Am I in Love

Am I in love? How to know if I am in love? If you are also feeling attracted to someone, but are confused about whether it’s love or not, then here are the top signs which will help you know if you are really in love or if it’s just a crush.

Love is one of the most dynamic emotions an individual can ever experience. It motivates us the most.

Staying in love is not an option but a decision. The intense feeling of being attracted to someone can be interpreted as being in love. But, Is that really true?

If your curiosities have brought you here, and you’ve probably met someone who has made you wonder, am I in love?

It can be a frightening question. It’s a huge risk opening up to someone, especially when you’re in love. 

What is Love, to be Precise?

Everyone’s perception of real love is totally different. Thus, it is not easy to define love. It can be dramatically unique for different kinds of people.

Love is a strong will to put someone’s priorities on top without compromising yours, too, and do every possible thing to comfort that person, no matter what.

You do this only when you are attracted to someone and feel a strong connection with them.

What Does Being in Love Feel Like?

At the initial stage of a relationship, the feelings of attraction and love can easily get mixed up. The butterflies in your stomach can be so strong that they might mislead you into thinking that you are actually in love and nothing less.

Loving someone takes time. It’s not something that happens in the blink of an eye.

You need to have enough experience with a person, and mutual affection and respect, despite the mistakes and arguments that take place.

When you’re in love, you cannot control yourself from picturing a future together or thinking about them almost all the time.

You easily get distracted during your office work, studies, or in the middle of preparing dinner.

Well, now you can finally settle that inquisitiveness in your heart. Is it just a crush, or are you really in love? Let’s find it out.

15 Signs You are in Love

How do I Know If I am in Love

1. You want to be Together All the Time

If we talk in general terms, we all want to be with someone who we feel comfortable with and are attracted to.

In the words of Harvey Fierstein, “You want to be with them more and get to know them better.” 

Crushes might fade away with time, and you may also get bored after spending a significant amount of time with the same person, but when you’re in love, you’re never disinterested, no matter how much time you spend together.

2. You Care about their Interests

Have you ever heard the statement, “When in love, you become totally selfless. You can only think of what another person thinks and wants to do.

When you are in love, you always want to keep the other person happy. However, when you’re just in the attraction phase, you don’t seem to care about these things much.

For instance, you’re not a huge fan of trekking, but when your partner wants to go, you naturally agree to give it a shot.

You’re constantly learning and trying out their interests, even though it may not necessarily concern you. It’s a clear-cut sign you’re in love.

3. It’s a Lot More than just Physical

We cannot deny that physical intimacy is just as important in a relationship and undoubtedly one of the most wonderful elements, but when it comes to love, it’s about much more than just physicality.

You’re constantly finding yourself drowned in insightful conversations you had with them or getting butterflies when you realize that nobody understood you the way they did.

That feeling of emotional completeness hits you differently, and it’s much more than just intimating physically.

4. You Feel Settled

When you feel that you finally can put a rest on your search of finding “The One,” that’s when you know you are in love with that person.

The thoughts of “what- ifs” will stop crossing your mind, and you find home in a person. Love gives you wings to fly and acts as an ultimate confidence booster.

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5. You can Totally be Yourself, without Worrying

When you’re in love, you don’t have to worry about hiding what you truly are in order to be accepted. Love means accepting each other while maintaining your core identity.

You can easily unfold your feelings, be it on religion, gender, politics, or any other subject.

And even if you and your partner don’t agree, you know it won’t change their fundamental attraction for you or their perception of you.

Being in love requires honesty, and you need to know all about them without any secrets.

6. You want Them to Meet Your Friends and Family

How to Know If I am in Love

While in a conversation, you think about them meeting with your friends and family and imagining scenarios of them getting along really well. 

The thing is, when you love someone, you intend to tell the news to the world. You want everyone to know, including your close friends and family. 

You want to make them enter that intimate space that’s shared by just your close ones.

When you start to feel that you are ready to introduce them and let the chips fall where they may, let us tell you, it’s beyond the liking stage.

It clearly shows how proud you’re of them and wants to share the bond and the news with your close friends and family. 

7. You Think about What Your Kids would be Like

It might sound a little juvenile to you, but if you’re not only engrossed in imagining having kids with her but also what they would look like and the qualities they would possess, then my friend, you are missing out on a lovely feeling.

If you are someone who sees qualities in her and thinks, “Man, our kids will be wonderful if they get her habits and looks,” there’s a probability that you are a victim of Cupid’s bow of love. 

We, as humans, find the habits of the people we love fascinating and want to carry the same for eternity.

8. You Find Yourself Daydreaming about Them

Imagine yourself working through a very busy day, and suddenly a thought crosses your mind, “What would they be doing at this time?

It’s a clear sign that your attraction has gotten way ahead. When you’re with them, time seems to fly, and when they are not there, you keep thinking about them most of the time.

Love is a feeling that is strong enough to detract you from basic things like eating, or as complicated as big work meetings, or sleeping.

If you are unable to get anything done without getting their face off your mind, you are probably infatuated, or even more.

Moreover, if you find yourself more immersed in making special food for them rather than getting your work done, then there is a strong possibility that you are deeply in love.

9. You Make Decisions Together

There are some basic choices that a person makes for himself, including what is going to be your next career move, changing your vehicle, or changing your house to one where you can imagine both living together.

You don’t seem to make those choices solely based on your choices. You want their involvement in almost every aspect of your life, even the most basic ones, including your weekend plans.

When you find yourself wanting to involve “The One” in all aspects, this is a sign telling you that you’ve fallen in love.

10. You can’t even Think about Losing Them

You’re sitting in your room, alone, in your thoughts, and picture your future, and get scared of them not being there. It signals you are in love with them.

You want them to be a part of your life, now and forever. When you find yourself praying for them, caring, and prioritizing them, you don’t need any other signs to tell you that you’re in love. 

11. You’re not Afraid of Commitment

When it comes to commitment, most guys have some issues relating to it.

You might have picked some of it from society, your past, or your family, but all of it seems to fade away when you’re with her.

That’s because she makes you feel safe and secure about your emotions and understands you the way nobody ever did.

Look around, and you will see many examples of commitment issues and what they achieved when the right person came along. It’s all about the timing.

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12. You’re Vulnerable to Them

There are a lot of people who are not comfortable opening up about their feelings, at least not at the early stages of a relationship.

But if you start to feel like an open book in front of them without the fear of judgment, then there is a reason for that, and not that they are some psychic who used their magical powers on you. 

They make you feel safe and secure about your feelings, and you can be completely transparent in front of them.

You want to share all the aspects of your life because you want them to be a part of it. 

There’s only one explanation for it. That is, you are in love with them.

13. You Talk about Them a lot

Do you ever find yourself making excuses to bring them into a conversation or telling people a relatable story of what happened when you were with them?

For instance, your friend is talking about their trip to a hill station, and you feel the urge to share how he/she spent his trip too.

That’s when you realize that you’re in love. You want them to be a part of every conversation that’s going on.

When you’re into someone, they will always be on your mind. Moreover, your friends now have all the information about them, and they start to tease you for the same.

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14. You have Started to Relate to Those Mushy Love Songs

Have you ever made fun of those romantic and poetic songs that your parents used to play?

You also might have preferred the hard rock and rap songs to energize you through the day.

But now, you’ve started to find those love songs beautiful and understand their lyrics. All that because they remind you of someone special and leave a smile on your face.

If that is the case, then you are diving down in love because those love songs are all about them, and that’s what you want to think about, anyway.

15. You want to Collect Memories with Them

When do you know you’re actually in love? It’s when you are always looking forward to doing adventurous and new things together, such as trying out new places or doing new activities together.

It’s one of the nicest things to make memories with the person you adore.

For the sake of spending time with them, you don’t even mind re-doing the same old stuff to intensify the experience and create beautiful memories.

When you’re in love, all you care about is spending as much time as you get. And that’s when you will know you’ve fallen in love.

Final Verdict

Love is a precious feeling, and there is nothing wrong with falling in love.

But assuming attraction as love is something that won’t last long and will end up hurting both persons.

So before getting into a relationship, make sure you are in love with them so that you can give your best and get the same in return.

Now you might be wondering how to know if they like you or not.

Well, we got you covered. You can read our articles where you can know if the person you have been eyeing likes you or not.

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So these are the top signs that tell you if you are in love or if it’s just a crush and nothing else.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned here? Do share your thoughts with us.

We hope you have got what you were looking for.

If you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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