How to Make a Girl Feel Comfortable

In today’s world, men fail to understand women and their needs and make them happy the way she wants. 

The situation is much more complicated when it’s the first meeting. Thus, it is very important for a girl to feel comfortable with you.

Be it due to anxiety, or lack of experience, most men fail to impress a girl in the way it’s meant to be.

The firsts, be it first date, first conversation, or first kiss, are very crucial to make a place in a girl’s heart. And that’s only possible if she is comfortable with you.

Why should you make a girl feel comfortable?

Girls have got superpowers. They can easily read minds and get an idea of your intentions. Thus it is a bad idea to be artificial. 

A proper dressing sense and good looks don’t make a girl feel comfortable, but it takes much more than that.

If a girl doesn’t feel comfortable with you, she will not be going forward with you, no matter how much she likes you. 

Believe it or not, the foundation of a healthy relationship is how comfortable you are with each other. Everything else comes after that.

Once a girl is comfortable with you, it becomes very easy to get closer to her and go forward.

Thus, it’s crucial to put a girl at ease to help you with better success at dating and avoid potential conflict.

So, let’s begin with the basic points you need to keep in mind to make a girl feel comfortable with you. 

15 ways to make a girl feel comfortable

1. Respecting Her Boundaries

Be it men or women, every person’s boundaries should be respected. 

Even though you are just portraying them to be nice and showing her that you are a provider, if she doesn’t want it, please don’t do it. 

You don’t have to prove anything. For example, on the first date, if you want to hug her, make sure to look for the signs that tell you she would be comfortable with physical contact.

Violating her boundaries might seem easy for you in the beginning, but it might create the vision for her that you will not think twice before doing the same for some future matters too.

Respecting her boundaries equals respecting her, which ultimately leads to making her feel comfortable.

2. Avoid Personal Questions in the Beginning

Asking a girl several questions about her private life is a bad idea if she is not ready to answer. 

For a girl, their reputation is one of the most significant things needed to operate fully, so they expect to be with the person they can completely trust. 

Whenever you feel like you have asked something that struck a chord, immediately shield yourself by saying something, “Hey, I’m sorry if you felt like that question is too much. Sometimes I cross lines by mistake,” and change the topic immediately. 

In most cases, a woman might answer some other time to satisfy your curiosity level.

Try to keep your questions fun and lightweight. She will share stuff with you when the right time comes and when she feels comfortable with you.

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3. Deliver Classy Compliments

Complimenting a girl about the things she chooses signifies your thoughtfulness and attentive nature. 

Complimenting her about how her hair looks is a great start. If you notice a unique fashion sense, don’t hold yourself back from complimenting about that too

If you ask about ice breakers, tattoos can be a great option, only if it is visible in open areas, like arms, wrists, or calves.

As mentioned earlier, women can sense your intentions. For instance, if you felt she came wearing provocative clothes, it clearly does not mean you have the green signal to go ahead.

Avoid complimenting her body. It might clearly indicate that you are just about looks and physicality. 

A wrong compliment at the wrong time will ruin your impression and unnecessarily complicate things.

Compliment her the right way, and do not try too hard doing it. You should avoid the tag of a “typical flirt.”

4. Meeting in Public

Know how to make a girl feel comfortable

Always try to meet up with a girl in public, unless you have met her in private, alone, or in a group, which might be your home, study room, etc.

Private place meetings limit her options to escape if she feels something is wrong, whereas public places make her feel safe.

Doing so will build her trust in you, and eventually, she will start to feel comfortable with you.

Never make her stay if she doesn’t want to. If she is comfortable, she might even hint to you about ditching the public place, and that’s when you know you are on the right track.

Some good examples of public settings include restaurants, shopping malls, coffee shops, parks, and so forth.

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5. Avoiding Sensitive Topics

One of the most dubious topics to discuss with any person is Politics. 

You just don’t know how the other person is going to react or what his opinions are. Thus, it is always advisable to steer clear of the same.

You want to make her feel comfortable and not scare her off with your strong opinions about something as sensitive as discussing politics.

Rather than indulging in the same, try to move away from the topic if it comes up in a discussion.

You don’t have to convince a woman to align her beliefs to yours, and it’s not even necessary. 

Just try to find mutual areas of interest, and you’re good to go.

6. The Magic of Touch

how to ask a girl for a date

When you are at a stage where you are good friends, touching hands every once in a while is fine as it is a sign of reassurance.

But always be sure you have her consent for the same. You don’t want to act off as a creepy one who is always finding reasons to touch a girl.

Girls tend to enjoy the physical touch every once in a while if you’re in a committed relationship. 

Hugs, kisses, or love taps, all of these subconsciously tell her that you are by her side and she is not alone

Best of all, these kinds of touches act like extended foreplay, especially if you’re at the stage of getting closer physically. It will make her feel more comfortable with you being around. 

7. Active Listening

Most of the time, a girl doesn’t need advice, but just needs someone to listen to her. 

This practice has made women much more comfortable with a man compared to other practices.

Active listening requires you to take in everything she is telling you and pay full attention to her body language as well. 

You need to listen to and understand, not answer. This way, you might get a deep knowledge of her likes and dislikes.

For instance, you may notice her scrunching her shoulders while explaining a bad situation, whereas she might scratch her wrist while discussing a topic, which can be considered a good sign.

When a girl knows she has your undivided attention and you are responsive to her needs, she will get more comfortable with you with time.

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8. Reliability and Consistency

Every person tends to look out for someone on whom they can rely. Thus, if you are assuring her that you will do a certain task, then complete it at any cost. Be a man of your word

While it’s a myth that girls tend to be more attracted to bad boys, it will never last long. 

She needs someone who never leaves her high and dry, and that’s why she always prefers a man who can put her at ease.

Human beings are gifted with a gut feeling where they can easily detect inconsistent behavior, that most of the time means something is terribly wrong.

Women, especially, are more intensely accustomed to behavior that doesn’t quite add up, and thus it’s crucial to maintain consistency with what you say and what you do. 

If she discovers a lie told by you or even a half-truth you quoted, it might be very difficult for her to be comfortable around you, as she might get into thinking that everything else that you’ve told her may be a lie too.

9. Remembering Little Details

The skill of remembering little details is something that most men lack. 

They are so focused on getting what they want and making the woman realize how they are a great catch that they fail to care about what they are told. 

Women can sense it, and nothing is more frustrating than when people fail to listen to you.

More than 50 percent of men find it difficult to memorize the names of the girls they approach. 

You need to be non-judgemental if you want her to trust you and share her dark secrets with you. 

She needs reassurance that you won’t think less of her if she does get comfortable with you.

The top secret to making a girl feel comfortable around you is simple. Be simply honest and make yourself trustworthy. With time, you can build strong connections and make a girl comfortable around you.

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10. Share Your Secret Stories

Yet another way to build a comfort level for a girl when she is around you is to expose things about yourself slowly

While communicating, don’t get frightened to share your personal stories about your life. 

The more emotionally attached you are to the story, the more she will feel vulnerable around you.

Sharing such experiences signifies you are willing to give her an insight into her life

Remember, she wants to share her experiences with you but doesn’t want to be one.

You need a connection with her that can only be made by sharing confidential stories about yourself. 

11. Seek Permission

No girl will ever appreciate it if you rush into things and make hasty decisions without consulting anyone close.

Instead, have open communication, and seek permission for situations that demand consent.

A gentle reminder, she is not your private property. Her body is solely hers, and you cannot have any privilege over it, without her consent.

12. Building Trust

One of the most important things in any relationship is trust.

Every girl desires to be with the guy who acts as a protector rather than an abuser in a relationship. 

When it comes to how much a girl feels comfortable with you, it solely relies on how happy and content she feels around you

No girl will ever take the risk of putting herself out at such a vulnerable stage that she can be used unless you both occupy an important place in each others’ lives. 

Thus, if she feels comfortable around you, you have the responsibility to protect her heart with all your efforts and trust.

Take responsibility for your actions, and make it a give-and-take kind of relationship.

13. Avoid Nervousness and Obsessive Behavior

Feeling nervous while meeting someone for the first time is very common. A reminder, any of the activities, if overdone, can roll into your worst enemy. 

In case you discover you’re overdoing it, don’t panic. Just communicate. 

For instance, if you feel you’ve sweaty hands, tell her that you are not usually that way. It’s just that being here with you and your breathtaking beauty has made me so nervous. 

You won’t even notice but being honest in such situations may lead to miracles

A confident person is much easier to be around, even if he is nervous, and admits it openly, rather than someone who is so much obsessive that he never admits how he is feeling so as to own the moment.

14. Have an Open Body Language

If we talk about being with someone who has open body language, girls tend to feel more comfortable sharing their life events with someone who has a welcoming nature.

There’s a major distinction between how people have different experiences around those with closed body language compared to those who are more open with their body language.

People who are excellent at making good eye contact, and making anybody they communicate with relaxed and calm, are considered to be more attractive.

In addition, it has been psychological, too, that people like this tend to make people more comfortable with them pretty soon.

15. Remember to be a Gentleman, Always

Last but not least. Never forget to be a nice person, no matter what.

In the words of Mayne, “The first and most crucial step in putting others at ease is to be kind and gracious to everyone.

Writing thank you notes and doing little favors for unknowns, too, go a long way without you even realizing it. 

And that’s the keystone of helping people feel much more comfortable around you in a very short period. 

Be kind, kick in some random compliments, stay nice even to strangers, and you’ll see yourself winning people over in no time.

So these are the best ways to make a girl comfortable around you.

After following these tips, you will notice a difference as soon as possible, and girls will get more comfortable with you.

FAQs on How to Make a Girl Feel Comfortable With You

What can I say to a girl to comfort her?

You should appreciate her and make her laugh. Try to ask her questions related to her hobbies.

Get into a conversation on a shared interest. It will make the conversation go longer.

The long conversations are the starting stage of her comfort.

How long does it take a girl to get comfortable with you?

Well, it depends. Every girl has a different nature. One may take a week to get comfortable, and the other may take a month.

On average, a girl may take around two months or more to get comfortable with you.

But you can tell whether she is comfortable around you or not by noticing her behavior.

If she is sharing a lot of things with you, letting you know about her family and friends, or feeling happy around you, then she is feeling comfortable with you for sure.

How do you make a girl feel happy?

If a girl feels happy with you, it simply means she is getting comfortable. To make her feel happy, you can do a few things.

  • Take her for a walk, a cafe, or her favorite place.
  • Try to solve her problems.
  • Make her realize that she is special. 
  • Spend quality time with her, appreciate her, make her laugh, and take care of her.
  • Listen to her, and don’t ignore her.
  • Always be there to support her.

So these are the best tips for making a girl feel comfortable with you.

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Do you agree or disagree with these tips? Do share your thoughts on the same.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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