what to do on first date

Congratulations, you’ve finally gathered the courage to ask out your special one, and they’ve agreed to meet you. 

Now comes the most nerve-wracking part, planning your first date so that you both have a great time and do not look like you’ve been trying too hard or are too desperate.

Going on a first date can feel like nervousness and butterflies, both at the same time.

You’re way too eager but not pretending to be coming on as too strong, smart but not patronizing, funny but not offensive.

What do we have here for you?

You need to focus on a lot of things, all at once, and because of this, a lot of guys get hysterical on a first date and end up missing their shot to go further. 

You definitely don’t want that to be that person, and neither do we want you to be that person.

That’s why we got in touch with some relationship experts to get their knowledge on how to make your first date more fun, less horrible, and super likely to help you land your date number two.

So what to do on first date to make it special and memorable? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Things to keep in mind before you go on the first date

It’s very important to pre-plan things. You can’t plan things right away on the spot.

So before you go on the first date, do a few things. For instance:

Choose the right location to meet

Choosing the right location is very important when it comes to going on the first date.

Choose a romantic location like a park, a lake, a scenic place, etc. Even going to a restaurant is also a great option as most people do the same. 

All these places create a romantic environment around you. That way, you can express your feelings better.

Never choose a crowded or noisy place where you can’t hear each other.

In such an environment, you both will feel uncomfortable, and it may spoil your first date.

So, choose the location wisely for your first date.

Arrive on time

Arriving late on your first date could be the worst thing.

A gap of 5-10 minutes is fine, but anything more than that can spoil your partner’s mood.

If you know you could be stuck in a traffic jam, then leave home early to reach on time.

Nobody likes to wait for 30-40 minutes, especially on the first date.

So be on time because you are going to meet someone special.

What to do on First Date?

If you have done the aforementioned steps, then you are in the right direction of making your first date special.

But now, it’s time for a real test.

1. Create a Strong First Impression

Create a Strong First Impression, What to do on First Date to make it Special and Memorable

First impressions are the most crucial ones. It just takes a few seconds for anybody to structure an opinion about you based on your attitude and how you are dressed. 

The best way to establish an excellent positive first impression is by keeping a smile on your face

Smiling makes you seem more likable and is a sign of happiness and joy. Smiling not only makes you feel better about yourself but also projects some positivity to those who are around you.

It’s all about the good vibes!

In addition, make sure to take some time to dress well and appropriately, but keep in mind to stick to your basic style and dress according to the occasion. 

You wouldn’t want to turn up on a coffee date in a tuxedo, but neither would be willing to turn up to a cocktail party in a t-shirt and shorts.

This article on how to look attractive as a guy will help you for a better appearance.

2. Boost Your Confidence

Being around confident people is what today’s generation prefers the most. In an era where self-doubt prevails, and everybody wants to be someone else, your confidence is what will make you stand out. 

Body language is a dynamic characteristic that will tell a lot about you without you having to speak. 

Practice a bit of ‘power posing‘ in advance to boost your confidence.

Try standing out for a few minutes in an emphatic posture, hands on your back, like a superhero, to trick the brain into feeling more assured about yourself. 

But remember not to do it on the date itself, as you might ruin the game.

These tips will help you gain confidence.

3. Level up Your Listening Game

We all love to talk about ourselves but keep in mind that there is a possibility that your date might not find you as interesting as you do. 

In fact, talking about yourself sends the wrong signals, like you are pretty much an obsessed and self-absorbed kind of person.

On the other hand, you can’t just keep quiet all the time and leave all the chattering to your date as that’s also going to lead you to a failed date.

The trick to being interesting is to be interested.

Listen intellectually and respond appropriately, such as when they summarize a point, ask a follow-up question, like, “So, you went hiking, how was that?”

You might like these tips to make relationship strong with your boyfriend.

4. Stay Authentic Self

Do you also feel that dating in the 21st century is much like a rivalry? Perhaps it has always been. 

Quite often, we are willing to go any length, as long as it involves winning, even if it takes perceiving someone who appears to be ‘winning’ so that we improve our ways and replicate their winning strategies.

It might work in some cases, but we lose ourselves in the process and fail to find our way.

Dating shouldn’t all be about winning and losing. It’s rather about finding someone who cares about you, and you can feel connected. 

You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy, and you too can make their life filled with joy.

Thus, let your authenticity shine through and stay true to yourself.

5. Stop Worrying Unnecessarily

A feeling of anxiety on your first date is very natural. It’s half the fun. 

You have to eliminate the stress that makes you baffled and your first date awkward. 

Remember, the more relaxed you are, the more pleasant your date will be. 

A simple trick, sit at a right angle rather than facing your date directly

It will help you take off the pressure of trying to fill every pause during the conversation, and you can communicate better with your eyes.

6. Get Your Topics Sorted

Get Your Topics Sorted, What to do on First Date

Remember, first-date questions are just as crucial as their answers. 

Your focus should not be on what to talk about on a first date, rather, practice active listening and making the other person feel comfortable in your company

To that end, always try to avoid sensitive topics, such as being too personal or money. 

Enquiring about how much he/she earns or what was the reason for his last breakup are never good questions to ask, especially when it’s your first date.

Think about some good first-date questions that can act as an excellent conversation starter and some fascinating answers to the questions that the other person might ask. 

Don’t behave like you’re in an interview, though it’ll set alarm bells ringing.

Let us help you with some examples to help you get on the right track:

Just stay honest, as it will get you a long way.

Everyone can talk about their favorite foods, and they’re always a story behind their favorite restaurants. 

Ask them about the most remarkable dishes, their hobbies, etc.

Ask about other areas of interest, favorite movies, most liked actors, etc. 

These are some great topics to quickly build an instant if you have the same taste in entertainment.

7. Let Your Body Language Speak For You

Your nonverbals, be it your body language or facial expressions, are perhaps the loudest thing you communicate.

When it comes to new relationships and first dates, body language can express much more than the actual words.

  • Positive body language

The most obvious form of body language, which is a clear indication that your date is interested in you, is touch. 

For instance, placing a hand on your back as you enter a restaurant speaks loudly. Reaching across the table and touching you for a quick second shows that they are interested.

Gestures and facial expressions also add the element of attraction to your first date. 

Direct eye contact during your date can also be considered a good sign that they are into you.

  • Stay in control of your negative body language

Answer a simple question- How can you stay mindful of your body language and still act all-natural? 

We are aware of the fact that it can sometimes feel out of your control.

So all you need to focus on is catching the negative body language and tweaking it a little. For instance:

If you’re interested in the ongoing conversation, don’t fold your arms. Tilt your head a little towards them, and lean in. 

These are some of the non-verbal indicators that signify your date that you are interested in what they have to say and are eager to hear more.

If you are interested to know if your date is having fun, try looking for similar behaviors. 

If their arms or feet are crossed and facing away from you, you might need to change the subject.

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8. Discover Your Element

We all have one hobby. And whenever we do it, we are totally in our element. 

For some, it may be dancing, some love to play guitar, and some people are so obsessed with painting. It makes them feel more confident and alive. 

What makes you feel that you are in your element? If it’s something two people can involve in, such as dancing, that can be a great date suggestion. 

You’ll come out most fulfilled and the best of who you are. 

If it’s not something for two people or something your date wouldn’t enjoy, try to go for it just before you are off for your date. 

It will help you ride off the best vibes that you can carry along with. 

You’ll feel so much better about yourself, and they will feel that confidence radiating from you, setting you up for the best experience ever.

9. Be Respectful of Touchiness

You might think that touching them quite frequently, on the very first date, shows that you’re into them. 

Well, No, it’s not true.

What you’re actually signifying is that you’re super-touchy and horny, even on the first date. 

It is going to create a blunder for you in almost every way.

Keep the touch limited and only friendly, warm, and natural, especially on the first date

It should not emit any kind of erotic feelings. 

For instance, it’s fine to take their hand to help them get out of your car or hold their hand while crossing a crowded place, but don’t drape your arm around their waist and keep them close the entire time. 

Touching is natural, but avoid overdoing it.

10. If Your Date wants to Split the Bill, Don’t Hesitate

Why are we stuck in a generation where a boy does not pay the bill, he is mannerless. 

It’s always a lovely gesture to offer to treat your date, but if they are in the favour of splitting the bill, be open to that too.

After all, it’s the 21st century we are living in. It allows for egalitarian partnerships.

If they disagree, you can explain to them that you’re totally willing to split the bill on your next date, but since they agreed to have dinner with you, you’d be more than happy to get this one. 

If they still insist, just do it, but allow them to establish boundaries so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.

According to recent research, while dating, the most important thing to remember is respecting the other person, be it your first date or your 100th date.

11. Humor is Your Savior

Humour is Your Savior

One of the greatest ways to break the ice is joke around with your date. 

Everyone is fond of funny guys. Keep it light and a little bit flirty.

Find out something you both agree on. 

It isn’t too hard. For instance, maybe you both think Friends is a great show and Gunther. 

One of the characters is hopelessly in love with Rachel and makes stupid efforts to get to talk to her. 

Joke about that together. Remember, this is a date and not an office interview. Enjoying yourselves is very important.

12. Be Respectful of Compliments

While giving compliments, stick to more neutral compliments, such as “You look very nice today.” 

If your date doesn’t seem to enjoy appearance-based compliments, go for something cool, like “I can’t get enough of your laugh.”

Everyone loves when they are appreciated, but you have to be very careful to choose the right words.

If you begin with some nasty comments, such as telling them about how great their butts are, they’re not only going to be offended, just at the beginning itself, but it would ruin everything just before the beginning.

Comments on appearances have to be given with finesse, or you might start the evening on the wrong note.

13. Go For a Walk

On the first date, it’s quite possible to sit in one place to get to know each other. You can be in a restaurant, park, or coffee shop.

But it’s also possible that you run out of things to talk about.

If you sense that things are going silent and there is nothing much left to talk about, then go for a stroll.

While walking, you will see various new things, and you can talk about those with your partner.

It will kill the silence between you two, and you will have many more interesting topics to talk about.

So these are the best things to do on a first date to make it special and memorable.

Whenever you plan your first date, keep these points in mind, and go for it. We wish you good luck.


What should you never do on the first date?

  • Don’t talk about your ex.
  • Don’t get drunk.
  • Don’t forget your manners.
  • Don’t be too serious.
  • Don’t keep telling only about yourself.
  • And never touch your partner unnecessarily.

Is it okay to kiss on the first date?

It depends. If you already know each other and are comfortable, then you can kiss.

But make sure that your partner is also ready for it. Otherwise, it might spoil your entire date.

Should you hug on first date?

Yes, you can. A hug is completely fine as it shows love and care. But again, let your partner know about it.

Make sure you hug at the end of your first date, not at the beginning.

Is it OK to bring a gift on a first date?

If you gift something on the first date, you are going to impress your partner.

It will surprise them, and your date is going to be even more special.

You don’t need to gift anything expensive. It can be inexpensive but must be given with love and feelings.

If you do all these things, then you are going to leave your partner impressed for sure.

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If you still have any doubts left in your mind, then feel free to ask us in the comments.

So, do you agree or disagree with these tips? Do share your thoughts.

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