Are Dating apps free

Are dating apps free and safe to use? A question comes to our mind when we want to try out a dating app.

Searching for a partner on the internet is one of the most common practices nowadays.

You can filter out gender, occupation, city, and much more at your fingertips.

You also disclose so much about yourself on these dating websites, including your name, email, identity proof, photographs, etc. 

But have you ever wondered how carefully these websites handle such data?

The experts studied some popular dating websites and identified the main threats that can cause the users. 

In most cases, these threats get corrected as soon as possible. However, not everyone promised to correct the flaws.

So, can you share your information on these dating apps or websites? Are dating apps free to use and safe? Let’s find it out.

Reason for Rising Popularity of Dating Apps

Among the online services, dating websites are one of the most competitive segments, as the customers have become very picky and hard to retain.

The main push was the lockdown, with restricted social activities, that forced people to turn to dating websites. 

A recent survey was conducted, which published that more than 70 percent of people were still using dating sites actively, even after the abolition of the pandemic.

Because dating apps are easy to use and offer too many customized options to choose from, it gets hard to ignore.

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Why do Dating Apps Claim to be Free?

You sign up as a new user, create a profile and start looking for compatible matches. On most apps, you send texts and have conversations without having to pay anything. 

So how do these dating apps make money and survive?

Soon after the sign-up, a user finds himself out of free swipes, unable to video call, can’t use all the filters, and so much more. 

All these limitations are put to capitalize on their usage and generate revenues.

A user who is so actively engaged in the process won’t hesitate to spend some money to get additional inputs and unlock some options, to enhance his dating experience.

It is one of the most useful approaches to running a business profitably. That’s the reason why most of the apps claim to be free.

Are Dating Apps Really Free?

The answer is Yes, but No.

When a dating app claims to be free, it simply is providing you with the basic features to indulge you.

Many dating sites offer a great set of features for free, but many don’t.

As soon as you find someone who might be a good fit for you, they attract you with certain plans for connecting with them in a better manner.

If you are a picky customer, you will have an idea about how an app is going to behave and how many results you will yield by subscribing to their plans.

What Features you can expect from a free dating app?

Are dating apps free

If you are using the free version of a dating app, then you can’t expect everything for free. The features you can expect are:

  • Ability to send unlimited text messages for free
  • Enough right swipes for a day
  • Ability to send images in a chat
  • Ability to change some basic settings and apply filters

You can only expect these features in the free version of any dating app. There are a few dating apps that offer more features for free, but the aforementioned features are the most common ones.

However, some dating apps shrink down these features even further and offer just a few of them.

Should You be Using these Dating Apps?

Many websites, including Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble, wouldn’t have become so popular if it wasn’t offering their generic products for free.

With memberships, in-app ads, and paid subscriptions, these websites have managed to transform our lives into normalizing paying for a nice date.

So many people across the globe have found their life partners on dating sites and apps.

So, Yes, you should use these dating apps if you want to find love or are looking for a casual relationship.

But there’s another side to it too.

We understand you wish the best for yourself, and thus, you need to keep the following points in mind.

Reviewing the Safety Features

Make sure to read carefully if the website has some in-built safety features. In most cases, every website promotes its safety guidelines, and thus, don’t overlook the same.

• The Blocking and Reporting Feature

When you go online, you come across many inappropriate people too. You should be able to report or block them if needed. If such a service is unavailable in an app, you might consider skipping it.

• The Geography Settings

Many online dating apps ask you for permission to locate, to find compatible matches. Make sure to have some control over how the data is used. It’s never a great idea for strangers to be able to locate your neighborhood.

• Look out for Free Versions

Most dating apps and websites have free and paid versions. It is your chance to get to know if you will like the app or not. And, it’s not going to refrain you from meeting new people.

• Reconsider Apps that Link to Social Media

Sharing data from your social media is never a good idea. Mostly harmless, but think about the level of information revealed in your dating profile.

Especially if you are single, giving people access to your personal life can turn out to be dangerous sometimes.

So, keep your job information, schooling, and other personal information private.

All these tips will make your online dating experience better and safe.

But you should also follow a few tips for added security.

Safety Tips to be Followed in Dating Sites

Blaming somebody else if they are behaving predatory or disrespectful is stupid if you didn’t maintain some safety tips on your own.

We have compiled some of them for you so that you don’t struggle in the online dating world.

  • Skip the Personal Details

While setting up your profile, avoid including your last name, social media handles, or any contact information. If you ever meet someone you don’t trust, you won’t have to worry about them having too much information about you.

  • Staying Inside the App

Even if you feel you have developed good compatibility, prefer to text within the app so that you stay safe if it doesn’t work out. Everyone seems to be nice at first. So you need to take it slow to get to know a person.

Moreover, an app has some security features that allow you not to send any unwanted links and media.

  • Using a Different Photo

Always try to avoid the same photo on your social media, as it is pretty easy to do a reverse image search with Google.

Anybody can find you easily on social media if you use the same photo on all your social media accounts.

In addition, tighten the security on social media profiles to restrict the access for people to view your profile.

  • Choose a Public Place to Meet

It is always good to meet a person in public places like a restaurant, instead of inviting them to your house or going to theirs. 

Once on a date, make sure to never leave your food or drink unattended, and keep the first few dates short.

Remember, your safety should be your priority. Never ever risk it. Even if in online dating, you feel harassed, block the person, and move on. 

There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Final Verdict

Many of the popular dating apps are free and safe to use.

If you are looking for real love or a dating partner, then use any trusted dating app.

But make sure to keep your account safe without exposing too much of your personal information.

Also, stay away from apps that you suspect are not up to the mark or have too many fake profiles.

Also check the Jaumo dating app review.

So now you know whether dating apps are free and safe to use.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Do share your thoughts.

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