How to Forget Someone You Love Deeply

Forgetting someone you love deeply is more than mere words, as it sends chills down the spine.

You may find yourself battling with questions like:

  • How could they do this to me?
  • What do I do now?
  • Is it possible to forget someone? How?
  • What can I do to move on?

The pain of a breakup feels endless, and all you wish for is healing. 

However, it’s not an overnight process, as it takes time and various steps on your end. Some people heal quickly, while others take time.

We understand that moving on after a relationship can be challengingbut here are effective strategies on how to forget someone you love deeply.

Is it possible to forget someone completely?

If you’re asking us how to forget someone, there’s no simple answer, as the process varies from person to person. Some quickly move on, while others find it challenging.

Forgetting someone can feel like trying to split a mountain in half. Despite your efforts, some pieces remain shattered.

Nonetheless, moving past a relationship is crucial for your mental peace and to avoid unnecessary emotional harm.

Studies indicate that it takes approximately 6 to 28 months for people to overcome a break-up. While you can’t control your memories, you can regulate the impact they leave. Use them to accept the new reality.

Having been there and moved on ourselves, you can rely on us for practical solutions.

From our experience, we can affirm that you may not completely forget someone, but over time, you can let go of most memories, and their thoughts won’t affect you as profoundly.

Effective Ways to Forget Someone You Love Deeply

1. Block your Ex from everywhere

It is the first and foremost thing for you to do. Just remember the rule of thumb:

  • Ignoring your ex is the process of bringing them back
  • Blocking your ex is the process to move on

Implement a no-contact rule. With time, you will realize it as an opportunity for self-development.

Recent studies have shown that adhering to and maintaining this rule can offer valuable perspective, empowering you to re-enter life with newfound confidence.

2. Stay away from everything that reminds you of them

The sooner you get rid of things that remind you of them, the sooner you can free yourself from the remnants of an unsuccessful relationship.

Decluttering is more than a physical act, as it cleanses your mind and provides a reality check on the direction of your life.

Getting rid of their belongings contributes to:

  • Letting go of hope for reconciliation
  • Peaceful moving on
  • Stepping out of the past
  • Shedding bad memories

Whether you toss them or return them, the key is to create distance from those reminders.

They’re no longer part of your life, and neither should their gifts or possessions be.

3. Give yourself time

Healing through one of the most difficult times in your life is never easy, as it’s a process that cannot happen overnight.

It’s okay to express your emotions. Whether it’s through writing down your feelings, talking to a friend, or engaging in activities that help you release those emotions. Allow yourself the space to feel frustrated, suffocated, sad, or exhausted at times.

Believe that these feelings will gradually lessen with time. Regardless of whether the relationship was healthy or unhealthy, granting yourself the time to heal is always a necessary and time-consuming journey.

4. Explore new places

Explore new places to Forget Someone

It comes as no surprise that traveling to new places is very beneficial for your mental well-being. It boosts happiness and satisfaction.

Exploring unfamiliar destinations and meeting new people helps you gain optimism and develop a healthy environment around you.

Here are some fundamental benefits of traveling to new places:

  • Personal Development
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Learning new cultures and traditions
  • Meeting new people
  • Adventure

5. Keep yourself busy

While it may seem obvious, staying busy is not just a common suggestion. It’s one of the most crucial ones.

The saying goes, ‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.‘ Moving on from someone requires a significant amount of energy, and redirecting that energy towards creating something better and enhancing your overall well-being can be transformative.

As Jay Leno wisely puts it, ‘Getting over the one you love becomes much easier when you do something that you love.‘ Immerse yourself in activities that feel like therapy, breathing life into your days.

Remember, keeping busy isn’t about suppressing emotions. Instead, face them head-on and focus on accepting and processing them as you engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.

6. Meet your good friends

Meet your good friends to Forget Someone

Good friends are like fine wine. Cherished, kept in a special place, and brought out when needed the most.

While your heart may urge you to keep the lights off and stay in bed all day, remember that social meetings and interactions can be powerful antidotes against loneliness and depression.

Let your friends’ love be your strongest support, and never turn down the extra love you receive from them. So, always say yes to those coffee dates and unpaid therapy sessions.

7. Spend more time with your family

Family is the supreme element in life. They provide you with emotional and physical support through every walk of life.

Spending more time with your family can lead to:

  • Better control over your emotions
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Courage to make difficult decisions in life

Engaging in conversations and spending quality time with your loved ones provides a more constructive way to cope with stress, as opposed to sitting alone or adopting potentially harmful habits.

8. Try online dating to meet new people

Try online dating to Forget Someone

Trying dating apps and websites can be a significant diversion, offering a fresh perspective as you connect with new people.

Rebound relationships come with their set of pros:

It’s fun: Rediscover the joy of going out, dressing up, creating new stories, and expressing yourself without judgment.

Confidence booster: Particularly essential if you’ve experienced a breakup. Dating apps can help rekindle a sense of lovability and boost your confidence.

You open up: Following a challenging breakup, meeting new people and embracing new experiences provides an opportunity to share your feelings and gain valuable advice.

Consider these aspects as you navigate the post-breakup journey and rediscover the excitement of connecting with others.

9. Start going out to the gym

After a breakup, everything might feel shaken, including your confidence. 

However, in that moment, your body is something you have full control over. Why not leverage that to rebuild your confidence?

Investing time in improving your physical well-being can result in a significant boost to your overall personality.

The gym provides a focused environment where your energy is dedicated to achieving goals, helping you stay in the moment and shift your thoughts away from your ex.

Scientifically, exercise is directly linked to meditation, gratitude, discipline, and healthy eating. So, lace up your shoes and embark on the journey of falling in love with yourself.

10. Start meditation for inner peace

Breaking up with someone you love deeply can be a transformative experience, and the aftermath may leave you feeling changed for quite some time.

The healing process is undeniably painful and disorienting, making it crucial to navigate and overcome these emotions.

Meditation serves as a valuable tool to cope with these feelings and take charge of your emotional well-being.

By guiding you back to your center, meditation helps you realize that everything you invested in the relationship still resides within you.

Consider it a nourishing and soul-soothing journey as you embrace meditation to aid in your healing process.

11. Love Yourself

Do you know the strongest sign that your mental health is thriving? It’s when you prioritize and love yourself.

Understanding the significance of accepting and forgiving yourself, even amidst the challenges of a breakup, is essential for happiness.

We acknowledge that this is a challenging task, especially when still in love with your ex, but it’s crucial to make the effort.

You might question your worthiness of love and worry about finding someone else. The key is to cease negative self-talk.

Remind yourself consistently that loving yourself is the foundation for others to love you.

Accept that whatever transpired is not a reflection of your worth or your ability to love. It was a result of exceptional circumstances, and it doesn’t define you or your capacity to love.

Do not ignore these signs of a toxic relationship.

12. Do your favourite things

As mentioned earlier, loving yourself is crucial. In this process, dedicate more time to doing your favorite things.

For instance, whether it’s traveling, dancing, singing, or any other activity that brings joy, preferences vary from person to person, it’s important to embrace them.

Spending time on activities that make you feel alive cultivates gratitude and joy, helping restore a positive sense of self.

Amidst the healing process, remind yourself that life isn’t over, as there’s still so much more to experience.

Engage in more of what you love, and the good things will come to you.

13. Watch comedy videos

It might come as a shock to you, but laughing can alleviate pain. It helps you chuckle and forget your pain for a while.

Watching comedy shows or movies releases happy hormones, like serotonin, which make you feel at ease.

Comedy is scientifically proven to relieve stress and is a healthy technique to deal with negative emotions.

Thus, the next time you’re feeling negative or angry, instead of letting those emotions take over, tune into a comedy show or movie to alleviate dissatisfaction and displeased emotions.

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14. Go shopping & buy things you love

Life is similar to the rainy season, no matter how intense the rain, the sun will eventually shine.

While break-ups may turn you into a crybaby, there’s no reason they should keep you from treating yourself to a little shopping therapy.

Shopping is more than a transaction, as it’s a process that keeps you occupied and at a safe distance from breakdowns. It’s a healing mechanism, and only you can initiate it.

Investing in your favorite things, whether it’s clothes, shoes, or new gadgets, brings a sense of happiness and busyness as you enjoy these items.

Although temporary, that happiness will undoubtedly divert your mind.

So, indulge in buying things you love, embrace yourself for the next chapter of your life, and remember that time and self-care will carry you a long way.

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15. Focus on your career

Remember, the world doesn’t come to a halt after a heartbreak. You can’t nourish yourself with tears, nor will you benefit from sitting alone in your room crying.

Instead, view this as an opportunity to redirect your energy toward your dreams and career. Strive for excellence, channel your energy into areas of focus, and witness the transformation.

This journey will undoubtedly enhance your self-worth, making yourself a priority. Before you know it, time will have passed, and you’ll find yourself happily moved on.

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16. Give your mind the rest it needs

Breakups can be pretty exhausting, be it physically or mentally. You will feel yourself draining constantly.

One of the easiest ways to be kind to yourself is to get a good night’s sleep.

You have a lot to manage during the daytime, such as family, social life, work life, and pretty much everything. It’s the night that seems difficult.

Understand that how good you feel about yourself is closely tied to the quality of rest you get each night. So, don’t worry about what others might think if you decline late-night invitations or opt out of spontaneous trips.

Prioritize your mental health and prioritize proper rest. You’ll notice a remarkable change within a few days.

Final Verdict: Ask yourself a few questions

Breakups can serve as eye-openers, prompting reflection on your life and relationships. When you feel a sense of clarity, consider answering a few key questions:

  • Do you change yourself for your partner, or are you accepted for who you are?
  • Are you in control of your feelings in a relationship, or do emotions drive you?
  • Can you communicate your feelings clearly?
  • Do you notice any patterns in the people you choose to date?
  • Can you accept your partner as they are or do you try to change them?
  • Have you contributed to relationship problems or simply go with the flow?
  • How do you react to stress and conflict, and could better communication improve future relationships?

Answer these questions honestly without self-criticism. Instead of dwelling on the past, focus on making better choices for your future.

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We wish you the very best as you move on with your life super soon and live the best of it.

Now, we hope the guidance provided helps you on how to forget someone you love deeply. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey.

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