What Kind of Guys do Girls Like

In this era of online dating, finding love has never been easier. It can be as effortless as filling out a quiz or swiping right if that’s more your speed. 

But beware, online profiles don’t always tell the truth, and arranging a meeting with someone you met online can lead to some surprising discoveries your way.

When it comes to a guy, every girl is poles apart and has her own set of likes and dislikes.

Thus, it is always essential to figure out what the girl likes, especially when you are attracted to her.

Important Thing to Know First

Getting to know them in reality and connecting with them on a deeper level is an important step. 

Before you decide whether to take things to the next level, it’s essential to know what you’re actually looking for and what they are expecting from their partner too.

In the words of a licensed counselor, “A Good relationship is built on some basic, down-to-earth qualities.” 

While you can take the basic idea from evaluating the early indicators of compatibility, such as chemistry and bond between the two, there are a few more significant characteristics girls look for in the guy they admire.

So, let’s not waste any more time and dig into the list of qualities that girls like in a guy and find extremely important for them to have.

What Kind of Guys do Girls Like

The most important traits a girl wants in a guy are:

1. Confidence

When a girl encounters a guy who has a belief, knows where he wants to be, his goals and passions, and who he is as a person, they often find it very appealing. 

She can easily figure out most of the answers from the replies she gets while in a conversation.

There’s a thin line between attitude and confidence

Confidence is when you’re comfortable with who you are, and you deserve a good woman in your life who believes in you too. Women tend to respond to the energy you put into your daily life. 

You need to have upbeat energy. It will help you boost your image as well. But, be sure to be cautious, as it doesn’t take much longer to turn into ego.

When you don’t feel the need to belittle others or compete with them to make yourself feel like a bigger person, that’s when she is most likely to fall for you. 

And, it will help you win a woman’s attention.

2. Trustworthiness

Who doesn’t like somebody in their lives whom they can trust, and knowing that they won’t be judged?  

An honest and trustworthy man is more appealing and desirable to a woman.

When a man is genuine, straightforward, dependable, and speaks from the heart, he’s the guy a lady tends to be tilted towards, a little more than the person with other qualities.

People tend to believe that being able to trust and being trusted allows the relationship to deepen. After all, a girl needs to know that she needs to be able to trust her man if she tends to turn it last long.

A person who doesn’t tell his friends every little thing, and can keep secrets, is considered most desirable.

3. Emotional Maturity

Emotionally mature men know themselves very well and aren’t afraid to look and work on their faults. 

Mature guys don’t try to blame others for their mistakes. Instead, they learn from their mistakes and grow as individuals.

This self-awareness can prove to be of great help when it comes to personal relationships. 

It helps you to be more understanding of your partner’s flaws and are less likely to lash out.

It’s of utmost importance to show that you are not only emotionally mature but also keep an open line of communication. 

So, think rationally, don’t overreact, and solve problems through discussion.

We’re not telling you to not be silly together and have fun, but being vulnerable is a big sign of maturity in itself.

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4. Sense of Humor

Girls like loving and caring guys

To acquire a girl’s attention, you don’t have to crack jokes or be a stand-up comedian.

Jeffrey Hall, Ph.D., associate professor at the University of Kansas, says, “When two people laugh at the same thing, they are saying, ‘I share your perspective, your values, and I certainly share what you think is amusing.”

Studies have also proven that the more the lady laughs at the jokes of a man, the more likely she is to be romantically interested

It’s basic science that a man who radiates a light-hearted, happy, and positive energy into the world can attract any kind of woman to him.

5. Respect

Respect is one of the strongest pillars for a strong, healthy, and happy relationship. 

A successful relationship is made when both partners admire each other and treat each other with respect.

A girl is much more likely to avoid you if she ever feels taken for granted or treated poorly. 

When a girl feels disrespected or patronized, she is much more likely to end a relationship sooner rather than later.

A woman, in her natural instincts, is more drawn to a man who gives her respect and shows her that he cares.

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6. Emotional Availability

Women aspire to a man who is expressive of his emotions instead of a man who is emotionally unavailable and avoids them.

Of course, openly expressing feelings might seem awkward and strange at first. But it is of utmost importance to show an emotional and human side, especially when you both are looking for a long-term relationship.

Don’t be afraid to show how you truly feel. Openly discuss your feelings instead of keeping everything bottled up inside.

Sometimes, it could mean talking about your past and experiencing your nightmares, but it will make you build a better connection with her.

7. Compassion

Empathy is something that draws a woman much more to you than any characteristic ever will. 

Compassion will always help you stay one step ahead when it comes to attracting a girl you like.

Whether it’s about having a bad day at the office or troublesome situations, it’s always good to have someone to share all your fears and hopes with

Having empathy means being able to understand another’s point of view and sympathizing with the same.

Women are proven to be highly interested in men, who have the capability of showing care and concern for others, too, and are not just self-absorbed.

8. Integrity

Having a strong moral character, and acting righteously, is called Integrity. 

A man who is ethical, fair, and honorable is the one who is most desirable by women

If we talk about relationships, having integrity can strengthen your bond with your woman as your moral principles guide your behavior and help you attract the woman you’ve been eyeing on.

Bonus, integrity even extends beyond the relationship, and it helps you to create a nature of helping others and treating them with fairness and kindness.

9. Intelligence

Girls are always more drawn to delightful guys who are witty and intelligent. 

Such guys will always have the upper hand when impressing the girl of their dreams.

Instigating intellectual conversations, and listening to her opinions, is quite triggering

You can have discussions beyond personal life and throw some interesting points in to see how she reacts.

Shoot the breeze with her for hours, and it will never get monotonous.

Thus, if you have the mental power to hold engaging conversations from time to time, with a pinch of wittiness, that’s gold.

But make sure to avoid sticking to small talk or tedious conversations, and whenever you get a chance, don’t forget to show your intellect and knowledge to her.

10. The Exotic Element

Girls like Guy who make her feel special

When you are the type of person who has his own opinions and a unique way of seeing the world by maintaining your individuality, you have an exotic element you don’t even know about. 

Your everyday behavior can be a little quirky, but you will always manage to come off as uniquely charming.

What makes you so irresistible is that your curiosity about the world, and fascinating little things, can draw the women you’ve been eyeing at a much faster pace. 

11. The Considerate One

A girl loves it when a guy holds a car door for her or pulls out a chair for her at the restaurant. 

He makes sure to avoid his calls when you are talking and never forgets to offer a dessert. 

Picking up a girl from her door after asking her out are some of the clear signs that you are considerate of her feelings.

Once a girl goes through her share of the bad guy(s), she becomes overprotective of her feelings. 

She needs a man with a bit of maturity and who treats her with respect.

But beware, girls have a sixth sense, so they know when you are faking it or copying the mentioned characteristics.

12. A Mysterious Person

Being mystifying is one of the most proven ways to play a significant role in attracting a girl. 

The element of mystery in a person encourages her to chase you

So always try not to reveal everything about yourself to her within a short period.

Even if you feel she is the prettiest girl you have ever met and you really started liking her, you must have some self-control

Leave some things to talk about for the first date or when you actually begin developing deeper connections. 

Until then, stay peculiar. An element of mystery will make her a lot more curious to get to know you more and more.

13. Romantic One

Girls like guys who shows love

In this era of hookups, a man who still believes in classic romance is irresistible. 

From bringing her flowers and her favorite chocolates to arranging candlelight dinners, a girl dreams of these, even if she doesn’t admit it. 

Call her often to let her know you’re thinking about her, and when you meet her, don’t be afraid to look into her eyes and tell her how you feel.

Every woman loves to feel appreciated, and the ones with romantic essence make this happen. 

Use romantic gestures often to show how much you value her, and give her freedom to reciprocate and act on her own romantic propensities.

14. Have Interesting Hobbies

The key to attracting the girl of your dreams is to have attention-grabbing hobbies. 

Maybe you love exercising, playing the guitar, or even dancing. Show that you live an exciting life by showing her your artistic side.

Guys with such hobbies are considered spontaneous and creative

You can dedicate some performance to her, and it won’t take her long to get head over heels for you.

15. Dressing Style

Consider one thing: a girl spends significant time in the bathroom and getting dressed in the morning. 

Girls are obsessed with fashion and style, so they would like to see their partner as the one who has a sense of style too

It goes a long way and helps you make the right or wrong impression when it comes to girls. 

Girls definitely notice that when you walk around in jeans and a tee, and then the other day, you go out in a suit. 

You will definitely get more attention and compliments while wearing the suit.

Believe it or not, your clothes and shoes are the first things a girl notices in you

There have been many sorts of studies that proved that the type of jeans men wear too creates a high impact. 

The right pair of shoes has the ability to elevate your attractiveness and charm.


What kind of man a woman needs?

When it comes to spending the whole life with a man, women expect a lot of things.

But, the most important things women need from a man are love, care, support, romance, maturity, respect, and confidence.

What is the first thing a girl notices in a guy?

The first thing a girl notices in a guy is his physical appearance, way of talking, and confidence.

She will notice your face, hair, beard, clothes, body, height, etc.

Then, she will give attention to other things like how confident you are and how you treat her.

These were the most common things a girl wants in a guy.

So whenever you think about what kind of guys girls like? Just go through the mentioned tips.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us.

We hope this article has helped you to know what kind of guys girls like.

Do you agree or disagree with this article? Do share your thoughts.

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