Omi App Review

Technology has made our lives easier in many ways, and online dating is no exception.

The dynamics of matchmaking have been redefined by dating apps and websites, offering individuals a variety of options to meet their needs.

Omi is one such dating app designed to cater to the needs of singles. It has gained over 2 million users within just three months of its launch.

So, is Omi a good dating app? Should you give it a try?

Let’s find out in this Omi app review.

About Omi

Languages: English and More
Total Users: 10 Million+
Average Rating: 4.2
Free to use: Yes
Content Rating: 18+
Desktop App: Yes
Pricing: $20 to $60 per month
Video Calls: Yes

How does the Omi app work?

Omi is a convenient, regularly updated, and user-friendly app where you won’t have to worry about the trouble caused by unwanted people and can chat with interested ones.

In terms of functionality, it’s no different than other apps like OkCupid and SweetMeet, where you can swipe left or right to the profiles appearing on the screen.

It means the app uses the same swiping method, where you can swipe right to express interest or left to ignore.

Furthermore, you can enhance your chat rooms by adding fun colors and gimmicks, making them more vibrant.

The most interesting aspect of this app is its algorithm, which studies our likes and dislikes to connect us with people who better match our preferences.

How to sign up and create a profile in the Omi app?

Omi App Sign up

The sign-up process for the Omi app only requires a phone number or access to a Facebook account. It doesn’t ask for your email ID.

After entering your phone number, the app sends a verification code for authentication, and that’s it. You’re signed up.

However, to complete your profile, you need to follow additional steps.

Firstly, upload your cover photo, which follows a concept similar to other dating apps.

What makes Omi unique is that it asks you to share one picture showcasing your hobby, one full picture, and some candid shots.

You can also choose how your name appears on Omi, and it is even changeable.

In the next step, enter your birth details, which can only be changed once after registration.

Following that, the app prompts you to upload more pictures, including those reflecting your hobbies, travels, and selfies. The app claims that the more pictures you upload, the more likes you’ll receive.

Later, the app confirms your native language for seamless operation, and the language’s list is extensive.

On the next screen, you’re asked about your education level, industry of work, any dietary preferences, and anything else you’d like to share with the community.

Grant access to your location and get ready to meet people near you.

User Interface

Omi App User Interface

The user interface of the Omi app is quite appealing and handy. You won’t face any hassle while operating the app.

When you open the app, it will show you the profiles to swipe left or right, along with a brief introduction about them, including their name, age, and a short bio.

Beneath it, you will see their location and some basic information they chose to share with the public. 

You can rewind your crush if you’ve swiped left or right by mistake and send one message per day without matching.

Other options that are included under the profile are swiping right for a match and sending crushes. 

Mind that you can send up to 5 crushes in a day, and after that, you will have to buy a subscription.

Navigating across the app feels homely. Almost every feature is available right on the home screen.

The most exciting feature of this app is that it distinguishes your matches based on your location and shares profiles customized based on your interests, and the next option shows their top picks for the day.

After using the app for months, we haven’t encountered any instances of crashing or glitches.

Overall, the user interface is not only appealing but also gives the impression of a professional dating app.

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Omi App Features

Omi App Features

In terms of features, the Omi app is ahead of its competitors. It has such introductory and new features that will have you hooked.

Let’s look at some of them:

  • Profile Likes: You can easily see who likes you and have easy access to the profiles you’ve liked.
  • Well-informed Match: You are shown not only a person’s appearance but also a detailed description of their hobbies and interests to make a thoughtful decision.
  • Numerous GIFs and Emojis: Sometimes, when you match with someone, you don’t know how to break the ice, and that’s when emojis come to the rescue. There are hundreds of them to use for free.
  • Dating Quiz: It is one of the main highlights of the app. It allows the users to speed up their search process. Moreover, if you switch on the Quiz Auto function, then it will allow you to interact and test your compatibility with your respective matches. It undoubtedly saves you time and grows companionship.
  • Omi Clic: Omi Clic helps you find suitable matches in your area. You can use it as per your suitability and switch it on or cut it off anytime.
  • Telepath: It’s a communication tool that helps you connect with a person with similar likings using an audio call. If the call duration crosses 3 minutes, it’s considered a match, and you can continue talking over the message. Each call is limited to 10 minutes, at the end of which you get to evaluate the person, and this will show you the pairing success rate.

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Profile Quality: Genuine or Fake?

Omi App Profile Quality

The Omi app is undoubtedly introducing new aspects to the dating world.

However, we used this app for more months and found a few fake profiles that might try to catfish.

When you start using this app, you will realize many profiles are not well written, and not much information is shared as well.

However, there are always many ways you can find out, such as messaging and calling.

Mind you, we came across some people who started to send creepy messages as soon as we matched with them. That was a bit disturbing.

Moreover, more than 40% of profiles you will find would be scammers who don’t have verified profiles.

With the activation of face authentication, Omi has come up with a simple solution to avoid scammers.

Still, we advise you to check and interact only with the verified profiles. 

Stay safe from fraudulent activities such as those involving money or switching to other social media platforms too soon.

Real Life Experience

There are a lot of negativities around dating apps, but in our opinion, all it depends upon is your way of approaching someone.

We found some great matches on Omi because we had a clear mindset that attracted people with the same mindset.

For instance, if you’re looking solely for hookups or casual encounters, then Tinder might be a go-to app. On the other hand, Omi provides you with people looking for meaningful and genuine connections.

If you’re compatible with a person, then it doesn’t matter which platform you’re talking on, as it will work out eventually.

As Omi has much more creative features, you are much more likely to meet your connection easily.

You don’t have to talk to people to know about them, as most of the information is available on their profile. It will help you judge if you will be compatible.

Our experience with the Omi app has been satisfactory, as we’ve met some genuinely good people.

So, your experience may vary depending on your preferences, but based on our experience, Omi can provide a positive and enjoyable time.

Is the Omi app Free?

Yes, the Omi app is free to use. However, there is nothing truly free, as you always have to pay a price for something you desire. The same holds true here as well.

The basic features are free, providing enough ideas to understand whether it’s worth spending money on.

Well, take your time and decide for what reasons you would like to invest in this particular app.

Allow us to provide you with an overview of what you get in both the free and paid versions of the Omi app.

The Free Version:

The free Version has many features, some of which are:

  • Filter: You can choose who you want to see- Men, Women, or Both.
  • Distance: You can filter out profiles based on distance if you are not into long-term relationships. You can even choose whether or not to expand the search area.
  • Age Range: You can choose which age profiles you’re interested in, and choose accordingly.

Omi Premium:

The Premium version of the app provides you with the following features:

  • See who likes you
  • Unlimited Likes
  • 5 Crushes per day
  • Read Receipts
  • 1 Free Turbo per month
  • Restore Match
  • Unlock my Likes
  • Unlimited Rewind
  • Premium Icon

Omi Supreme:

The Supreme version of the app provides you with the following features:

  • Incognito Mode: Only people you’ve liked will be able to see you and reach out to you. It means no more spam calls and time wastage with fraudsters. 
  • Unlimited Advanced Features: While the free version has many filters, too, the paid one has filters beyond your imagination. 
  • Three free praises per day: When you’re not sure if you want to match with someone, then you can send them praise to strike up a conversation to get an idea about their intentions.
  • Early access to super picks: This feature lets you send likes to the best users on Omi and get a match super fast.

Along with the above, you get access to many other features, such as:

  • 24-Hour Customer Service
  • Easy access to who likes you
  • Unlimited Likes
  • 5 Crushes per day
  • Read Receipts
  • 1 free turbo per month, which allows you to get your profile seen by 10 times more people and get more likes
  • Restore Matches
  • Unlimited Rewind
  • Supreme Icon
  • Unlock my Likes to send a crush when you don’t feel like waiting

Omi App Pricing

The Omi app provides two pricing bands, each equipped with different Prices.

  • The Premium Subscription starts from $8 for a month and goes up to $60 for 12 months.
  • As far as Supreme Subscription is concerned, it starts from $60 for a month, going up to $300 for 12 months.

The price may vary depending on your location, but we feel that the pricing is kept a bit on the higher side, considering the additional features beyond the basic ones.

Now, you might wonder, is the Omi Premium worth it?

In our honest opinion, the free version is sufficient for most users. Yes, it has some limitations, but still, you can access the most essential features.

However, if you want more functionality, then you can surely try out the Omi Premium.

But we don’t recommend the Omi Supreme, as it’s on the expensive side.

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Pros and Cons of the Omi App


  • Dating app for people who are seeking serious relationships
  • A lot of filtering options
  • Profile verification process
  • Curated matches
  • Control over who can and cannot see your profile
  • Detailed user profiles
  • User-friendly interface
  • Less Ads


  • There are some fake profiles
  • No rewind on the wrong swipe
  • Most features are paid
  • Requires a lot of time to set up a decent profile
  • Anybody can message you without the need for a match

Final Verdict

Quality, authenticity, and cleaner designs are key factors of the Omi app.

The developers intend to bring back leisure into online dating and develop different kinds of quiz functions to bring like-minded people together in an exciting manner.

Undoubtedly, these tests are popular among most users and show a high satisfaction rate. Omi is doing things as promised but in a different manner

Long story short, you’ll likely enjoy the app if you know how to deal with minor issues.

We had a good experience with the Omi app, and based on that, we can recommend this app to you.

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So, this was our honest Omi app review. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Also, do share your thoughts if you agree or disagree with this review.

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