What to Talk with a Girl Online

While the world is getting smaller in terms of communications and building connections, on the other hand, you tend to meet a wide variety of people that you find fascinating. 

If you are eager to know what to talk to a girl online so that the girl you like doesn’t find you creepy and you don’t form the impression of a stalker, we are here to help you out. 

The only complication here is that the pretty girls are approached by many guys, trying to woo her and wanting to date her. 

The higher number of girls looking for the right companion is attracted by an even higher number of guys looking for their dream girl.

The competition doesn’t set back, and more men are hoping to go out with that woman. Thus, you must set yourself apart from others to create a strong impression.

Why is it important to talk about the right things?

Let’s admit it. You only get one chance to impress a girl you met online.

If you don’t pay enough attention to your conversation, you might lose her forever.

Such situations demand that you know the right things to talk about with a girl.

However, this varies from girl to girl, but we are here to provide you with some general topics that work with almost every girl.

So, without any further delay, let’s get into it.

What to Talk with a Girl Online

First thing first, don’t make things complicated. Just go with the flow and talk about these things with a girl online.

1. Her Interests

A person can be well known for his areas of interest. 

Strike up a conversation about her interests, and ask questions about her experiences. 

The positive point is that she will talk about it excitingly and may get comfortable with you in a short period. 

You can choose music, arts, sports, or politics, any area that you have good knowledge in, and not ask dumb questions and make fool of yourself. 

Do share your experiences as well, so that she feels your involvement too in that subject. 

It will help you gain an insight into her lifestyle, her friends, the hobbies she pursues, and her plans.

2. Keep Your Compliments Classy

Have you ever met a girl who loves tacky compliments? 

We agree that when you go through a girl’s profile, 90 percent of the attraction part is visual, and you will only further study her profile if you find her attractive. That’s human nature.

Even girls, too, take up a lot of time setting up their display pictures and writing an interesting bio to attract good guys. 

It is a very common aspect to compliment a girl about her looks. You need to focus on your choice of words and Keep it super classy.

Instead of saying, “You look hot in that picture,” consider saying, “I like your outfit.”

Other examples of the compliments you can give are:

  • Your hair looks amazing
  • Your eyes are the prettiest

Pay a little extra attention while giving out compliments. They can act as a great conversation starter but also have the capability of making you seem creepy as well. 

To summarize, just avoid certain body comments and the usage of slang. You know what we are trying to tell you.

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3. Use Correct Grammar to Leave a Good Impression

It is something big and important as well.

Most girls become disinterested in the middle of the conversation if you don’t use proper spelling, grammar, and appropriate punctuation marks. 

Girls don’t admit it, but this is something they observe. 

Online conversations are informal, but it’s basic texting 101 to pay attention to proper usage of grammar.

For instance, instead of texting her “Why,” write the sentence in full without any shortcuts.

Even if you are filthy rich and super smart, your grammar usage determines your manners and what kind of person you are.

4. Come up with Follow-up Questions

talking to a girl online

While she is telling you about her hobbies, co-relate the same with follow-up questions

For example, if she says she is a big foodie, then ask her for her favorite places to eat. 

If she’s an athlete, discuss her inspirations and her aspirations.

You can have a lot of follow-up questions related to any industry she belongs to. 

It is an excellent way to create a strong connection, and you can share your favorites too. 

You both would be able to indulge in a conversation for hours, leaving none of you bored.

5. Keep the Flirt Game on

No doubt that flirting can be a good thing, but you need to be extra attentive and cautious when it comes to talking to someone online. 

That is because, while chatting, the other person can only read your texts. Your actions aren’t visible like your smile or your eyes, which can be a huge turn-off.

While striking a conversation, don’t immediately start mentioning topics like anything vulgar. 

Flirt healthy, but don’t start sending her your gym selfies post-workout. You just need to add a lick of sass to your flirty messages.

Make sure not to go exorbitant. Take an idea if she is uncomfortable before pushing your boundaries too far.

Follow these tips to impress a girl on chat.

6. Ask Questions about Her

Almost everyone loves talking about their favorite movies, so here is an opportunity for you to have a great buzz with her.

Initiating simple and light questions is an excellent way to make her comfortable and keep the conversation going.

The more they reply, the more pumped up the conversation gets. Bonus point, even if just a little, but you’ve flattered them and their ego. 

In addition, asking questions about her can be a good indicator to know if you have found the perfect match. 

How? Well, after asking them numerous questions, if they haven’t asked you a single thing about yourself, that might be a sign that they are self-absorbed. 

You will even have an idea if they are uninterested in you because they won’t be willing to know even the slightest detail about you.

7. Use Profile Information

Most of the guys overlook this critical aspect of online communication and later criticize the girl when they get rejected.

Ever wondered why a profile page contains all the needed information on every online dating platform? 

It serves the purpose of getting to know the person who you are talking to with at least a glimpse of who she is.

Although many girls prefer not to reveal much about themselves on their profile, you can always find something interesting to kick start a chat.

It might be the country or state she is from, her culture, or her traditions. These are some of the most interesting topics that help you easily slide into a conversation.

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8. Talk about Experiences

It is one of the easiest topics that help you glide into a smooth discussion without making any extra effort. 

Talking about your experiences and asking her about the same is a great way of getting to know her, and it helps you know your mutual areas of interest.

Be it your past jobs or vacation spots, conversing about interesting things you’ve done so far in your life helps determine if you’re on the same page.

But remember, it’s not a job interview. So keep it fun and lively

Try to frame your questions in a bit different and quirky manner. It can be your greatest chance to make an impression and stand out from the others in the line.

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9. Ask about Family and Friends

Are you thinking of a remarkable topic that can help you take your conversation a bit longer? 

Well, there is no better topic than family and friends. 

Talking to her about her friends and family will help you open up to her, and just like you both own your unique passions, you might have unique family history too, and a list of friends who happen to do a lot of the same stuff.

It will help you not only with loads to talk about but will also help you to grasp a lot about who she is as a person.

10. Partner Preferences

One of the easiest ways to know what she expects from her partner is to ask her about what her preferences are

Some girls might prefer boys who are outgoing and love to socialize, while some girls like boys who are introverts. 

Your areas of interest should be common to some extent, if you want the relationship to last longer. 

Thus, it is very important to know beforehand the partner’s preferences she has so that you don’t face any consequences later.


How do you keep a conversation going with a girl online?

1. Ask about her interests and hobbies. 
2. Ask questions related to her lifestyle. 
3. Ask what kind of people she likes or dislikes.
4. Ask about how the day went.
5. Ask about her family and friends.

What are the topics to talk with a girl online?

1. Her hobbies.
2. Her interests.
3. Her likes and dislikes.
4. Her favorite things like food, dress, Actor, etc.
5. Her good and bad experiences in life. 
6. About her family members.
7. Her favorite place.

Given above are some of the best topics to talk with a girl online to keep the conversation going.

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We hope we were able to help you. For any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Do you agree or disagree with these points? Do share your thoughts with us.

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