even knowing if you two are emotionally compatible. It will lead to a waste of your time and hurt your feelings too.

Thus, before deciding to ask her out, make sure she could be the one you see your future with. Especially when you are getting out of a serious relationship, give yourself some time before you decide to go on the dating track again.

  • Learning to handle rejection

Okay, let’s talk about the time when you face rejection. 

Most guys don’t tend to handle it that well. Remember, do not involve your ego in it. It has nothing to do with her rejection. 

She might have a lot of reasons behind rejecting your proposal, which might not even be related to you. 

If possible, ask her the reasons, and if it can lead you to some kind of self-improvement, then make it happen and move on. 

There is no point in watering a dead tree.

So, these were the most important things that you should know before you ask a girl to meet over text.

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The right time and way to ask a girl to meet over text

If you keep the above points in mind, everything will be in your favor for sure.

But remember, everything takes time, and so does a good relationship.

Before asking a girl to meet, make sure she is comfortable with you. You have to talk to her for a few days or weeks in order to make her feel comfortable.

The ideal time to ask a girl out is two to four weeks.

By this time, you can predict her answer because you will know her well.

If your feelings say that she will accept your proposal, you can ask her simply without making much effort.

Instead of using the line, “Hey, do you want to go on a date with me?”, you can simply ask, “Hey, I was thinking about lunch or coffee with you. What do you think?

Or you can write, “Hey, If you don’t mind, I would love to go for lunch/coffee with you. Can we meet if you are not busy?

These simple lines work way better than anything else. You can also add your lines, but try to make it as simple as possible.

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Hope we were able to help you out with how to ask a girl to meet over text.

Always remember that you are more than enough and if you decide to bring a girl into your life, let her compliment you, not complete you.


What is the best time to ask a girl to meet over text?

You should never be in a hurry because it will represent you as a desperate guy.

So before asking her out over text, talk to her for a few days.

Keep in mind that every girl is different. One may get comfortable in a week, and the other may take one month.

So wait for the right time.

On average, a girl takes two to four weeks to get comfortable. During this time, you have to show that you are the right guy for her.

If you do that, she won’t reject your proposal.

How to predict whether she will say yes or no to meet?

You have to take things further. A healthy flirt is a good example of that.

Now to predict her answer, you have to analyze her talking behavior. 

  • Is she looking interested just like you are?
  • Is she replying to you with the same excitement?
  • Does she look eager to know about you?

You can predict her answer by these simple things.

These are the tips that will help you know how to ask a girl to meet over text. Do you agree or disagree with these tips? Do share your thoughts.

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If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us. We would love to help you in this regard.

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