SweetMeet App Review

SweetMeet is a popular app in the dating industry that claims to find the right partner for you.

Is that true? Should you consider the SweetMeet app to find your significant other?

We have been using this app for more than a month, and now is the right time to share our honest opinion.

So how good or bad is the SweetMeet app? Let’s find it out in this SweetMeet app review.

Note that SweetMeet is not the Sweet Chat app. Both apps are different.

About SweetMeet App

Address: https://sweetmeet.me/
Total Users: 100 Million+
Average Rating: 4.2
Free to use: Yes
Content rating: 17+
Desktop App: No
Pricing: $9.99 – $54.99 per month
Video Calls: No

Here is what the app claims. “SweetMeet makes dating for singles easy and fun. Our free online dating app lets you meet locals and go on dates with them in real life.”

In this SweetMeet app review, we have tried to find how true this claim is.

How does the SweetMeet app work?

Like other dating apps, SweetMeet uses geometric locations and shows nearby profiles.

You need to create an account using Facebook or manual method. After completing a few steps, your account will be ready to use.

The app shows you nearby profiles, and then you can swipe right or left to like or skip, respectively.

The app is free to use, but some features require payment. You have to pay to access all those features.

SweetMeet App Review

SweetMeet Dating App Review

The Review Process: We have used the app for more than a month and tested if it helps to meet nearby singles. We have covered every aspect that matters while using a dating app.

Signup and Profile-Making Process

The sign-up process doesn’t take time, and creating a profile is too simple. You can sign up using Facebook or by entering details manually.

If you sign-up using Facebook, the data will be synced from Facebook to the SweetMeet app.

To sign-up manually:

  • Open the app, and it will ask you to choose your gender.
  • Now Enter your Name and Age.

That’s it. Your profile is ready to use, and you can start swiping.

But we highly suggest you add your photos and enter your interests before swiping. It will help others to know about you and your interests.

Adding interests, hobbies, and other details is an 18 steps process, and you can get to this option from your profile tab. Make sure to complete all these steps before you start swiping.

The User Interface

The app layout is simple, similar to other dating apps, and using the app is easy. However, accessing all the options is not a one-tap process.

For instance, You have to go to the menu to open your inbox.

The app will show you nearby profiles, and then you can like, skip, or send a direct message.

There are two setting options, one is on the top right corner of the homepage, and the other is in the menu. However, both options do the same job.

The app doesn’t have a standout design, but we are okay with it. What’s not okay are the Ads. The app is full of ads.

We understand the necessity of ads, but when it’s overdone, it spoils the whole user experience, which is the case with the SweetMeet app.

The overall user interface is good, but excessive ads spoil it drastically.

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SweetMeet App Features

SweetMeet App Features

The SweetMeet app is mostly free, and you can access all the features without paying, unlike the Omi dating app where most features are behind a paywall. However, there are still some paid features.

Free Features of SweetMeet App

Unlimited messages: You can send unlimited messages to anyone you want.

Direct message: You don’t have to match with anyone to send a message. You can directly send a message.

Earn Free Coins: For every 16 right or left swipes, you earn one coin. When you swipe 80 times, then you earn 5 coins.

Later, you can use these coins to get into the Feed section and make your profile popular to get more likes. It costs 5 coins to get into the Feed section.

Change Advanced Settings: You can change distance, age, and location. If you are not getting the desired result, you can change your location to anywhere in the world.

Check Events: The Events show you the profiles who are interested in you. You can open these profiles and send them a like or message.

These are the free features of the SweetMeet app, and we have to say that these features are no less than premium features.

Paid Features of SweetMeet App

Feed: As mentioned earlier, the Feed section makes your profile popular in your nearby area. Hence, you will receive more likes. You can get coins for free, but if you can’t swipe 80 times to get 5 free coins, then you can buy the coins directly.

Coins Pricing:

  • $0.6 for 100 Coins
  • $2.78 for 550 Coins
  • $4.23 for 1250 Coins
  • $9.10 for 2750 Coins

VIP: The VIP subscription offers a bunch of options. The VIP members can:

  • Get more attention as their likes will appear on top.
  • Know who wants to meet you.
  • Get the VIP symbol to stand out from others.
  • Get rid of annoying ads.
  • Send unlimited likes.

VIP Pricing:

  • $9.99 for one week
  • $14.99 for one month
  • $29.99 for three months
  • $54.99 for six months

The price may vary depending on your location, but it’s the average price you have to pay for premium features.

These are the premium features of the SweetMeet app, but should you pay to get these features? Is the SweetMeet premium worth it?

In our honest opinion, the free features are more than enough for most users, and you shouldn’t go for the premium subscription.

However, if you must need premium features, then only you should pay to get those features. 

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Profile Quality: Genuine or Fake?

We are utterly disappointed by the fact that there are a lot of fake profiles on this app. There could be two main reasons for the same.

  • Creating an account is a two-step process. Anyone can create a fake account without adding any email or other details.
  • There is no profile verification process. You might never know if the person you are talking to is genuine or fake.

Another annoying thing is that the moment you create an account, you get bombarded with bot messages. So if any genuine person sends you a message, you might take it as a fake.

Yes, there are many genuine profiles, but finding them is tedious. So overall, we are disappointed with the quality of the profiles on the SweetMeet app.

The Real-life Experience

After looking at the excellent rating and 100 Million+ downloads, we got excited and installed the app.

Right after creating an account, we immediately felt that the app doesn’t look like a 100 Million+ users app.

Our excitement went into vain when we started receiving messages, and that too, without adding any detail or photos. We knew these were bot messages. Indeed, we were not expecting this from such a popular app.

Our inbox was full of fake messages, and finding a message from a genuine profile was a headache.

SweetMeet App Fake messages

We were disappointed, but the worst was yet to come. The ads.

We understand that ads are important to run a business, especially when you are offering premium features for free. But the problem begins when excessive ads start to spoil the user experience.

After 5 to 6 taps, a video ad starts to play, and you have to watch it for 5 seconds before a skip button appears on the top left or right corner.

When you skip the ad, then again, you have to wait for another 3-5 seconds. It’s just frustrating.

On the positive side, we talked to some genuine people, but it was a rare moment.

To get rid of fake profiles, we changed the location to different regions. It solved the problem, but not significantly.

So our experience with the SweetMeet app was terrible

If you still want to try this app, then keep changing your location to meet real people around the globe. But then the concept of meeting nearby people doesn’t comply.

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Is the SweetMeet App Free?

Yes, the app is mostly free. Even some of the premium features are also free.

But to access all the features and get rid of annoying ads, you have to pay.

Pros and Cons of SweetMeet Dating App

No dating app is without pros and cons, and the SweetMeet app is no different.


  • Fast loading.
  • Most features are free.
  • You can change the location for free.
  • There is a way to get free coins.
  • 100 Million+ users worldwide.


  • The unused free coins get deleted after 24 hours.
  • A lot of fake profiles.
  • Too many bot messages.
  • No security or profile verification process.
  • The ads are too annoying.

SweetMeet App Review: Final Verdict

Should you try the SweetMeet app?

As per our experience, it’s better to stay away from this app, no matter how good the rating is.

Although the app offers premium features for free, it’s just a waste of time. Those fake profiles with bot messages, too many video ads, and the lack of security will spoil your mood.

This app is very similar to the Lemon dating app. The Lemon app also had the same issues.

Still, if you want to try this app, you can do so. But we suggest you keep changing your location if you see a lot of fake profiles and messages.

It would have been great if they had added a profile verification process and reduced the number of ads.

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So this is our honest SweetMeet app review. Do you agree or disagree with this review? Do let us know.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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  1. I use the app daily. My second day I got a bot. She denied it. She had everything about me wrong and we had chatted the day before. She actually got irate with me. I have a date today we shall she if she shows?

  2. This app is full of fake profiles asking for your number and other ways to contact you the messages are not monitered if you complain all you get told is to block the user.

  3. I tried sweet meet dating for awhile, even though many I have chatted with, agreed to meet me in person so far a hand full have not shown up like they said they would..
    It’s my opinion of all the fake apps, scamming apps out there, since I never used any money to try the sweet meet dating app..
    Mostly it’s a scam/fake app which the women are not just fake but none would show up as agreed…

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