Happn App Review Updated

In the crowded world of dating apps, standing out is no easy feat.

However, the Happn app has made an effort to distinguish itself from others in the market. This app introduces a unique way of helping you find your soulmate.

While we appreciate the unique concept of meeting new people on Happn, it also raises some concerns that cannot be overlooked. We’ll get into these issues later in the review.

We have been using this app daily and have mixed feelings about it.

So, is Happn a good dating app? Should you give it a try? Let’s find it out in this Happn app review.

About Happn App

  • Address: https://happn.com/
  • Languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Telugu, Turkish
  • Total Downloads: 60M+
  • Average Rating: 3.6★
  • Free to use: Yes
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Desktop App: Yes
  • Pricing: $1.99 to $36.99 Per Month

The Happn app was launched in February 2014, with its headquarters located in Paris, France.

In just six years since its launch, Happn has gained over 60 million users.

As of now, the Happn app operates in 40 countries, with a majority of its users falling in the 25-34 age range. The app sees significant engagement from countries such as France, Argentina, Brazil, the USA, and the UK.

How to use Happn App

How to create an account on the Happn app?

Setting up an account on the Happn app is a quick and straightforward process. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

Install the app from the App Store or Play Store and open it.

Now, you’ll be presented with two options to create an account, either by using Facebook or a mobile number.

Choose one, and then enter your name and gender. Upload a profile picture to complete the process.

Once you’ve completed these simple steps, your Happn account is ready to use.

User Interface

The Happn app has undergone a complete redesign in recent times, transitioning from a simple but functional older UI to a modern look.

While some features have been given new names, their functions remain the same. The new UI maintains the same functionality with a more contemporary appearance.

In addition to the modern appearance, we also appreciate the fact that there are fewer ads to interrupt your experience.

Overall, we appreciate the modern look, as it undoubtedly enhances the overall user experience.

How does Happn app works?

Profile in Happn App

On Happn, the concept of connecting with nearby people differs from other apps.

The more you go outside, the more matches you can potentially get.

Have you ever spotted someone attractive passing by but missed the chance to start a conversation because you lacked a way to connect with them?

It is where the Happn app comes in. If the other person is also using Happn, you’ll receive a notification that you’ve crossed paths.

Using geographical location, the app shows you the profiles of people who have crossed paths with you.

Once you’ve crossed paths, you have two options to like or dislike. There’s also a third option to send “Hello” directly, but note that it’s a paid feature.

If the person you’ve liked also likes you back, it’s a successful match, and you can start your conversation.

Features on Happn app

The Happn app provides a decent range of features, with some available for free and others requiring payment.

The Free Features

  • Limited likes (you can like profiles available in your area).
  • Unlimited text messages.
  • Two free “Hellos” after signup.
  • Invisible mode for 8 hours.
  • Option to send voice messages to your match.

The Paid Features

Happn Premium in Happn App Review

Happn Premium: This feature allows you to send unlimited likes, see who has liked you, send 10 Hellos per day, and provide privacy control. Plus, upgrading to Happn Premium removes ads.

Schedule Invisibility: If you wish to hide your profile on Happn for a specific time, this feature lets you do so. It turns off geo-location, keeping your profile hidden for a set interval. While the free version offers an 8-hour Invisible mode, scheduling is only available in the premium version.

Privacy Controls: This feature allows you to conceal your age, last active date, and distance. If you prefer not to display certain details, then you can use this feature.

While Happn also offers other features individually, most are included in the Happn Premium.


  • Starter pack: 10 Credits for $1.99
  • Happn 1 Month subscription: $19.99
  • 60 Coins: $10.99
  • 100 Coins: $16.99
  • 250 Coins: $36.99

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Profile Quality: Genuine or Fake

After using the Happn app, we can affirm that there are fewer fake profiles on the app.

While the app is not entirely free from scammers, the number of fake profiles is notably lower than other apps.

Out of 10 profiles, Seven were genuine, while Three were fake. The individuals we interacted with were good and genuine.

We also observed that the majority of people on the app are seeking a relationship, making it a suitable dating app for those looking for something serious.

Overall, the profile quality on the Happn app is good.

Real life experience with the Happn app

We appreciate the concept and features of this app, but we believe it works better for those who venture outside regularly.

Now, what if you don’t go outside very often? What if you spend most of your time in just one place? What if you don’t live in a high population area?

In such scenarios, you might find this app less effective.

Why? Because this app thrives on daily travel. It works well when you cross paths with numerous people during regular travels.

After using the app for months, we’ve noticed limited matches, mainly because we don’t go outside frequently.

If you reside in a densely populated area, you’re likely to have more matches, given the higher chances of daily interactions.

Yes, the app also shows nearby profiles, but those people may not notice you until you physically cross paths with them.

Another observation is that you may encounter the same person repeatedly, especially if you travel the same route daily.

The other issue is related to your privacy. If someone frequently crosses paths with you near your house, they may know your location.

Whenever that person passes by your house, they receive a notification about crossing paths with you, potentially revealing your location.

Although the app doesn’t disclose your exact location, showing a 250-meter radius from your precise location, astute individuals might still infer your whereabouts.

We’re not alone in facing these issues, as many others have expressed similar concerns.

Happn App Pros and Cons


  • A vast user base
  • A distinctive approach to connecting with people in your location
  • Abundance of features
  • Ideal for individuals who commute regularly
  • Greater likelihood of matches in populated areas


  • You may get disappointed if you don’t travel regularly
  • You will see the same persons if you travel through the same route every day
  • Others may know your exact location

Happn App review: Conclusion

So now the question is, Who is the Happn app for?

We think you already know the answer.

If you live in a highly populated area or travel frequently in a bus/car/metro, then it is a great app for you. Even if you reside in a bustling city, you will likely get good results.

On the other hand, if you don’t live in any of these areas, you may not see as many favorable results. Yes, you can still get matches, but the numbers might be considerably lower.

But wait,

Our experience not yielding good results doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t either.

Your experience may vary depending on your location, and that’s why we still recommend this app to everyone, regardless of where you live.

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Is Happn app safe?

An individual may discern your location if you repeatedly cross paths at a specific place. However, based on our experience, the app is generally safe.

It refrains from displaying the exact place where you’ve crossed paths. Instead, it only indicates that you are within a 250-meter radius.

Whether it’s perceived as an issue or a feature of the app, it’s essential to be aware of this before using Happn.

What is Happn Hello?

Hello in the Happn app is similar to the Super Like feature in other dating apps.

Sending a ‘Hello’ can increase the chances of receiving a reply and is an effective way of expressing your interest in starting a conversation.

Is Happn dating app free?

You can use some basic features for free. However, if you wish to send Hellos or have unlimited likes, see who has liked you, and enjoy an ad-free experience, then a payment is required.

So, this is our honest Happn app review. Do you agree or disagree with this review? Do share your thoughts with us.

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If you still have aby doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you.

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  1. For one thing, you get 10 FlashNotes per day if you pay for Premium, there are no more Hellos. And male users are certain to get nowhere if they do not pay, as this app has monetized aggressively. Most important to note that Happn only continues to get your money if you DON’T find someone to be with. And the app is carefully designed to limit your chances. For example:

    Happn puts your FlashNotes in the recipient’s notifications section of the app, which most users ignore because of the daily spam notifications. And those spam notifications quickly displace your FlashNote, so that it is unlikely to ever be seen. This is totally by design. The goal is to limit your new contacts so you keep paying for longer. If you find someone and leave, they lose a paying customer.

    This behaviour is only made possible by lack of competition in dating apps, caused by Match Group having been allowed to purchase nearly every important dating app over the years (antitrust violation?) and appears to be working in cooperation with the few apps that remain (and which are probably hoping to sell out to Match Group too at some point).

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