MEEFF Review

MEEFF is a popular dating app in Korea. But as non-Korean citizens, we have been using the app for quite a long now.

In the MEEFF review, we have tried to figure out some questions you might be thinking of.

  • Is MEEFF only for Koreans?
  • Can we use MEEFF to learn Korean?
  • Is MEEFF a good app for dating?
  • And more.

By the end of the MEEFF review, you will be able to decide whether you should use this app for any reason or not.


  • Total Users: 5 Million+
  • Average Rating: 4.05
  • MEEFF Age Group: Mature 17+
  • Web-version: No
  • Free: Yes
  • Pricing: $1.99 – $79.99 per item

Is MEEFF only for Koreans?

The MEEFF dating app was built keeping Koreans in mind. But later, the app expanded into other countries.

As of now, the MEEFF app is being used in 190 countries. So, if you are a non-Korean, you can still use the app.

It means the MEEFF is not only for Koreans, but it’s for everyone around the globe.

MEEFF App Review

We used the MEEFF app for more than a month and used every feature required to make the online dating experience better.

We have covered every aspect from a user’s perspective to give you an honest opinion.

Sign-up and Profile Making Process

MEEFF Signup

Signing up for the app takes a while. You can sign up using Facebook, Google, or Gmail.

Once you enter sign-up details, a Terms of service page gets open. The weird thing is that every term and condition, service, and privacy policy has been written in the Korean language.

It would have been nicer to see these terms in English so that everyone may understand what they are looking at.

After you agree to these terms, you have to enter a few details like name, gender, date of birth, and nationality.

Enter the nationality correctly because you can’t change it later.

The app offers a handy option for hiding your profile from the same nationality. It’s a great option for those who only want to meet people from other countries.

After doing so, you have to choose a language. There are so many native languages to choose from, but note that the English language is missing. It’s because the English language has been automatically selected as your native language.

After selecting language, add your photos carefully because if you post a photo of someone else, your account will be permanently blocked.

Now, enter what you are looking for, and click submit. 

You have completed the signup process, and now your account is ready to use.

Yes, the sign-up process is lengthy, but not as lengthy as OkCupid or Hinge dating apps.

The User Interface

The user interface is clean and simple. There is little to no animation, making the whole app load faster.

Where new dating apps follow the fresh design approach, the MEEFF app has gone with an old-school design, where everything looks simple.

Because the basic features of the app are free to use, you will see ads here and there. But unlike the Jaumo dating app, the ads are less annoying.

Yes, full-screen and in-profile ads might irritate you, but these don’t appear often.

The UI is simple, but the features in the app might confuse you at first.

So take your time to know about these features as they are plenty. We talked about the features later.

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How to use MEEFF dating app effectively?

How to use MEEFF dating app effectively

To use the MEEFF dating app effectively, you need to understand the various features first.

Basic features are easy to understand, but some hidden features really help in improving your experience with the app. You have to pay to use some of these advanced features.

Here are some features that can enhance your user experience.

  • Change the match options by clicking on the top right setting icons in the explorer tab. Here, you can set the age limit, distance, language, and nationality of your desire.
  • The travel destination setting will help you explore friends near your next visiting place.
  • The free charging station option will get you free Ruby in return for watching ads.
  • The Today tab will show your profile on top if you pay 100 Rubies. Once displayed on Today, you will get more likes and chat requests from users.

Use these settings to use the MEEFF dating app effectively. These settings work great, and many people are using these.

However, if you can’t pay, you will still have some useful features to use.

MEEFF App Features

MEEFF offers a great number of features in the paid version, but the free features are also appreciable.

Free MEEFF App Features

When you don’t pay anything, you are allowed to:

  • Send enough right swipes in a day
  • Send text messages
  • Customize match options
  • Check where you are most and least popular
  • Get free rubies from watching ads or installing apps
  • Change notification settings

Premium MEEFF App Features

In the paid version, you can:

  • Send photos, video chats, and use automatic translation
  • Explore friends near next visiting location
  • Block Ads
  • Receive friend requests from only the ones who satisfy your filter conditions
  • Hide profile
  • Check history
  • Restore deleted chats

We have to admit that there are sufficient features in the free version. It’s great for those who want to try this app without spending money.

On the other hand, if you want more functionality, you can buy a premium subscription.

Profile Quality: Genuine or Fake?

MEEFF is a popular app with millions of active users. Hence, it’s obvious to see fake profiles. So yes, there are many fake profiles on MEEFF who keep looking for money and scamming people.

The good thing is that when someone asks you for money, the app automatically detects it as a suspicious message and warns you. Have a look.

But it doesn’t mean that everyone is fake here. Based on our experience, 7 out 10 are genuine profiles and the remaining 3 are fake ones. So, there are more real profiles on the MEEFF than the fake ones.

The Real-life Experience

Within 24 hours of creating an account on MEEFF, the match started to show up in the Lounge tab, which is a great thing. After using MEEFF for more than a month, here’s what we have experienced so far.

  • The signup process is lengthy to avoid spam, but still, there are fake people on the app.
  • Most of the profiles seem genuine, but some are fake if checked carefully.
  • The Free features are enough for most users.
  • Many people use this app to learn Korean or other languages.
  • The app is suitable for serious dating, but you need some patience.
  • The concept of the travel flag is really great.
  • In the chat tab, the time of the country of every user you have chatted with is displayed.
  • The paid features are fun to use if you are willing to pay.

So our overall experience on the MEEFF dating app has not been perfect, but still better than many dating apps like Qeep or Lemon.

Is MEEFF Free?


Yes, the MEEFF app is free to use. Many features require no payment from users. However, some advanced features require payment. These features offer more functionality, and you will like them.

MEEFF Pricing:

  • 20 ruby: $1.99
  • 40 ruby: $3.99
  • 120 ruby: $9.99
  • 260 ruby: $19.99
  • 540ruby: $38.99
  • Premium Membership: $16.99
  • Block Ads 1 month: $3.99

Pros and Cons of MEEFF App


  • Simple and fast UI
  • A lot of right swipes for free
  • Offered many features in the free version
  • The app can be used to learn different languages
  • Right app to find a serious date
  • Paid features are worth trying


  • Nearly 30% of profiles are fake
  • Some scammers keep asking for money
  • Full-screen video ads are annoying
  • You need to have patience if you’re looking for serious dating

These are the main pros and cons of the MEEFF app that you should keep in mind before giving this app a try.

Final Verdict: Is MEEFF a good app for Dating?

Should you try the MEEFF app for dating?

Yes, you should. The MEEFF is a good dating app that not only helps you meet new people but also learn new things like language, culture, etc.

The developers are trying their best to avoid spam, but still, you need to be aware of that. Report the users who ask you for money for any reason.

A dating app might not work similarly for everyone. So use the app for a few weeks and see if this works for you.

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Is MEEFF a good dating app? We hope this MEEFF app review has helped you know the same.

If you still have any doubt, then feel free to ask us. We would love to help you.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Do share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Hi there,
    Lucy here.. I am using this MEEFF is to find friends, learn language and culture; and I am a free member.. I noticed many people always asking me if I have chat apps such as “Line” and “WhatsApp”.. May I know is it safe to share my other chat Apps to people in MEEFF? And How do I even know if they are fake or real?

    1. If they ever ask you for money, they are fake. They will try to be your friend in the beginning to win your trust and then will make a story. No matter what they say, don’t fall for that.
      We advise you not to share any personal id in the first place. Talk to the person for some time, ask him for his real pictures, and when you are sure he is legit, you can share your Whatsapp or line id.

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