Is Hinge a Good Dating App

After using Hinge for several months, we have come to the point of sharing an honest review of the Hinge dating app.

If you also want to try this app, then a few questions leap to your mind.

  • Is Hinge a Good Dating App?
  • Is Hinge for relationships or hookups?
  • Which dating app is better than Hinge?
  • Is Hinge as good as Tinder?
  • And so on.

Don’t worry. All of your questions are answered here.

We will tell you whether the Hinge dating app is worth it.

About Hinge

  • Total Users: 8M+
  • Google Play Store Rating: 3.5
  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.5
  • Hinge Age Group: Mature 17+
  • Free: Yes
  • Pricing: $29.99 – $89.99 per month

How to use hinge effectively?

To use the Hinge dating app effectively, first, don’t forget to complete a 20 steps process.

It’s long but helps in getting better at matches.

What do these steps require from your side?

Well, it asks for basic information about you. Although giving your phone number and email isn’t basic, but Hinge keeps your information safe, so don’t worry about it.

  • To get the most out of Hinge, upload some of your best photos.
  • Voice and Written prompts are great ways of expressing yourselves to others.
  • Describe everything clearly in your bio, and Avoid using one-word answers.
  • Sending comments or roses can get you a match faster.
  • Get some time, and don’t skip any step while making an account.

By doing so, you will end up building an attention-grabbing profile.

But a few things can irritate you about the Hinge profile.

  • You must have to upload at least six photos.
  • Without completing three written prompts, you can’t send likes.
  • Your profile must be 100% complete before sending likes.

Similar to the OKCupid dating app, the profile-making process is lengthy on Hinge. But it can be overlooked as it helps to build a quality profile.

Do people actually get dates on Hinge?

To test this out, everyone in our office gave a try to Hinge. Here is what we have experienced.

  • You may not get matches when your profile is new. You have to give this app a few days.
  • If your profile is attractive with complete information, then the possibility of getting a match escalates.
  • Roses and comments work better than sending likes.

Most of us started getting a good number of matches within a few days of creating the account.

Does getting a match mean getting a date?

Not necessarily. There is a difference between getting a match and getting a date.

You may get 3-4 matches a day, but that doesn’t mean you will date 3-4 people in a day.

Furthermore, if you have good chat skills, you can get a successful date for sure. These tips to impress a girl on chat will also help you get a date faster.

An individual may have a different experience, but based on ours, we are comfortable saying that yes, people actually get dates on Hinge.

Is Hinge a Good Dating App?

Is Hinge a Good Dating App?

To answer this, we had to share both the positives and negatives that we have come across so far.

Things we have liked about Hinge:

  • The profile quality is great.
  • Fake profiles are there, but comparatively lesser to other dating apps.
  • The UI is easy to use, especially in light mode. It’s not so compatible in the dark mode.
  • On every profile displayed on the screen, there are options of commenting or sending roses.
  • You get a rose in 24 hours, which is good.
  • The ability to like any pic or prompt independently.
  • The primary purpose of dating is implemented well as you can meet real people for free.

Things we didn’t like about Hinge:

  • You get only 7-8 right swipes for free, which is too less.
  • Match frequency isn’t as good as other apps. It means you will get fewer matches on Hinge.
  • Setting the preferred preferences is only possible after the payment.
  • Creating an account takes longer as you have to complete several steps.
  • The subscription is very expensive compared to other dating apps.

Now coming to the main question, Is Hinge a Good Dating App?

Yes, Hinge is a good dating app. It might take some time to work for you. But at the end of the day, it works.

Read these signs of a cheater to know if your partner is cheating on you.

Is Hinge for relationships or hookups?

As far as we have experienced, the Hinge is a relationship app, not a Hookup one.

Because it’s a dating app, you may find some people seeking hookups, but when we consider the nature of this app, it’s for serious relationships. If you are looking for hookup apps, then check out the Wild dating app review.

Which dating app is better than Hinge?

Hinge is a good dating app, for sure, but there are some apps that are better than Hinge. If we had to list down the best dating apps in order, then the list would be:

  1. OkCupid (Review)
  2. Tinder (Review)
  3. Truly Madly (Review)
  4. Hinge
  5. Zoosk
  6. Happn (Review)
  7. Bumble (Review)
  8. eHarmony
  9. Aisle (Review)

As per our experience, these apps are performing great in the market. Depending on what you want, you can choose between these apps.

For more ease, you can take a look at these best dating apps.

Is Hinge as good as Tinder?

Hinge or Tinder,

Frankly speaking, Hinge is not as good as Tinder. As you are offered more free right swipes, getting a match becomes easier on Tinder.

Hinge is also a feature-rich dating app, but Tinder offers more features in the free version.

But note that Tinder is more for a casual relationship, whereas Hinge is designed to be deleted, which means it’s for serious relationships.

Now it depends on you whether you want a serious relationship or a casual one.

Is Hinge good for hookups?

While using the Hinge app, we met some hookup seekers. But mostly, we have met people who were looking for a relationship.

So as far as we have experienced, the Hinge app is not so good for hookups but good for relationships.

Pros and Cons of Hinge Dating App


  • Simple to use UI
  • Good profile quality
  • Less fake profiles
  • Ability to change basic preferences for free
  • Sending a comment with a like is a great add on
  • One rose in 24 hours


  • Only a few right swipes in the free version
  • The paid plans are expensive
  • Getting a match is not that easy

Follow these tips to find the right partner.

Final Verdict

Dating platforms are trying their best to make their service stand out from the crowd. The Hinge dating app has also tried its best to do the same.

Well, it has succeeded to a good extent, but it’s far from something that we can call the best platform for dating.

Do we recommend this app? Is Hinge worth it?

Yes, we recommend the Hinge dating app, but you should also know that this app won’t work for everyone.

Read these signs to know if a girl likes you.

Is Hinge a good dating app? We are sure you know the answer now.

Have you ever tried Hinge? If yes, then share your experience with us.

Do let us know if you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above. If you still have any doubt, then feel free to ask us in the comments.

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