How to impress a gilr on chat with ease

Having the first chat with a girl is no less than being on the first date. Thus, approaching the first chat wisely is of utmost importance.

We are living in a digital era. Most relationships here begin with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and some dating apps.

If you’ve got your eye on a girl and want to impress her through your online conversations, it’s important to start on the right foot.

You always have to make sure to create an everlasting impression so that you can avoid any chance of getting blocked.

Feeling nervous or pressured before starting a conversation with someone you’re interested in is completely normal.

So, to help you, here are some handy tips to impress a girl with chatting.

Why is chatting a good way to start a conversation?

In this digital era, almost everyone owns a smartphone, and more than 70 percent of people are active on social media.

With a desire to be social, meet new people, and build new connections, many individuals prefer chatting over calls. The reasons are quite practical:

  • Chatting Anytime, Anywhere:

Chatting can be done at your convenience, regardless of time or place.

  • No Specific Time Commitment:

Unlike calls, you don’t have to carve out special time for chatting.

  • Privacy Concerns:

Chatting allows for a level of privacy, keeping your interactions discreet from those around you.

Impressing a girl through chat can indeed be challenging, as it requires a different approach compared to face-to-face meetings or calls.

To make things easier for you, we’re sharing some useful tips to kickstart your efforts and make a positive impression in your chat conversations.

How to Impress a Girl with Chatting

1. Send Her a Sweet Good Morning Messages

How to Impress a Girl with Chatting

There’s no better time than a morning to brighten her day with a simple, sweet text.

A brief message can leave a lasting impact, like saying, ‘Hey, I just wanted to check in and wish you a great day.

Express your admiration with a touch of sincerity, such as, ‘Good morning. Your conversations make my mornings more refreshing.

Send your message and wait for her reply.

Remember to avoid overused cheesy lines, as they may cut the conversation short before it even begins.

Keep it genuine and concise for a meaningful connection.

2. Find Out What She Likes

If you want to be the impression-driven guy and sustain engaging conversations, then find out some interesting topics to talk about.

Share topics about your liking and ask her whether she likes them too.

By doing this, you will find topics of mutual interest, and then you will never run out of topics to keep her engaged.

If you both are into movies, then discuss genres and artists.

If she’s into reading novels, come up with some unconventional books you’ve read and find out what she has to say.

Follow these tips to look attractive.

3. Be honest

Honesty is indeed crucial in building a meaningful connection.

Always keep in mind to never lie about your appearance and yourself. Never be ashamed of where you live or what you have achieved in life.

A mature and genuine girl values qualities beyond mere looks or financial status. While appearance has its place, it’s not the sole determinant.

She will be more impressed by the sincerity and honesty you bring to the chat.

4. Start with Quirky Questions

Your quirkiness will get you noticed faster and make an ever-lasting impression.

Always try to initiate a conversation by sending a quirky message, following up with a unique and light question.

However, please do not go overboard with the humor because you might end up saying something offensive.

For instance, you can say, “Hey, fellow friends fan, I think Chandler is the funniest among all. What do you think?”

If she is wearing a Marvel t-shirt in her profile picture, you can text her that reads, “Hey, I have the same t-shirt that you are wearing in the display picture. Are you sure you didn’t steal mine?”

Sometimes, saying something that sounds super silly is a good move. It can make her smile.

For example, “Hey, your dog is so adorable. My dog is head over heels for her. Would you please like to share her number?”

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5. Talk about Future Events

How to Impress a Girl on text

One of the simplest ways to break the ice with a girl who recently shared her number with you is to talk about an upcoming event at a familiar location so that you come across as genuine and not desperate.

You can begin with a statement or a question.

If a mutual friend’s birthday party is coming up, your text could read, “Hey, Are you in for tonight’s party?” Or you could say, ” Hope to see you at Adam’s birthday party tonight.”

If you are college mates and a test is coming up next week, you can text her something like, “All set for the test next week? I am so nervous.”

Additionally, you can also start the conversation by asking about her plans for upcoming holidays. For example, “Hey, I am super excited for Christmas next week. What are your plans?”

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6. Keep Curiosity Levels Higher

It’s not advisable to reveal everything at once. Maintaining some level of mystery in the beginning is beneficial.

Leaving her intrigued is one of the safest ways to capture a girl’s attention in no time. Share small, personal secrets that you haven’t disclosed to anyone else before. It will make her feel special in your life.

Establishing trust is crucial in the early stages of a relationship, especially when you’re just getting to know each other and working to create a bond.

Feel free to share interesting childhood stories, but be mindful not to speak ill of others just to make yourself look good. It leaves a negative impression.

7. Have Patience

When it’s been a while since you both have been talking, it’s always better to give some time to cool off and be patient.

Allowing a bit of space can create an opportunity for them to miss your presence, but it’s important not to make them wait excessively, as it may convey disinterest.

Engage in a healthy conversation and wait for her to start a topic.

Go into the process naturally, and pay extra attention to what she shares with you. Have some perseverance, and let things go with the flow.

8. Go Through Her Profile

If you are having doubts about how to start the conversation, check out her bio and description of her social media handles. It will help you get clues about her interests.

For instance, if her bio says she is a book lover, your text can read, “Hey, I found you are a bookaholic. Which is the first book that you loved? I loved “Three Mistakes of My Life.”

If she is a passionate traveler, you can text, “It is nice to come across a fellow nomad. Where did you travel last?”

These tactics will help you engage in a conversation with her more actively. The more you engage, the more chances you have to impress her on chat.

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9. Ask for Recommendations

Asking for her opinion is not just an excellent conversation starter but also communicates that you value her perspective. It’s one of the best ways to learn about her preferences.

You can inquire about various things, such as, “Hey, I am planning a trip to an adventurous place. Do you have any ideas?” It not only sparks conversation but also provides insight into her interests.

If you are a food enthusiast, ask about her preferences with a message like, “Planning to eat out today. Share your favorite place?” It opens the door for her to recommend her preferred spots.

If she enjoys going out, she might suggest her favorite places. If the conversation goes smoothly, you can even invite her to join you.

10. Use the Name of Your Mutual

While going through her profile, have a good look at the people in her comments section.

If you find any mutual friends, you can also use their names to kickstart a great discussion.

It will help you to establish a good connection, as she might talk to you nicely, and you stand a better chance than a random guy with whom she has nothing in common.

You can send texts like, “Hey, I came across your profile and noticed Andrew as our mutual friend. He was my schoolmate. How do you know him?”

11. Play Some Games

Try to indulge in games via which you can ask interesting questions.

Asking such questions will help you know each other better and keep the conversation alive between both of you. 

For instance, while playing truth and dare, you can ask questions like, “What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?”

It would bring out tons of stories exchanged from both sides.

Hypothetical questions, like, “If you could become invisible for a day, what would you do?” can also keep the conversation alive and super interesting.

You can also go for this-or-that questions. 

For example, questions like “Pizza or Burger?” “Friends or The Two and a Half Men?” “Mountains or Beaches?” covers a diverse range of topics, uncovering many unknown aspects about each other.

At some point, you might find your common interests, which will help you establish a bond between you both.

Avoiding close-ended (Yes or No) questions is crucial, as they can bring a conversation to a quick end.

12. Make Good use of Stickers and Emojis

Use Emojis to impress a girl

Almost every social media app has its own set of stickers and emojis that can be sent to one another during an ongoing conversation.

These can turn even the most boring conversation into an exciting one.

Emojis may also help you to break any kind of awkwardness you might be facing during an ongoing conversation. The right emoji can make anybody smile.

But please make sure to choose it correctly and not overuse it. Excessive use of Emojis might kill everything you’ve built.

Striking a balance and using emojis appropriately can contribute positively to the tone and vibe of your conversation.

Follow these tips to stop fighting in a relationship and live happily.

13. Be Available, Just not All the Time

It’s nice to stick around the girl you like, especially when she is responding positively.

But keep in mind that no girl is interested in a guy who is always available, has no other work to do, and has a lot of time to chat.

Every girl desires a guy who is also career conscious and committed to his goals. Thus, you should avoid appearing all the time.

There shall be some times when you won’t be able to reply to her. In those cases, simply apologize and tell her what kept you busy.

She would understand your situation and won’t take offense to your unavailability if she is into you, too.

Final Verdict

The ultimate idea of impressing a girl over text is to turn it into a date, where you can meet her and show your true self.

Just be courteous and make some effort using the above tips. It will help you to stand out better than anything and anybody else.

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So, these are a few tips on how to impress a girl on chat. These tips are simple to follow but are effective.

What are your thoughts on these tips? Do you agree or disagree? Do let us know.

If you still have any questions left in your mind, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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