How to compliment a girl

Do you want to compliment a girl the right way? Here are the best tips with examples that will help you compliment a girl in the best possible way.

Praising doesn’t have to be on a girl’s appearance. You can also applaud a girl for many other things such as being there for you, staying together, or standing by your side even at your worst times.

Even the way you express your love is also a compliment. 

To give marvelous compliments, you have to be ready in advance. You can not think for much longer while giving a compliment to a girl. Make sure your mind is always ready for it.

Many guys have trouble finding a perfect compliment for a girl. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot praise. You can do it.

So, are you running out of compliments for your girl? We got you covered with some of the best ideas to help you out.

Why is it Important to Compliment a Girl?

Compliment plays a vital role in every girl’s life. It is of utmost importance if you want things to work out long-term.

Girls love to be praised by their partners because they appreciate their partner’s notice of them.

Complimenting a girl doesn’t include only physical appearance but also praising their inner qualities such as nature, kind heart, and behavior.

Applauding a girl is a great way to make her feel confident.

By knowing when and how to compliment a young lady, as well as what to compliment her on, you will be able to develop a great relationship with her.

In the case of a girlfriend, it helps you to break the cynical cycle of disparagement that damages relationships.

How to Compliment a Girl?

Tips to Compliment a Girl

We are going to tell you some basic things you need to keep in mind before telling her what’s on your mind.

1. Compliment Her Only After You Two Have Been Acquainted

Before delivering your first compliment, it’s crucial to know what kind of girl she is and what kind of compliments she may like.

Remember, not all girls want the same old cheesy compliments. Sometimes you need to go a bit far to notice beyond her physical appearance to let her know she’s beautiful inside out.

2. Appreciations for the Latest Achievements

When the special people in your life accomplish something and achieve success, it’s humanitarian to send them a pleasant message celebrating their good news and praising them.

There are numerous ways to share your excitement when a loved one achieves a goal.

In your message, you can also include their level of effort and the determination they put into achieving it and congratulate them for the same.

A gentle reminder, the purpose of the best wishes is to celebrate them and their accomplishments. And thus, avoid mentioning yourself in between the conversation, except for how happy it made you.

3. Avoid Sexually-Charged Compliments

If you build up a girl’s feeling of worth in a particular feature, in most cases, that feature will go away over time, and she’ll end up feeling worthless because it’s gone.

So avoid complimenting butt, legs, etc. Some facial features like eyes and hair, or choice of clothes, are safer options to consider.

Complimenting her physical features works perfectly when tied to her actions or personality.

For example, tell her that her eyes are exquisite and that you love how her willpower shines through her eyes when she’s working so hard.

4. Tell Her How & Why She’s Been On Your Mind

Tell her the genuine reason why she is on your mind and why you keep thinking about her.

If you have been eyeing her for a while, you can express your feelings for her.

For example, you are the girl I like. You are on my mind 24/7. Every night when I close my eyes, I see you and dream about things that we could do together. When I think of you, I think of kindness, wisdom, and love.

5. Be Genuine & Avoid Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Girls often get a lot of compliments from many guys, and most of them are pretty lame and picked up from the internet.

When you deliver such compliments, she will know you’ve learned some of the major ones and use them on every girl you talk to.

She’ll notice if you’re complimenting something that could be said to anyone and know you’re just trying to get with her.

Some cheesy compliments will make her feel you’re just flirting and trying to be over-smart in front of her.

6. Talk About Her Personality Instead Of Her Appearance

It is often said that “Personality is more important than looks.

Let us clarify that both fall under two completely different spheres of influence. There is something called Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty.

Personality is something that we call inner beauty, which refers to the mindset and character of a person, and Looks are something that we call outer beauty, which refers to the physical appearance of a person.

In general, looks should never be the aspect based on which a person should be judged.

How to talk confidently with girls? Follow these tips to gain confidence.

Examples of How You can Compliment a Girl

Examples to Compliment a Girl

Let us give you some examples of how you can compliment a girl leaving her in awe. You can compliment your girl in many ways.

Say There’s Something Special About Her:

Tell her that she sparkles and shines in her photographs. Girls love hearing that they’re photogenic.

Give her a simple and elegant compliment that really can’t be taken in the wrong way. It’s just a polite thing to say, and she’ll really appreciate it.

For Example:

  • Your pretty face makes me blush all the time.
  • You are so adorable that I can’t resist looking at you.
  • I can’t believe I found someone like you.

Praise How Healthy Her Skin Looks:

Tell her your skin is radiant and looks so clear and smooth. You can also applaud her skin-care routine and tell her whatever she is doing is working great for her.

She will be happier when she hears something amazing about her skin. For Example, you can say:

  • I am so envious of your skin. It’s so clear and healthy, even without makeup.

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Talk about How much You Like Her Outfit:

Praise her dressing sense. She’ll probably appreciate you complimenting her outfits. You can also compare her dressing sense and fashion with celebrities.

  • You can say: You look fabulous in this outfit.

Comment on Her Emotional Bravery:

You can applaud a girl by admiring her emotional bravery. For example, “I know the past few months have been hard for you, but you managed to put everything aside, and focus on the positive things, and managed to do a great job. You are truly a warrior.

You can also say, “You are very brave and strong. I am so proud of you.”

Compliment Her Personality:

The best way to compliment a girl is on her personality. Tell her she has a great personality, and you absolutely love it.

When you compliment her personality, she will feel happy, and that makes her glow from inside that she is unique, and that’s valuable.

You can say: 

  • I’ve never met someone with a heart as big as yours.
  • You have such a great personality that everyone craves.

Compliment Her Accomplishments:

You can also compliment her achievements. It is something she also has control over, and it says something about who she is as a person.

Think about the things that she worked hard for or things she did that you admired or dreamed of, like helping someone or doing the right thing in a tough situation, and compliment her on that.

It will make her feel that someone understands her very well.

You can say:

  • You deserve a big hug right now.
  • You’re a great example to others.

Compliment Her From Your Heart:

You don’t have to think of something out of the box to applaud her. It should come to you naturally as soon as you see her.

The secret, though, is to actually respect and value her from the core of your heart. You cannot say you’re respecting her if it always leads to you saying something super offensive.

You don’t have to be a hopeless romantic to make her happy. Simple, elegant, and natural compliments are enough.

I Trust You is much Better Than I Like You:

Everybody is aware of the fact that trusting somebody is far more difficult than liking them. You can easily develop a crush on someone, but it will take you an ample amount of time to trust them.

Thus, you can even let them know that you trust them rather than letting them know how much you are into them or how beautiful they are.

It will let you slide into their good books quite easily, and create a connection far beyond liking.

Compliment Her Sense of Humor:

A sense of humor is one of the best ways to applaud your girl. It’s also true that girls love a genuinely funny person. 

Apart from the way girls look, they like to be noticed for their voice of opinions and ideas. 

If she’s beautiful, don’t just start by saying, “Oh, I didn’t know you were smart too.” That’s just rude, and no girl will like it.

Comments like, “I love your opinion on the topic” or “You make an interesting point” are complementary and respectful.

So these are the tips to compliment a girl and the important things that you should do and don’t while complimenting a girl.

We certainly hope you got everything you were looking for.

If you still have any doubts, don’t forget to ask us in the comment section.

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