how to impress a boy

If you are interested in a boy who is conserved and barely communicates, you might have to take more steps than usual that will help you to impress the guy of your dreams. 

Impressing a boy is not an easy task, but there are many things to impress a boy that can help you. 

Always remember that everything takes time. Like all things, love also needs a lot of time.

Impressing the boy of your dreams isn’t one-dimensional, but you need to approach it from many different angles. 

A combination of many techniques, rather than using just one technique, might be a good idea to get his attention and hold it for a subsequent period of time.

So, how to impress a boy? We are listing here 12 unique ideas to help you succeed in your goal of trying to impress him.

Is it difficult to impress a boy?

Generally, a boy has to make much more effort to impress a girl, whereas girls need to make fewer efforts.

But the reality is, if you want to impress a boy who is not desperate for girls, then it’s a difficult task.

So, impressing a guy is not that easy. It requires more than just looks or something else you might wonder about. 

It’s much more than him being amazed by you to such an extent that he can’t bear the thought of losing you at any cost. 

When a guy starts really liking you, he wants to gain more access to your life than anyone else and might be even willing to get into a relationship with you.

Decoding the code of how to impress a guy can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

Best Ways to Impress a Boy

Let’s head over to the best ways to impress a boy.

Look into her eyes

1. Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is the ultimate source of building a stronger foundation of trust. 

Making appropriate eye contact shows how much confident you are in yourself. While speaking, try to talk in a clear voice so that he can understand you.

It is always good to maintain eye contact while having a deep conversation. 

Eye contacts are scientifically proven to help you create a stronger and more profound bond between the two.

With merely eye contact, you can make him realize that you want more than just good friends.

2. Be Open-minded

Everyone, be it a boy or girl, is attracted to someone who always welcomes new information and experience. 

For instance, If you are discussing something with a boy on a particular topic, and you disagree on a certain point, rather than being stubborn, try to listen to what he has to say and understand his perspective. 

He might be right and have better knowledge than you on that topic. Try to encourage him further to share more of it.

If you disagree with his thoughts, then rather than changing your opinion or fighting with them to change theirs, respect their point of view and communicate your own

You are going to interact with a lot of people in your life daily. So always try to keep an open mind. It will help you grow and learn from everyone.

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3. Let Your Personality Talk

Your personality makes the first impression.

We assume about someone’s nature through their personality when much is unknown about them. 

Wearing a good personality is very helpful to impress a guy. But don’t confuse your personality with just good looks. 

It has so many other aspects. A few examples of them are:

  • Body Gestures

While talking to people, your body gestures speak a lot about you.

Body language plays a very significant role in every conversation. It can leave either a positive or negative impact on the other person

Imparting positive or negative body language solely depends on you. 

If both of you are into a meaningful conversation, take care of your moves. Your moves must be genuine and super attractive.

  • Body odor

Always make sure you smell heavenly. Your dreadful body odor can destroy your chance to impress him. Make sure to eliminate the bad odor before you go to meet him. 

Take a proper shower using a fragrant body wash or soap, and make sure to apply perfume with a breathtaking fragrance.

  • Dress up

The clothes you wear send influential signals to the people around you, including the boy you have been eyeing. 

Thus, always make sure to give importance to your dressing style as your wardrobe defines who you are, without having to speak.

Your decent and gorgeous-looking dress has the capability of impressing him with ease.

But remember, you don’t need to dress up in a way you are not comfortable in.

Just make sure to choose nice colors that look good on you. It’s important for you to feel comfortable in everything you wear, and it must fit you properly. 

So, be simple, be decent.

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4. Sense of Humor

You should have an extraordinary sense of humor if you really want to impress the guy you like.

Almost every guy likes when somebody makes him laugh, but do you know, he loves it, even more, when somebody makes him smile when he is upset.

Try to pursue things that assist you and make him smile.

Sometimes, making fun of yourself is not a bad idea. A girl who can make fun of herself and does not care to be “Victorian” all the time is capable of impressing any guy she wants.

Next time you’re out with your friends, send him a photo making a hideous face and ask if you look pretty.

It signifies that you have the confidence to send even the goofiest photo, and you can have a laugh at yourself.

5. Offer to Pay Your Bills

When looking for a girlfriend, a guy wants an equal partner. He does not want a student or a follower.

He seeks a strong, independent woman who shares equally in a relationship, which goes on to a long-time partnership and life.

When you offer to pay for yourself, or even for both, sometimes, it conveys that you see yourself as his equivalent.

He might still want to be courteous and pay, which is just fine, but what’s paramount is that you fascinated him with your actions.

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6. Avoid Nagging about Little Things

Nagging isn’t wise. It’s a mere elucidation of negative emotion.

Though anger may be convincing and might be borne out of some major concern for your partner, be it your husband who won’t quit smoking or your boyfriend who started drinking.

Again, you should always remember that the Nagging is useless.

It will pull you away from the person you like rather than bringing you closer.

7. Confidence is the Key

It is no less than a cakewalk. Almost every man is influenced by a brilliant woman who can find solutions to her problems, debate issues, and equip intelligence. 

Men are moved by a woman who believes in having thoughtful conversations rather than gossiping about their friends.

Gone is the time when myths like “guys are easily flattered when they find a girl to be stupid or crazy, and are intimidated in no time’ were held. 

Boys, at the least, the mature and secure ones, aren’t just intimidated by quick-witted girls, but they are straightforwardly impressed.

You can do a few things:

  • Show him your witty side

Wit doesn’t just mean you’ve to act super smart all the time. It can be considered as the applications of your intelligence in your social, playful, and daily environments. 

You can give quick and funny replies and take situations lightly with peace of mind. The more of these you practice, the more you’ll pull him towards you.

If you are so much into a guy, show him the wit you’ve got. Leave him awestruck by consistently outwitting him numerous times.

  • Slay, every single time

Confidence is the underlying belief of “I can handle it.” There is nothing to be afraid of because no matter who disapproves or makes the situation worse for you, you can handle it intelligently.

Along with it, having Self-Worth is also equally important. It’s your inner, subconscious evaluation of yourself. 

It determines the treatment you do and don’t tolerate from people around you, the standards you pursue, and how fast you bounce back from failures and let-downs.

8. Value his Opinions

how to ask a girl for a date

Everybody feels good when you emphasize their ideas and opinions.

Ask him for his guidance on the matters you are facing issues in. It will signify that his suggestion is truly valued.

It will help you generate more respect and inclination in his mind towards you.

As a matter of fact, you might also ask him questions like what is his favorite color or which one is his favorite spot to eat, etc.

Asking this type of question signifies that you value his opinions and preferences.

9. Don’t be Afraid to Talk First

Being a girl doesn’t mean that you’ve to maintain an attitude that you can’t message or talk to him first. 

Starting conversations first shows that you’re interested in him and you actually want to talk to him. It will help you build a good connection with him and make you reach his comfort zone.

If he agrees to meet, plan a meeting on your own. 

Some boys act differently when they are alone with you, and most are uncomfortable with meeting you when friends are around.

Just keep in mind not to show him your desperation. It will impact him negatively. More than anything, his replies will convey to you best whether he is interested or not.

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10. Let Him do Some Talking

In order to know something about someone, you need to ask questions.

So, without any hesitation, ask about his personal life, hobbies, and everything else you want to know about him.

And also, don’t shy away from telling him about yourself too.

You can get some strong hints when a guy shows special interest in having conversations with you and behaves nicely.

And more importantly, maintain a good memory and remember the little things he tells you or things he adores. It will make him fall for you.

His favorite restaurant or his favorite drink? These things are important.

11. Flirt, But Healthy

Healthy flirting is your way to make your space in his life. It is considered one of the best ways to really impress him and prove to him how outgoing you can be. 

Gifting flowers to your man is also a great kickstart.

Fun fact, do you know that the chances of a guy falling for you are directly-proportional to the time you spend playing with your hair?

Before you even start getting confusing thoughts, here’s the real deal. 

Men are truly mesmerized by girls’ hair. If you ever have doubts about how to dress to impress, wear a dress that leaves your neck unconcealed and keeps your hair open.

Boys like flirting and enjoy it when a girl flirts back. It’s a very good trick, but everything looks good within a limit

Just make sure not to give any kind of cheap impression.

12. Focus on Your Goals

Let’s admit we are all influenced by someone who excels in what they do. If you are best at something, people can’t help but notice. 

You don’t have to choose to excel at something he’s good at. Rather, talk to him about something he isn’t good at. It will excite him, and he will talk to you with full enthusiasm. 

Most of the guys agree that girls who are significantly good at just about anything leave them in awe

Passionate to be something big and having ambition for the future can never fail to impress the guy you want.

When you’re not only devoted to what you have currently but also have a well-planned roadmap to the future and the dedication to getting there, any man you meet will be mind blown.

These days, men are not drawn to women who lack career direction. Thus, it’s truly refreshing to meet someone who knows what she wants and has a plan to achieve it.

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So these are the best ways to impress a boy. If you follow these, you can impress your dream boy for sure.


How can you make a boy fall in love with you?

1. Take care of your appearance. It plays a vital role when it comes to impressing a boy.

2. Pay attention to your hygiene.

3. Have a smile on your face. You don’t need to be too serious. Boys usually don’t dare to talk if you keep looking too serious all the time. So keep smiling.

4. Make eye contact because this is the best way to let the boy know you are interested in him.

5. Talk politely to him and keep him interested in you.

How can I impress a boy without talking to him?

If you want to impress a boy without talking, then you need to take care of some most important things.

1. Look the best: You will grab his attention when you look beautiful. You don’t need to look different or wear a lot of makeup. All you need to do is wear clothes that suit you best.

2. Make eye contact: You really need to give signs that you are interested in him. Making eye contact is the best way to do so.

3. Pass a smile: When you both look at each other, pass him a smile. He will surely know that you are interested in him.

4. Appreciate him: Whenever you get a chance, appreciate his works.

5. Be confident: You really need to be confident if you want to impress him. Talk confidently, and do all the tasks with confidence. When he is near you, don’t get nervous.  

How can you make your bf happy?

1. Be loyal to him.
2. Don’t compare him with others. 
3. Appreciate him.
4. Make him feel comfortable with you. 
5. Take care of him. 
6. Show your love for him.

These were the most commonly asked questions. If you still have doubts, you can ask in the comments.

What are your opinions? Do you agree or disagree with the mentioned tips? Please share your thoughts.

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So, here are the 12 best tips you can use to impress any guy you want with ease. Let us know which one you liked the most.

We hope you have liked these tips on how to impress a boy. If so, then consider sharing these tips with others.

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