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After using the Lemon app for months, here is our Lemon dating app review, which will help you decide whether you should use this app or not.

The Lemon dating app is one of those rare dating apps, like Mingle2, that offers most of the features for free. 

However, despite having many free features, you shouldn’t consider this app for serious dating.

Everyone loves using free dating apps because these apps allow us to meet nearby singles for free. The lemon dating app also does the same.

This app provides a nifty amount of features for free, but to be honest, it’s not enough to make this dating app worth using.

After using this app for months, we can say it’s a good dating app but don’t use it for serious dating.


We will explain that in this Lemon dating app review.

Note: The Lemon app was completely free to use. But after an update, the app added some paid features. But don’t worry. You can still use most of the features for free.

About Lemon Dating App

Total Users: 1M +

Membership Type: Free, Paid

Average Rating: 4.35★

Free to Use: Yes

Content Rating: 18+

Desktop App: No

The Lemon app is unique from other dating apps because the concept of meeting new people is different here.

The description of the Lemon dating app:

Lemon is a talkapp for everyone who want to find a best partner. You can use this app for free and it’s easy to register.

This description is mostly true. You can use this app for free, and the registration process is really very simple.

Because it’s a dating app, you must be 18+ to use it, and It’s clearly mentioned in the app description.

How to use the Lemon App

Profile in Lemon Dating App

Once you download the app and open it for the first time, you will be asked to select the region.

The region options are very limited. In the list of regions, there are only six countries.

If you don’t belong to any of these six countries, then you can select the “other” option.

Once you select the region and accept the term and conditions, you will be redirected to the homepage.

That’s all you need to do. Your account is now ready to use. Similar to the SweetMeet dating app, creating a profile on the Lemon app is just a two-three step process.

You don’t have to enter any email, phone number, or even your name.

To set your name, you have to go to the profile tab. Here, you can enter your name, photo, age, gender, and self-introduction. That is all you can do here.

Once you fill in this basic information, your account is fully ready to use.

Later you can log in using LINE, email, and Twitter if you link those accounts here. This option is helpful if you want to recover old messages.

How does Lemon Dating App work?

As we have mentioned in the beginning, the Lemon app is unique and works differently from other dating apps except for a few like the Ablo app.


The lemon app does not work like other dating apps where you can swipe left or right.

Here, if you want to talk to anyone, you need to open the profile of that user, and then you will see two options, “Chat” and “Follow.”

You can follow that user by clicking on the “Follow” button. But if you want to chat, click on the “Chat” button.

It means if you want to talk to anyone, you don’t need to be matched. You can simply open that particular profile and send texts.

It gives us the flexibility of sending texts to anyone without being matched. But, it also raised some privacy issues because anyone can send texts to anyone.

Features of the Lemon App

The Lemon app was completely free, and there were some basic features available in this app. But now, some VIP features have been added to give you a better experience.

But first, let’s talk about the free features.

Free Features in Lemon Dating App

What you can do for free is:

  • Search for specific gender and specific age group
  • Exclude recently penalized users in the search condition
  • Send free text messages
  • Make free voice calls
  • Send images in chat
  • Change language
  • Create a post and share it with all (only text post)

For security purposes, one shouldn’t use the app for the given points.

  • Slander or attack on any individual or group of individuals.
  • Post sensual content on the timeline.
  • Post advertising content on the timeline.
  • Talk about job openings and solicitation.
  • Transmit your personal information.

The Lemon app is indeed offering a lot of features for free, and we appreciate that. But some features are missing, like you can’t like or dislike any user, can’t change your location, can’t send super likes, etc.

These features aren’t deal breakers, so one might not have any problem with these missing features.

Now let’s talk about the paid features.

Paid Features in Lemon Dating App

As mentioned earlier, the app was completely free to use. The paid features have been added later. What you will get in the paid version is:

  • Get rid of annoying ads
  • Remove footprint
  • Search users with details
  • Cool VIP badge

For a better understanding and pricing, see the image below.

VIP features of Lemon Dating app

The price is 1200 JPY per month, which is close to 8 USD.

So these were the features claimed by the Lemon app. 

But what about the real-life experience?

To be honest, we have experienced a lot of annoying things. 

And that’s the reason why we are not recommending this app for serious dating.

Let’s talk about the issues in detail.

Real Life Experience with the Lemon Dating app

We have been using this app for months now, and we can give you a clear idea of what to expect from this platform.

The weird thing we have noticed is that there are too many Chinese/Japanese profiles.

Even when we set the region to other countries, these profiles were still showing up.

The moment we registered with this app, we started receiving messages in Chinese/Japanese.

We haven’t even set a name or age or uploaded any profile pic yet, but still, we started receiving messages.

It was clear these were spam messages because there were some kind of links to malicious websites.

Take a look at the image we have attached below.

Text messages in lemon dating app

If you use this app, you will receive a ton of fake messages like this.

Most of the text is in Chinese/Japanese, so you will never understand what’s written in the text until you know the language.

But after a few updates, this problem was mostly solved, but we were still receiving spam messages.

Another issue that we faced was Ads.

Because the app is free to use, there are a lot of annoying Ads. In the early stages, there were only a few Ads, but now, there are too many.

We believe showing too many ads is a great tactic to force a user to buy the paid version.

If you randomly send 4-5 texts to anyone, a pop-up window will appear to force you to watch a video ad to send more messages. It’s frustrating.

It’s a clever tactic for getting more Ad impressions.

Another thing that we have noticed is that the Lemon app is specially made for China or Japan as of now. 

It could be the reason for receiving so many texts in Chinese or Japanese.

Even the developer of the app replies in their native language. Just see the screenshots below.

And, there is another major issue.

Because this app doesn’t require any login information, there are too many fake profiles. The lack of a profile verification process also leads to many fake profiles.

So these were the main reasons that made me stop using this app.

We know the app is getting better with updates, but there are still some annoying issues that affect the user experience badly.

Why don’t we recommend this app for serious dating?

Well, there are too many fake profiles. Because of the lack of a verification process, you would never know whether the person you are talking to is real or fake.

Anyone can send you a text because there is no concept of matchmaking here.

There are so many fake profiles on this app.

So these are the reasons why we don’t suggest this app to anyone looking for serious dating.

Pros and Cons

Every app has some pros and cons, and the Lemon dating app is no different.


  • Free text messages
  • Free voice calls
  • You can share posts with others (Only text posts)
  • Option to follow people and like their posts
  • The registration process is simple
  • You can send texts to anyone


  • There are too many fake profiles
  • People keep sharing links to malicious websites
  • The app is full of annoying Ads
  • The app was completely free, but now some features are paid

Conclusion: Should you use the Lemon dating app?

The Lemon app is good, but the question is, should you use this app for dating?

See, we have shared our experience with you. If the issues we have mentioned above don’t bother you much, then you can use this app.

It’s a free app, like Mingle2, where you don’t have to pay anything.

Still remember, use the app for fun, but not for serious dating.

It’s a different app that doesn’t work like other popular dating apps like Happn, OkCupid, and Tinder.

Offering free features isn’t everything. There are many annoying issues that can’t be ignored.

Yes, the developers are updating the app and removing these issues with time.

The lemon dating app may become a worth downloading app in the future. But, as of now, it’s better to skip it.


Is the Lemon app good for serious or casual dating?

Serious dating requires interest from both sides. That’s why other dating apps use the match-making system, where one likes another and the other likes back. It shows that both parties are interested and want to talk.

But, here on the Lemon app, there is no match system. Everyone is free to send texts to anyone.

It means most of the texts will get ignored. If you also send texts to others and get replies from a few, then their intentions still won’t be clear.

That’s why the lemon app is not for serious dating, but it’s good for fun. You can use it for casual dating.

Is the Lemon dating app secure?

You don’t need to enter any email or phone number when registering on the Lemon app.

The app claims that you can’t share your personal information or post vulgar content.

But due to a large number of fake profiles, we are not sure that this app is secure.

Can I find real people in the Lemon app?

It’s hard to find real people on the Lemon dating app.

Why? Because there are a lot of fake profiles in this app.

Yes, we have met some genuine people here. But it’s like 2 out of 10 profiles.

Still, if you use this app, your experience may vary. We just shared my experience. You can try it for yourself to see the results.

So this is our honest Lemon dating app review.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned here? Do share your thoughts.

If you are also using this app or have used it in the past, then feel free to share your experience.

If you want to know about a great dating app that is ruined by an update, then check out our Sweet chat app review.

We hope this article has helped you to know about the Lemon dating app. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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