Meetly App Review

Do you want to give a try to the Meetly app? Here is our honest Meetly app review that will help you know why we don’t recommend this app anymore.

Meetly was a good and popular dating app, and many people around the globe were using the app. The app had an excellent 4.4★ rating with 10+ Million downloads.

But all of a sudden, the app changed to a completely new version with a fresh design. However, it was not that fresh.

All the reviews and ratings vanished, and the name changed to Meetly Live from Meetly.

Now, the Meelty dating app is totally different from what it used to be. So, Is Meetly the right dating app for you? Should you try Meetly? Let’s find it out in this Meetly app review.

About Meetly

The older Meetly app had some impressive 4.4★ ratings and 10+ Million downloads. But the new Meetly app has:

Total Users: 1000+
Google Play Store Rating: 1.8
Meetly Age Group: Mature 17+
Free: Yes
Pricing: None

There is a significant difference between the older and the new Meetly app. Unfortunately, users, including us, aren’t liking the new app. You will know the reasons why.

How does Meetly app work?

The new Meetly app is more of a video chat app. It searches for people across the globe and connects to you via video call.

There is no option to send any text. All you have to do is click the get started button, and the app starts to search for profiles.

Each connection costs five coins, and you get 500 coins for free. It means you can connect 100 times for free.

When running out of coins, all you have to do is watch ads to get more coins. That’s it.

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Meetly App Review

The Review Process: We used the app for over a month and tried all the features that matter while using a dating app. We have used the app from a user’s perspective to give you an honest opinion about the Meetly app.

Sign-up Process

The signup process is simple. You don’t need to do anything. Just enter your email and password, and your account is ready.

You don’t have to follow multiple steps like Hinge, MEEFF, or OkCupid. In fact, You don’t even need to enter your name or upload any profile image.

The User Interface

The Meetly dating app is a clear example of those who don’t care about users and want money before anything else.

We have never seen such a dating app where you start to see ads even on the signup screen. Just have a look.

Ads on Sign up Screen, Meetly App Review

It’s a greedy move that leaves a bad impression on the first place.

Talking about the whole UI, there is nothing in the app. The app feels dead with no option at all.

You have one button on the screen that will start searching for profiles, but this button is also surrounded by ads.

So the overall UI is very unprofessional.

How to use Meetly dating app?

Because there is hardly any option on Meetly, using it should be straightforward.

In real life, it is easy, but those ads make everything confusing.

There is only one button, but that button seems like an ad too because it is surrounded by more ads.

As said earlier, this button is used to search people and costs five coins per search.

To get more coins, click on the top right corner and watch ads.

You may get 5-50 coins after watching one ad.

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Meetly App Features

Meetly App Review, Meetly App Features

The only feature of this app is that you can make free video calls. Other than that, you have no chat option or anything else that is worth mentioning here.

Profile Quality: Genuine or Fake?

As it is a video chat app, you will end up matching with a genuine person on the other side.

So, the profiles are genuine, but the fact this app doesn’t have a considerable number of users, you won’t meet many people on this app.

The app sometimes takes so long to connect that you will cancel the search process. And it will also deduct five coins.

The Real-life Experience

Meetly Real Life Experience

We have seen many inferior dating apps like Qeep or Lemon, but after testing the new version of Meetly, those inferior dating apps seem superior now.

Generally, the testing period of any dating app is a week or more, but we were so disappointed with the Meetly app that we haven’t used it for even two days.

Another biggest disappointment is that you can’t delete your account as there is no option as such.

So, beware of entering your email address to such an app that doesn’t allow you to remove it.

Is Meetly Free?

Yes, the Meetly dating app is free to use, and that’s the only good thing about this app.

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Pros and Cons of Meetly Dating App


  • Simple signup process
  • The app is free to use


  • Too many ads everywhere
  • No option to set your profile
  • Can’t do much on this app
  • No option to delete the account

Final Verdict

The older Meetly app was a good dating app, if not the best. It had an excellent rating, and we would have recommended it easily.

But now, everything has changed. The app has become one of the worst dating apps. We simply don’t suggest you use this app. It’s nothing but a waste of your time. So don’t use this app.

Instead, you can use other dating apps. Some popular ones are:

These apps perform way better than the Meetly dating app. You can use any of these apps to find a serious or casual relationship.

So this was our honest Meetly app review. Do you agree or disagree with our take on this app? Do let us know.

If you have used this app, then share your experience with us. Feel free to drop your comments if you have any queries.

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