Signs of a Cheater

We have listed the most common things people do when they cheat on their partners. So never overlook these signs of a cheater in a relationship.

It’s the worst part of a relationship when someone you love the most in the world cheats on you.

For every couple, infidelity has a different definition. When it comes to light, you realize that the subtle signs were all over that you just overlooked. When it comes to cheating, wisdom is everything. 

If you are a trusting person, then the less obvious signs can be overlooked.

If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong in your relationship or your partner is cheating on you, we are here with some early signs you can detect and save your relationship.

So keep an eye out for all these warning signs mentioned below. Checking just one sign might not be an indication of an unfaithful partner, but if multiple points are evident, it’s time for you to have a vulnerable chat with them.

After all, the relationship is yours, and if they love you, they won’t be afraid to put all your fears to rest.

  • So, why do people cheat?
  • What are the signs of a cheater in a relationship
  • And, how to know if your partner is cheating on you?

It’s time to know everything.

Why do people cheat?

Before putting light on the signs of a cheater, you should know why people cheat.

If your partner is cheating on you, then what could be the possible reason for cheating?

The most common reasons for cheating are:

  • Some people never want to get into a serious relationship. So they keep changing their partners with time.
  • A few people get into a relationship due to anger or revenge from their ex.
  • A lot of people want to fulfill their physical desires. If you don’t fulfill them, then they start to cheat on you.
  • Many people get bored with their old relationships. So when they meet a new person, they start to cheat on their old partner.
  • An unhealthy and toxic relationship is also a major cause of cheating.
  • Some people have family problems. When they can’t go against their family, they start to cheat.

There can be many more reasons for cheating in a relationship. But, these are the most common reasons why people cheat.

If you have an unhealthy or toxic relationship, then protect your relationship by following theseĀ tips for a healthy relationship.

10+ Signs of a Cheater

Never ignore these signs of a cheater. Otherwise, you may end up feeling broken.

1. They Gaslight You

Most of the time, especially in the case of domestic abuse, the type of interaction you have with your partner could be a sign that your partner is gaslighting you.

The accused will ask you questions instead of replying to your questions

For instance, you did all the laundry during the day but later found out that your husband was standing there with a huge dirty pile of clothes. He said she was lying about the afternoon and was out instead. 

When in fact, she asked him where he was the last night, and instead of answering, he gaslighted her. 

If you are someone who is constantly getting blamed for cheating or not trusting your partner, then there might be a chance of gaslighting.

2. They Get Overly Protective of their Belongings

Most affairs start over social media or texts. 

If your partner has started to become overly sensitive to his belongings, such as his cell phone, his car, or his clothes, then there might be a chance something is not right, especially when his behavior isn’t the same as before, and he makes excuses when you question him. 

For Instance, a person’s phone is always charging while he’s getting ready, and these days, he takes his phone with him to take a shower and refuses to hand his phone to someone else, even for a second. 

This kind of passive behavior can be the signal of hiding something, and you need to be extra careful.

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3. They’re Unreachable Suddenly

Again, all you need to look for is big and small changes.

We understand that there might be times during the job when you are not able to reach a person, and it doesn’t always mean they’re cheating.

But if you suddenly start struggling to reach them during a certain period, when he used to be available in the past, it is a red flag.

They don’t want you to get any suspicious or unusual voices in the background, so they put their phone on unreachable mode to avoid the same.

If someone is engaged in an affair, they are periodically unreachable and without any reasonable explanation.

4. Changed Appearances

If you notice that your partner’s dressing sense is suddenly changed, then there could be something wrong going on.

We all have a love for fashion to some extent. Sometimes, people decide to pursue a certain lifestyle routine and feel open and excited about it

It’s completely fine, but the timings and the reasons should make sense, at least. 

For instance, if your partner is not much into spending huge amounts on new clothes or colognes but suddenly starts doing so, then it is not at all unreasonable to enquire about the reason for the change.

Maybe your partner is going to meet someone and wants to impress them.

So, make sure to get a reasonable explanation for the same to understand if it makes sense.

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5. Significantly Less or Changed Physical Intimacy

One of the major signs of infidelity is an increased or decreased level of physical intimacy activity among you both

Less intimacy means they are focused somewhere else, and more than usual means they might be trying to cover up something.

If you feel your partner is less emotionally connected, this can be another possible sign of cheating. 

Yet another plausible sign is your partner proposing some new techniques to your intimate life. 

We understand you might enjoy that, but there might be chances they are learning the same outside of your relationship.

6. Those Little White Lies

A certified relationship coach quotes, “Lies might spring up about other, unimportant things.

It is often said that to cover a big lie, several small lies have to be told to conceal the main lie. 

Minor things like taking extra time to buy groceries, or some major assignment taking up a lot of time, are some of the excuses people start to make when concealing an affair.

We are not denying the presence of other reasons for lying, but patterns like these must be taken into account.

There might be some times when they are not lying and telling the genuine reason, but repetition of the same excuses, again and again, means they are hiding something.

As a partner, it won’t be difficult for you to find out whether they are telling a truth or a lie.

7. Their Saying and Actions don’t Add up

It is the most common reason for cheaters getting caught.

Your partner said they needed to take care of a specific thing, but when they came back, they told you they completely forgot about the same and were somewhere else.

Anybody can say and remember the truth, but it’s the lie that’s hard to keep and remember.

Try to look for objective evidence. It supports the truth but conflicts with the lies.

8. You’re being Accused of Cheating

Fight for no reason, the Sign of a cheater, Cheating sign

One of the most common and easiest strategies to hide their affair is to flip the conversation and accuse the victim of cheating.

It is a way to deflect the blame and make them look like the most loyal person on earth who would never cheat.

But remember, they might be suspicious and are finding out a way to get away with cheating.

9. Increased Emotional Distance

Every relationship, from time to time, requires an honest conversation and emotional honesty, leading you both towards an emotional bond and intimacy.

One key sign of cheating is their absence of not emotionally connecting with you. 

It can be a sign of general relationship problems too, but these are fixable with the right kind of counseling and mutual efforts. 

All you need to focus on is the pattern they are following and the efforts they are making to solve the issues.

10. They are Gone more often than Usual

Some busy days, and work overload, are some things that can be understood, but if they are gone for more than usual, for instance, drifting into long night outs, more weekend calls to be on a business trip, then there might be something else going on.

And when you try to ask questions, then instead of reassuring you, they just seem to run away

It is one of the most classic signs he is not into you anymore, and you need to figure out why. 

Again, if issues pertain, then sit and have a conversation about it. You will feel what’s right and wrong.

Follow these highly effective tips to forget someone you love deeply.

11. No Callbacks/Texts after Small Fights

Sign of a cheater, cheating signs

Fights are a part of a relationship. When two people are in love, they always find a way to talk to each other, no matter what.

But even after small fights, if he doesn’t even bother to call back, it might be possible he is intentionally distancing himself from you.

And one of the major reasons could be his relationship with somebody else.

Thus, you need to put some attention to his behavioral change and look out for other signs that might indicate him cheating on you.

12. Their Phone is Always Clean

One of the most common ways to interact with someone is through calls or texts. So first of all, they make sure they never leave your phone alone with you. 

And even if they do, you find nothing on their phone. 

All of the text messages, calls, and social media are completely clean. A cheater makes sure to never get caught, and hence, stays extra careful for the same.

There might be a possibility you saw something on the phone before, but next time it wasn’t there, and if you ask them, they make weird excuses for the same.

Other Signs of Cheating

Some other signs of a cheater are:

  • They don’t talk to you for a long time.
  • They seem to be more interested in other things than you.
  • They don’t talk to you as much as they used to before.
  • They don’t give you priority like before.

These are some of the most common signs of a cheater. If your partner is exhibiting any of these signs or something that doesn’t feel right, it’s perfectly normal to ask what’s going on.

Positively, there should be a perfectly reasonable explanation for your doubts.

If all of your doubts are cleared, and their efforts to make the relationship better are evident, then there is no need to worry.

Your partner is as loyal as you.

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What mistakes do we make before getting into a new relationship?

Many times, we get into a new relationship without knowing the other person properly, and we fall in love with them.

Another mistake we make is prioritizing the look instead of their nature.

A loyal person with a good heart will make you happy for life. While a good-looking but disloyal person will hurt for life.

These are the most common mistakes we make.

What to do if your partner is cheating?

If you know your partner is cheating, then the best thing to do is talk to them directly and give them time.

Ask them if they want to be in a relationship or not. Then give some time to think about it.

We know it can be a painful situation for a loyal person, but being single is a thousand times better than being in a wrong relationship.

It’s better to wait for the right person instead of living with a person who doesn’t even care for you.

You can also do these things if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

So these are the top signs of a cheater in a relationship.

What are your opinions? Do you agree or disagree with the points discussed above? Please share your thoughts.

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In case you have any queries, feel free to ask us.

We hope you have got what you were looking for, or maybe this article helped you to know about cheating partners.

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