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This OkCupid Review is based on real-life usage that will help you decide whether you should use OkCupid or not.

Standing out from the crowd is not an easy task. Either you have to offer something extra, or you have to build trust.

Somehow, OkCupid has succeeded in both.

Offering the best user experience is the primary factor of dating apps, and only a few apps/sites are capable of doing so. But OkCupid doesn’t fail at that.

If you are tired of using fake dating apps or sites, then OkCupid can change your mind. But it also has some cons.

So what does OkCupid offer that makes it a better option than other dating apps? Let’s find it out in the OkCupid dating app review.

About OkCupid

  • Total Users: 15M+
  • Average rating: 4.05
  • Free: Yes
  • Pricing: $0.99 to $179.99 per item
  • Web App: Yes
  • Content Rating: 18+

OkCupid was launched back in 2004, and now it’s one of the best dating sites in the world. OkCupid is owned by Match.com, which also owns Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Hinge, and many other popular dating apps and sites.

The headquarter is located in New York, United States, and the main serving countries are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and others. As it’s a dating app, you should be 18+ to use it.

Getting Started with OkCupid Review

In the past few years, OKC has gained the trust of many people. Yes, some people are not fully satisfied, but that’s the case with every single app out there.

No dating app can fulfill every single need of all users.

Now, Let’s start with the OkCupid review.

OkCupid Sign up and Profile Making

Once you download the OkCupid app, you will get to know that the signup process is different here.

The complete sign-up process will take a while because you have to go through multiple questions. These questions will help you to find a potential match.

And yes, you can’t ignore the beautiful signup screen.

OkCupid signup, OkCupid Review

Follow these steps to complete the OkCupid sign-up process and create a profile.

  • Click on the JOIN OKCUPID button on the signup screen.
  • Enter the Email address, and click on Next. Now choose a password.
  • You need to set up your profile now. Fill in the basic information like name, gender, dob, and location.
  • Now you will be asked “What connections are you looking for?” Answer these questions accordingly.
  • Now upload your photos. There are some rules to upload photos. You can take a look at these rules.
  • The next few steps are about yourself like Introduction, Study, Work, etc.
  • Now the actual question-answer session starts. There are 15 MCQs that you have to answer. Take a look at some examples.
OkCupid questions, OkCupid review
  • These questions will be used to calculate the match percentage. If the other person’s answers matched with yours, then it will calculate the similar answer’s percentage.
  • Answer all these questions accordingly. You can also check multiple answers to the same question.
  • Once you answer all the questions, you have to enter your phone number for a verification code.
  • Enter the verification code, and finally, your profile is ready now. You can answer more questions later in the profile tab. It will increase compatibility.

The complete signup process takes some time, but it’s easy. Also, it will help you find your desired match. So it’s worth spending time.

My Girlfriend is Cheating on Me, What Should I do?

How to use OkCupid dating app?

One thing to appreciate is the beautiful UI. Because of the simple and beautiful UI, it’s very easy to use the OkCupid dating app.

The moment you open the app, you will start seeing the recommendations. The app automatically shows you the profiles of your interest. You can swipe right or left to like or dislike respectively.

But, Swiping left or right is not everything. There are many other options available to enhance your experience. Play with these options to get the most out of it.

There are five tabs at the bottom of the screen. But we will talk about these options later because the options available on the top of the screen are more interesting.

These options enhance your matchmaking experience. Just take a look at these.

OkCupid features, OkCupid Review, OKC features
  • The first option is the match%. It means The higher your match% with someone, the greater your compatibility is.
  • The second option, Online, helps you to meet currently active people. The recently active people are more likely to react fast.
  • The next options are New People and Popular. The first option helps you see the people who are new to OkCupid, and the other option will help you to connect with some of the most popular people on OkCupid. But remember these two are paid features.
  • The remaining two options are Question Pros, and Nearby. Questions Pros will show you the profiles who have answered the most questions. The Nearby option is really helpful if you want to see only the nearby people.

Use these options, and these will really help you to meet different people around the globe.

Now take a look at the other options available at the bottom of the screen.

  • The first option is Double Take. It’s the home screen of the app where you see the recommendation.
  • The next tab is Discover, where you can set preferences and see people who have answered different questions. For example, If you want to meet non-smokers, then you will search for that question and the app will shortlist those people who have answered No. It’s quite interesting. On the other hand, the set preferences option helps you to find your ideal person by prioritizing the preferences you have set.        
  • The next tab, Likes, has three screens in it. The first screen, Likes You, shows you the people who have liked you. The next screen, Intro, shows you the people who have sent you an intro message while swiping your profile right. The last screen, You like, shows the people who you have liked. If you want to send an intro message to the already liked people, then you can do so from here.
  • Next is the Message tab, which also has three screens in it. The first screen All shows all the messages. Next, Your Turn screen shows the messages you haven’t replied yet. The last, New Matches screen shows the newest matches.

For better understanding, take a look at the images below.

  • The last tab is Profile. Here you can change preferences. If you want to answer more questions, you can do so from this tab. Also, this tab allows you to go for the paid subscription.

OkCupid offers a ton of options to play with, similar to the Badoo dating app. Because these are uncluttered, using them is easy.


OKC dating app is full of features, and the good thing is that the free features are enough for the majority of people. If you want extra functionality, then the paid features are there.

Free Features in OkCupid

The free features you will get on OKC are:

  • Around 5-7 or sometimes 25 right swipes in a day.
  • Unlimited text messages.
  • Option to meet different people according to your interest.
  • Discover people according to your preferences.
  • See the Intros you have been sent by someone.
  • You are allowed to change settings, preferences, and answer hundreds of questions to make your match making experience even better.

Paid Features in OkCupid

The Paid features on OKC allow you to:

  • See the new people who have joined OKC recently.
  • See the most popular people on OKC.
  • Send unlimited likes.
  • Increase your likes up to 5X.
  • See people who have liked your profile.
  • Enable Read Recipients to know if they’ve read your message.

All these features make your matchmaking experience even better. If you use the free version, you are not going to disappoint with the features you get. The paid subscription is for those who want some extra functionality.

How to know if you are in love? Read these top signs.


The pricing on OkCupid starts from $0.99 and goes up to $179.99 per item.

A-List Basic• See all likes
• Filter who don’t fit your requirements
• Send unlimited likes
• Unlock all intros at once
• $7.95/Month for 1 Month
• $6.35/Month for 3 Months
• $3.95/Month for 6 Months
A-List Premium• All A-List Basic features included
• One free boost every day during rush hour
• See and be seen by more people
• See responses to questions you haven’t answered yet
• $24.90/Month for 1 Month
• $22.90/Month for 3 Months
• $19.90/Month for 6 Months
Boost• Increase likes by 5 times
• Full day’s worth attention in 30 minutes
• $1.99/each for 1 boost
• $1.89/each for 5 boost
• $1.69/each for 10 boost

Real-life Experience with OkCupid

In OKC, what makes the experience better is the control of options.

  • If someone doesn’t like the profiles recommended by the app itself, then he can switch to other options like Online or Nearby. These options really make a difference, and the whole experience gets better.
  • The OKC is popular for serious relationships, and we also witnessed the same. While using OKC, we met many people, and most were looking for friendship or a serious relationship.
  • You can’t say there is zero fake profile, but the fake profiles are comparatively lesser than other dating apps.
  • There are no annoying ads, even in the free version.
  • Talking about the price of the subscription, it’s average. It’s neither too expensive nor cheap.
  • The biggest drawback has been added after a recent update. OkCupid used to offer around 25 right swipes in a day. But now, you will get only 5-7 right swipes, which is way too less.

Either it’s a bug, or they are doing it intentionally to force users to buy premium. Sometimes you get 5 right swipes a day, and sometimes you get 25 right swipes in the free version.

So finally, we can say that the real-life experience on OkCupid has been good so far except for this right swipe situation.

Is OkCupid Premium worth it?

As far as we have experienced, we believe that the OkCupid premium isn’t worth it.

Not because it doesn’t offer anything extra, but because you are already getting a lot of features for free. Then who should buy the OkCupid premium?

  • If you can’t wait to see who has liked you, go with the premium subscription.
  • Getting desired results on OKC takes time. So if you don’t have patience and can’t wait to meet nearby singles, a premium subscription will help you get the results faster.
  • The number of right swipes keeps changing. Sometimes it goes to five swipes, which is way less. In that case, you can get the subscription as you will get unlimited right swipes.

These are the main reasons why you should go with OkCupid Premium.

On the other hand, if you have patience and can wait to meet your desired person, then the free version is more than enough for you.

Pros and Cons of OkCupid

Every app has some pros and cons, and OkCupid is no different.


  • A lot of features in the Free version
  • Good for serious relationships
  • Excellent UI
  • Great profile quality
  • Less fake profiles
  • Fewer ads
  • Options to meet different kinds of people


  • Sometimes 25 right swipes/day, sometimes only 5 swipes/day
  • The mobile app is slightly slower
  • The OKC premium is not cheap
  • Only a few, but still, there are fake profiles

OkCupid Review: Final Verdict

The OkCupid dating app has changed a lot with time. It used to be laggy and confusing. But they changed the UI, and now it’s one of the best in the business. The whole matchmaking experience has improved a lot.

But the question remains the same. Is OkCupid worth it? Should you give it a try?

The answer is Yes, you should. Because of the features OKC offers, it’s definitely worth it. Sometimes you only have a few right swipes, so it is advised not to right swipe unnecessarily.

Tip: If you are new to the app, and aren’t getting any results, then keep using the app for a few weeks. It may take time to show your profile to more and more people.

FAQs on OkCupid Review

How many swipes per day on OkCupid?

The number of right swipes keeps changing. While using the app, sometimes we get 25 swipes, and sometimes the number goes down to 5 swipes a day.

Do people still use OkCupid?

Yes, people still use OkCupid. OkCupid is one of the most popular dating sites in the world. It has more than 15 million active users, and as per sources, it handles more than 4 million matches a week.

Is OkCupid expensive or cheap?

Comparing it to other dating apps/sites, it sits right in the middle. The price is average. It’s not too expensive nor too cheap.

Is OkCupid better than tinder?

It has been seen that Tinder is mainly used for hookups, and OkCupid is for serious relationships. Generally, both the apps are good, but they are used for different purposes.

If you are serious about dating, then OkCupid is better than Tinder.

But Tinder is now offering way more right swipes. In that regard, Tinder is way better than OKC.

Does OkCupid have fake profiles?

We can’t say there is no fake profile on OkCupid. Yes, there are, but the number of fake profiles is lesser than other dating platforms.

How to get more matches on OkCupid?

It’s simple. The more you use the app, the more matches you get.

You have to make your profile interesting. These online dating tips will help you do so.

A new account on OkCupid may not get likes. But don’t worry. Keep using the app daily, and you will start receiving likes.

Your profile gets popular with time and becomes visible to more people. As a result, you get more likes and matches.

So this is our honest OkCupid review. Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned? Do share your thoughts.

If you are also using OkCupid or have used it in the past, then do share your experience.

Also check the Aisle App Review.

We hope this OkCupid review helped you to know what you have been looking for.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

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  1. OKC in 2021 is a very big NO

    You have 5 free Likes per day, 1 free Intro (once it is used you have to pay for more)

    Thats it.. even Tinder is now better again offering to reveal a “secret admirer” for free due some swiping.

    OKC adds old people who liked you back in your likes over and over again.. to lure you into the paywall..

    1. The 5 free likes situation has been there before, but later, OKC reverted it to the 20-30 free likes. Possibly they will also do the same again.

      If you are getting likes from the same persons then you can use other options like Match% or online.

  2. As of July 19th 2022,
    I can barely send 4 or 5 likes (I’m a free user) per day. This kinda sucks.
    However, in the past this app as proven to me to be more reliable than other apps.
    It’s boring that the paywall is so insistently forced on your phone screen though.

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