How to look Attractive Naturally

The world of attraction is intimately connected to how you practice self-care.

One doesn’t need to take a masterclass to unlock the codes to “how to look Attractive.” It’s rather very simple. 

You just need to remember that there’s much more than just good looks and a wallet full of money to make someone desire you.

Whenever you feel that your genes or your bank balance are letting you down, there are a couple of attractive things that you can do to feel more charming.

You’ve to admit that you’re already quite attractive. You only need to concentrate on a few qualities that you own, such as self-care and some tricks to look better than ever.

Best Tips to look attractive as a Guy

If you’re looking for a casual date or anticipating finding something that lasts, you can reap a lot of benefits from the deep psychological research done on the traits that ladies find most attractive in their male partners.

We’ve compiled some of the most significant insights, so you can use them to step up your game. Here we go.

1. Regularly Trim your Nails, Beard, and Hair

To be concise, keep it clean. The girls’ attraction toward facial hair has been scientifically proven numerous times. 

To be specific, they find light beards the most attractive. Thus, start using a nice branded trimmer and ditch your razor for a better finish.

Just like your facial hair, your haircut narrates a lot about your neatness. Regular haircuts don’t just show that you care about yourself but also keep you looking fresh and tidy, always.

The same theory applies to your nails too. We are not saying you get a manicure every month, but at least keep them short and neat.

2. Your Clothes Speaks Your Personality

Your Clothes Speaks Your Personality, How to Look Attractive as a Boy/Guy

Your clothes are the first thing people notice about you as soon as you walk into a room full of people. 

The fabric you choose for your clothes is of foremost importance, and so is the color.

Nevertheless, the major secret armament of menswear is superior tailoring. 

Every piece of cloth that you own, from casual T-shirts to trousers, should be soft and fit you nicely. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. 

As far as the fabrics and their shades are concerned, always pick timeless colors like blues, beiges, whites, and greys, and stay away from shiny fabrics. 

The purpose here is to feel royal, and that can only be fulfilled if you look royal.

3. Smell Heavenly, Every Day

You enter a room full of people, and they gather around you because you smell so amazing. 

It makes an impression that you’re super classy and will attract a lot of attention too.

You don’t have to try too hard to make an impression when you smell heavenly. 

Good fragrances do half the work for you. Just pick the one which is your favorite, and you’re good to go.

The important thing you need to keep in mind is that you should always prefer fragrances that are not too strong. Some people can’t bear it. 

It will make it difficult for you to stand even next to them.

4. Invest in Quality and Class

When you choose quality over quantity, it just speaks for itself.

Be it leather shoes you recently purchased, a precious branded watch, or your cufflinks, these things make you much more attractive than you can imagine.

Whenever you go shopping, just have a mindset that you deserve all the comfort in the world, and everything that’s carefully designed fits you perfectly.

Don’t hesitate to have less in number, but always make sure to wear good quality products and stay updated with the latest trends.

Follow these tips to impress any girl easily.

5. Carry a Tie

The days are long gone when the workplaces had formal dress codes. 

Nobody cares about it now since it has become more of an “It’s all cool and casual now” kind of environment, making it even easy for anyone who wears formals to stand out among the crowd. 

Remember, you don’t have to wear a proper suit every single day. 

Just a simple addition of a tie and a nice belt to your outfit will add an extra charm to your attractiveness.

6. Invest in Skincare

Invest in Skincare, How to Look Attractive as a Boy/Guy

It’s totally our choice to make our skin look like a fine wine or a raisin, because admit it, the more you take care of your skin, the younger you look

And the young skin makes you feel younger. The choice is yours, but to achieve flawless skin, you need to follow a good skincare routine. 

Regular skin care helps conceal your undereye circles, dark spots, and blemishes, which can permanently go away within a few weeks. It’s super quick and easy.

One more thing is taking care of your hands and feet too, just as you pamper your face.

7. Wear Sunglasses

Your eyes are the mirror of your soul. It is very important to take care of your eyes and the skin around as it is super sensitive.

That area ages much more quickly than any other part of your body. 

Continuous usage of a good sunscreen lotion every time you step out is very crucial to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and for extra protection, switch from your aviators to oversized frames, which even protect the skin around.

Additionally, you can use sunglasses as these not only protect your eyes but also enhance your personality.

Many guys don’t wear sunglasses without knowing the fact that they could look more attractive.

So next time when you go out, make sure to wear good quality sunglasses.

8. Keep a Lower-Pitched Voice

A study says, speaking in a low-pitched voice makes a person sound intelligent and creative. 

Also, women face no trouble switching their voices to make it sound sexier, but gentlemen have no clue.

The major benefits of slow speaking include: 

  • You feel more relaxed and in control of yourself, which is critical, even in daily life.
  • Your words will have more power and weight because there are fewer of them who actually do.
  • Speaking in a low-pitched voice makes you attractive and feel more in control of your impulses.
  • It improves your vocabulary, enhances your credibility, and allows people to understand better what you are telling them.

9. Have a Sense of Humor

“He is so funny, I am always laughing when I’m with him,” is one of the top reasons girls are attracted to a specific guy.

To draw the attention of a girl, a sense of humor in a guy has been scientifically proven to create a positive impact.

It means girls are most attracted to guys who make them laugh their hearts out, even using some lame jokes, but girls find such guys very attractive.

10. Choose Kindness

Looks are not everything when it comes to attraction. 

According to recent studies, “The ‘halo effect‘ predicts that those who are considered as physically attractive are also perceived to have socially favorable personality habits, such as kindness.

Similar to physical charm, people nowadays are inclined towards kindness when it comes to choosing a partner, especially for long-term relationships. 

The impact of being nice and kind is one of the strongest in how women perceive men these days. 

However, being kind is the most consistent influencer that effects your image and thus, always choose to be kind, no matter what.

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11. Take your Personality to Next Level

There are numerous ways that you can work on if you want to improve your overall impressions and seem more attractive.

If you really wish to stand out in public and elevate your appearance, you really need to distinguish yourself from others.

Here are a few tips:

  • Sharpen Your Style

The fundamental element that really allows you to look your best is to develop a good understanding of what men’s style suits you, and most importantly, it should fit you comfortably.

  • Implement Custom Style Strategies 

Once you understand the basics, initiate implementing specific tips that are action-oriented, and those will lead you to better dressing. Combine these small tips and tricks in combination with each other, and they’ll create a huge impact on your looks.

  • Budget-friendly dressing 

When boys try to dress nicely, one of the biggest obstacles they face is that clothes can get too costly. Fortunately, there are lots of other ways you can look like a stunner, even if you are on a tight budget. You just need to shop strategically. 

12. Own a Pet

Own a Pet, How to Look Attractive as a Boy/Guy

It’s not compulsory, but having a pet makes you much more attractive than you think.

According to recent research held in Israel, women rated those men and preferred the same as much more suitable for long-term relationships as compared to those who didn’t own any pets. 

In that research, men who had dogs as a pet were rated slightly more attractive than people who had other pets.

The researchers also established the fact that owning a pet indicates that you’re nourishing and have the potential to make long-term commitments. 

It also helps you seem more easygoing, happy, and approachable.

13. Indulge in Extreme Sports

According to a recent study, women tend to be more attracted to men who are into “Hunter-gatherer risks“, which involve activities like scuba diving, mountain biking, and rollerblading.

These results were compared to the attractiveness the women feel for the guys with low and no-risk behaviors, which included biking across safe paths and handling chemicals carefully in a chemistry lab.

Results show that women tend to be more attracted to men who are involved in risks, as these were the kinds that are almost identical to risks that were faced by ancestral humans, and they are perceived as strong

Women claimed that they were less attracted to those men who were engaged in modern kinds of risks, which seemed plain dumb.

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14. Look out for Your Walking Style

Nothing else matters other than confidence when you are attempting to become attractive. 

One of the simplest ways to measure a man’s confidence is by observing how a man walks down the street.

Anticipated partners always notice your attire first, followed by your walking style,” according to the author of the book Body Language Secrets: A Guide During Courtship & Dating.

Men with confidence are not in a hurry, but there’s a visible difference between winding and walking purposely slow. 

Always walk like you know where you’re going and what you’re doing.

15. Flirt, but Don’t Make it Sound Like it

According to a recent study, girls are more likely to approve a guy for long-term commitments if he shows enough confidence to use the direct opening lines

For instance, “I was just across the room and couldn’t resist meeting you. What’s your name?” or the safe ones, like ” Can we have a little chat?” rather than smug lines, such as “Shall we talk or continue to flirt from a distance?”

Shallow phrases like these make men seem less trustworthy and stupid, the study also concluded.

So, these are the best tips on how to look more attractive as a guy.

We hope you have found these points super helpful. Use them in your daily life, and stay attractive.

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How can a boy look more attractive?

1. Wear clean clothes and stay hygiene.
2. Take care of your skin and hair.
3. Use deodorant.
4. Grow the beard and shape it well. 
5. Keep a smile on your face. 
6. Be confident.

Can growing a beard makes you more attractive?

Yes, growing a beard makes a guy look more attractive. The beards are in trend now. There are a lot of people who have a beard, and they look attractive.

Just look at the beard products in the market. Hundreds of companies are launching beard products because they know that people are loving beards.

But if you can’t grow your beard, you can still look attractive by following the aforementioned tips.

What beard style is best for guys?

It depends on the shape of your face.

If you have a long face, then a medium or long beard will suit you. If you have a round face, then a short or medium beard is best for you.

It also depends on your personal taste. You can try different beard styles.

The type of hair also matters a lot. If your beard’s hairs are straight, then you can keep it long. But if your beard’s hairs are curly, then keep it short.

If you have any other questions to look attractive, feel free to ask us in the comments.

So what are your thoughts on these tips on how to look attractive as a buy? Do you agree or disagree? Do share your thoughts.

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