Online Dating Tips for Guys

If you are struggling to find an online dating partner, then here are the best online dating tips for guys to help you stand out.

Dear Guys, if you’re much more like part of the flock of sheep, hopelessly wandering around the internet and across apps to search for true love, online dating isn’t going to be like you just hoped, most probably. 

The woman you have a crush on is not likely to respond to your messages if you don’t follow precautionary steps to impress her in a way no one ever has.

All you’ve got to show is how committed you are, and most importantly, a non-flirt, wooing over every other girl she comes across.

You might even need to notice that your messages probably are engaging enough and emotionally stimulating to spark her interest in you. 

So, to make online dating easy, here are the tried and tested online dating tips for guys.

Important Things to Keep in Mind, First

top Online Dating Tips for Guys
  • You should be aware of the fact that on dating sites, girls are most likely to get bombarded with interest from different guys, and it’s not easy to stand out. Where a guy receives just a few messages in a day, girls, on the other hand, receive hundreds.
  • Make sure to choose the right dating site, otherwise, you may not see the desired results. In our testing, these dating apps work really well in finding a partner.
  • Upload multiple profile pictures of yours. Girls are highly likely to right-swipe guys with multiple pics. It assures that your profile is not fake.
  • Make your profile interesting by writing a short and honest description. Be specific in your bio.
  • Girls usually don’t make the first move. So when you get a match, don’t hesitate to talk first.

Keep these things in mind, as these will help you grab her attention.

So, if you are still one of those who are struggling to find a partner on a dating site, here are a few dating tips to help you impress a girl while staying a perfect gentleman.

The Online Dating Tips for Guys

1. Be Open and Confident

Even though you’re using online dating services, if you notice, it is somewhat similar to dating in the real world.

You need to be self-confident enough, or if you are not ready yet, at least pretend to be confident.

In order to meet someone, you should be mentally ready to have long-term relationships.

You surely don’t want to waste any time on somebody who doesn’t have the qualities you are looking for in a partner.

Most importantly, don’t forget to be yourself. You never know who you will end up talking to while being online. Thus stay confident and self-assured in yourself.

It will help you a lot to make an impression different from the rest.

2. Sense of Humor Matters More than Good Looks

One of the main reasons why girls are attracted to an excellent sense of humor is because it puts them in a good and positive mood. 

During a digital encounter with someone, your mood can act as a crucial factor in determining attraction

Experiencing positive feelings leads to positive evaluation, and if we experience negative feelings, it leads to negative evaluations. 

Therefore, it can be said that the term ‘good sense of humor‘ can either mean producing humorous material or being interested in the humor produced by others. 

Which person would you choose? 

A. Someone who makes you laugh. 

B. Someone who laughs at your jokes.

A report suggested that females prefer partners who could make them laugh and maintain the production of laughs in a relationship.

3. The First Impressions are Everything

Most guys make a big deal, but creating the first impression is much simpler

Many guys are in a myth that you need to send an incredible first message to acquire a woman’s attention. But that’s not the case at all. 

All you need to do is separate yourself from the other guys and get a conversation rolling.

Follow the guidelines given below, and you’re good to go to send the good first message to girls online:

  • First and foremost, scan her dating profile, and see what you can figure out of it.
  • Make sure to bring this up in your first message to her. Exposing that you got through her profile, which most guys don’t, and you’re interested in her, not just her looks, will help your message stand out.
  • Leave her a message so compelling that she cannot resist replying. It may sound unbelievable, but simple open-ended questions like “That’s a pretty picture, where did you take it?” or “How’s it going on?” will definitely work. 
  •  If you want to add a bit more kick to it, offer her a challenge. For example, if it’s mentioned in her profile that she is a professional guitarist, you can challenge her with “You like to play guitar? Very nice, I challenge you to play this song for me”.

Remember to keep your first message compact. Two to three sentences will work, but anything longer than that will look like you’re trying too hard and are desperate.

To summarise, keep the vibes playfulfunny, and light. Just go with the flow and see where it takes you.

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4. Let Girls Chase You

Let Girls Chase You, Best Online Dating Tips for Guys

The world of online dating is full of guys who are desperate to seek out any attractive girl

These guys fail to provide any challenge to girls, and thus, in a short period, girls lose interest.

So, if you are eager to get a girl’s attention who you met online, show you’re not like the others. It might even get her chasing you.

Let her know that you’re not willing to settle for just any girl, but you’re eyeing finding the perfect girl.

Show her that if a girl is going to win you over, she’s got to be special.

5. Be Attractive, But not Just by Look

For most girls, having smoldering good looks isn’t enough. A guy needs to be physically and mentally attractive, as it goes a long way. 

You can attract beautiful women with that, even if you’re an average-looking guy. It’s all about how you present yourself.

Here’s an illustration, Imagine a girl comes across two profiles of equally attractive men. One is Mr. Right, and the other is Mr. Different.

Mr. Right’s headline says, “Lonesome guy looking for Ms. Right”, and his picture shows him standing in his living room with a can of energy drink in his hand.

Mr. Different’s headline states, “Pack your passport and be ready”, and he’s at some rooftop bar with city lights stretching out, toasting the camera with a glass of drink in his hand.

Who do you think she is going to revert to?

When a girl observes your dating profile, she’s figuring out to get an idea of what it would be like to be with you. 

Before actually reverting to you, there’s a chance that she has imagined what it would be like to share a life with you. 

So, through your profile, paint the picture of a life you live.

Show her that you are an exciting and interesting guy who is willing to offer her the lifestyle she desires. 

That’s attractive and will lead her to you, no matter how you look.

6. Show You are Faithful and Caring

It is a little deceptive to mention this in your profile because it’s the last thing you are willing to write in your bio, “I’m super loyal.” 

She comes across many guys that say the same. She won’t trust you just because that’s what your bio says. She needs actions, not speech.

Faithfulness and being protective of someone go hand in hand.

Let her know that you are a family-oriented guy. Mention weekend plans with your family, or take your siblings to a fun game. 

If you’ve got cousins, use a funny anecdote, but remember not to talk about them too much, as she will date you, not them.

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7. Get Your Timing Right

One of the possible reasons that guys screw up, over and over, is wrong timing

There are a few questions you need to figure out before asking her:

  • What is the right time to ask her to go on a date?
  • How long should you wait between the first date and the second date?
  • When should you make the first move?
  • When should you kiss her?

You might share your answers to these questions that have been proven most helpful, but depending on your culture, situation, and context, your answers may vary

You can make adjustments wherever you deem necessary. 

The most important thing to figure out is the timing, rather than leaving it all up to feel and moments.

8. Choosing the Right App

Choosing the Right App, Best Online Dating Tips for Guys

Another great thing to keep in mind is choosing the right online dating app. 

If possible, choose an app that offers various games, such as chess and question-like games, as these can help you get a perfect match.

Truly Madly dating app offers such games to play with your match.

It may be surprising to know that the person you just met shares your interests. 

In simple words, use games to know each other in a much better way

Having a great time while dating online will help you both bond in an excellent way, and who knows, you might find the right person or at least a lifetime friend.

It is not something you will regret later. You’d thank yourself later when you found your dream girl.

9. Try to Figure out their Desires

It isn’t as complicated as it seems. 

While loads of people have signed up on various websites, such as Tinder and other platforms, to find their soulmates, these applications are also extensively used for hook-ups and fulfilling one’s desires. 

Usually, these kinds of people are very easy to identify. If someone just wants someone to make out, they will invite you to their home or somewhere else or offer themselves to come to yours, just so you can “Netflix and Chill,” which is just a code for one-night stand.

A significant percentage of people have it mentioned in their bio, like “No hook-ups“, which is a clear indication that they’re looking for something a little more than just one-night stands and continuing a serious relationship.

You might come across people who are just attention seekers.

They tend to match everybody to make themselves feel better, and get you to connect with them on almost every social network. Beware of such people.

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10. Never Leave a Conversation in Middle

What happens when you suddenly disappear from an interesting conversation in the middle?

It can spoil her mood.

So, don’t leave the conversation in the middle. If you have to leave the conversation, tell her that you have to go for now.

She will keep waiting for your message if you leave without letting her know, which can spoil her mood as nobody likes to wait for long.

If you leave the conversation in the middle once or twice, then it’s fine because it can happen to anyone.

But, doing it every time could be the worst thing in online dating.

11. Going from Online to Offline

We’ve seen this with many guys who get excited if a girl exchanges her number and constantly keep texting, calling, and asking her to meet.

If you like them, you are going to mess up things.

Just wait for the right time before asking her to meet.

But remember, a girl never comes to meet you if she doesn’t know you well.

So first, let her know about youmake her comfortable, and then ask her.

If she denies it, then don’t force her. Take more time, and ask her again after a few days.

Girls hate to be asked to meet every other day. So don’t do that.

Everyone wants their first date to be special and memorable. To make it happen, you need to take care of a few things that we have shared here.

So these were the best online dating tips for guys. Follow these tips and witness the result.


How should a guy write a dating profile?

1. First, upload 3-5 Profile pictures. All pics should be different with clearly visible face.

2. Showcase who you are and what kind of person you are looking for. (Don’t write things like I love my job, I love my family, I am hardworking, etc)

3. Try to make it simple because no girl wants to read a complex written bio.

Is it a good idea to send a text first?

If you think the girl will send you a message first, then you are wrong.

Most of the girls never send a text first.

So if you want to increase the chance of dating her, then text her first without waiting.

Does making a profile interesting really help in getting a match?

Think about it from a girl’s perspective. If you are getting too many likes a day, then which one will you like back?

Obviously, you will like the most interesting and attractive profile.

So, if you make your profile interesting, you will get more likes and see better results.

So these are the proven online dating tips for guys. Just follow these tips, and you will see a positive result for sure.

How to make a girl feel comfortable with you? Try these tips.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Do you think these tips are helpful? Do share your thoughts with us.

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