How to Find The Right Partner

Finding the right partner at the right time and all for the right reasons is no less than an art. 

With the ever-increasing divorce rates, it’s super hard to find the one who makes your life fulfilling. After all, it takes two people to build a strong and everlasting relationship.

We agree that picking the right partner seems like a lot of effort. Be it communication, intimacy, attractiveness, honesty, or trust, all are some of the many moving parts of a relationship that we look for in a person we want to spend our life with. 

Let’s face it, choosing a perfect husband or wife is not just hard, but it’s impossible. That is because we tend to go in a different direction. 

We look for someone to complete us, rather than realizing that we are complete in ourselves, and we should look for someone who compliments us.

The key to the best relationship of your life is to keep working hard on improving and embracing yourself.

How to find the right partner?

  • Aren’t the best dating apps working for you the way you expected?
  • Is it hard for you to meet someone new every other day?
  • How many dates does it take you to get normal?
  • And most importantly, with all the fakeness around, you might find it difficult to find yourself that one authentic person.

If these conditions described above are a part of your story too, we suggest you have an open mind now and see things a little differently.

1. Focus on being the Perfect Partner

loving partner

Our sole focus is merely on finding the perfect partner for ourselves. But have we ever considered being one? The vast majority of problems have this root cause.

When you start focusing on improving yourself, living the kind of life you want, and working hard for it, you will see the liars and narcissists fading away before you notice.

It will also help you make connections with more likable persons who will be good for your mental health and make your life enjoyable.

Thus, the best way to find an amazing partner is to be the one. 

2. Be Neutral

When it comes to marriage, many people tend to focus only on the good qualities of a person and ignore the bad ones, which can be a big threat to your judgment. 

When a person is giving constant signs that he might be toxic, you need to pay attention

Rather than focusing on the one to two good deeds he does once in a while to make you realize how good of a person he is, pay attention to how he constantly belittles you, ignores you, and treats you in front of others.

Consistency and efforts matter more than anything else. For instance, to evaluate whether the person you are with is the right choice, we might think of him as good if he brings us medicine while we are sick or throws a surprise party. 

But once we make a belief, we tend to overlook the bad uncaring behaviors.

So we advise you to Focus on both if you want to make a good judgment.

3. Look out for Emotional Responsiveness

If we have to pick one of the primary elements that make up a good relationship, that would be choosing a partner being emotionally available in times of need

Is your partner available? Does he return the favor? If not, it’s time to reconsider your decision. 

Ironically, emotional unavailability is what keeps us stuck in toxic relationships in the hope of a happy ending

If your emotional needs are not being met, then you should openly discuss them with your partner and be clear about your needs. 

It goes both ways, and you also need to be emotionally available for your partner in his times of need.

If you fail to take any action on a timely basis, you might end up drowning in it even more than ever. 

4. Follow the 90-Day Rule

How to find right partner

When starting a new relationship, it’s always advised to take it slow.

Haste always messes things up. So, instead of rushing things, give it an appropriate amount of time, especially 90 days.

The given period will be perfectly suitable for you to notice the patterns of your discussions, and you both will start to establish a connection with each other and get into the required comfort zone. 

It will let you know how compatible you are with each other. 

Can you both be good for each other? Is he/she the one you want to spend your life with?

If, in 90 days, your gut feeling allows you to take it ahead, just go for it. 

But on the contrary, if things take a U-turn and you think it’s not going to work, then it’s better to stop everything right there because it’s a matter of a whole life.

Thus, before taking your relationship to the next level, try to follow this rule, and you’ll be in a much better relationship.

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5. Throw Away your Checklist

We meet many people who always keep a list of what their partners should be like.

Are you one of them too? If you are, it’s time to throw it out because, in the advent of finding someone who matches your checklist, you might end up missing some of the greatest matches that were best for you and you didn’t even know.

Yes, it’s your right to choose the right partner, but as discussed earlier, no one is perfect. So how do you expect one person to fit all your checklist needs? 

Throw all the caution in the wind, and trust the universe. The right person will come to you, especially when you are not even looking for one.

Thus, give every opportunity a chance, and go with the flow. Life sometimes surprises you with something you never expected.

6. Keep the Fear out of Sight

Usually, when a person faces a horrible rejection or cheating, he gets scared to trust someone easily or let someone enter his life. 

And in other cases, many people choose to stay in abusive relationships because they are worried they might end up alone.

Both the cases are worse. You cannot face emotional and mental trauma just because you are scared to be lonely. It is even worse than being lonely.

Every person has cases of trauma, but that doesn’t mean every person who comes into your life will behave the same way. You need to trust your instincts and make decisions with lots of patience.

Do not let anxiety and confusion create an obstacle in your decision-making process. If you feel something is wrong, let it go.

7. Being Unapologetically You

As far as we have observed, to impress someone or to keep them in our lives, we tend to change ourselves according to them, which is one of the top mistakes we make.

When you have accepted the other person just the way he is, then why can’t he do the same for you if he has feelings for you?

We understand and accept that change is necessary, and we must keep changing ourselves to improve with time, but if you have to change yourself to become acceptable to someone, it’s not worth it. 

You deserve to be loved for who you are, what you are, and where you belong. Thus, never be sorry for being you.

Yes, sometimes we might need to change a few habits for someone, and that’s completely fine, but it doesn’t mean we entirely change ourselves and live life the way they ask.

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8. Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate

Communication is one of the most essential elements in a relationship. 

Be it love marriage or arranged marriage, it’s an absolute must to communicate well and discuss anything and everything that helps you understand each other in a better manner.

  • Do you have any misunderstandings? Communicate.
  • Are you Angry? Communicate.
  • Feeling happy? Communicate.
  • Are you feeling sad for any reason? Communicate.
  • Are you worried? Communicate.

We think you got the point and understood the importance of communication.

The key is that the more you communicate, the more you get to know what kind of person he is, and the more you get sure of his being the right partner for you or not.

9. Learning from the Past Experiences

Learning from the Past Experiences to Find the Right Partner in Life

You might wonder, at some point, what went wrong in your past relationship. You invested so much of your time and emotions, and yet, it wasn’t just enough for the survival of a relationship.

Every relationship teaches us a lot of lessons and experiences. What’s more important is how much we gain out of it

Just focus on your lessons, and move on. There’s no point in holding on to past grudges. 

Make a conscious effort to avoid the same mistakes in your future relationships. Repeating the same mistakes will end you with the same results, and thus, acknowledge your wrongdoing and change your behavior for the better.

Most importantly, avoid the ones who remind you of your sour past experiences. Nothing can be gained, except experience, from remembering the bad experiences. You deserve a good and happy life.

10. Don’t Settle for Less

There will come many times in your life when you will feel sad, lonely, and depressed. 

Be it due to family pressure, the need to move on from the past, or any other reason, sometimes we tend to rush into relationships and choose a life partner. 

You would adjust to compromises and settle for much less than you desire. This practice is going to harm you so much in the near future.

There’s no need to be desperate about finding one. So take an ample amount of time.

Settling for less might make you fulfilled for a while, but in the long term, more often than not, you might have to face deadly consequences you never asked for.

Thus, in order to find the right partner, never settle for less than you deserve. Listen to your heart as it never lies.

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You might find various tips and tricks on finding the right partner, but we have tried to summarize the basics you need to look out for, and that too is backed up by various psychological pieces of research. Good luck finding yours.

FAQs on Finding the Right Partner

Is it difficult to find the right partner?

The world is full of good people. So it’s not difficult to find the right person.

However, it gets difficult when your list of expectations goes long. No one is perfect, and you have to admit that.

The less your expectations are, the easier you find your love.

How do you know you have the right partner?

1. Observe if he is the one who is loving your presence.
2. Are you both enjoying the same things together?
3. How does he behave when he is angry?
4. Does he care, love, and support you in any situation?
5. Do you both get into a lovely fight with each other?
6. Are you both happy with each other?

If your partner has these qualities and you can see love, care, and respect from his side, then you are with the right partner.

What makes you a good partner?

It’s not that easy to be a good partner if you are trying too hard to be good in others’ eyes. So let it go with the flow. 

And always remember, your honesty, respect, loyalty, care, humbleness, and supportive nature, will make you a good partner. 

These are some of the best tips on how to find the right partner. If you keep these tips in mind, you will find the right partner and love of life for sure.

Do you agree or disagree with these tips? Do let us know your thoughts.

If you have any doubt, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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